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Employee Motivation in a Pcba Contract Manufacturing Dissertation

… Employee motivation in a PCBA contract manufacturing industry -- an example of Plexus

Today many organizations are going through change due to globalization and ever changing technology. Organizations have to cope with these changes by broadening their networks, introducing new… [read more]

Vision, Mission and Strategy Statements Term Paper

… Vision, mission and strategy statements of any organization must be galvanized around a core set of beliefs regarding the customers and their needs, wants and preferences if it is to be successful. The vision statement defines an organization's identity as it meets the needs of customers and strives to attain its mission. A mission statement defines the overall purpose of the organization including the priorities of product and services strategies in meeting the needs of customers. A mission statement also serves to galvanize internal systems and processes to support overall vision of the company, including references to the core values of the business as well. Both vision and mission have a direct effect on the strategies companies choose to pursue in attaining their objectives. it's critically important for any organization to interweave and integrate these elements in conjunction with continual plans for change management, ensuring the entire organization stays in step with these elements (Stanleigh, 2008).

While vision statements vary significantly across industries and companies, those from the software industry are the most difficult to define and execute. Strategies are relied on for enabling each aspect of the vision statement to be achieved through the synchronization of efforts across the departments and divisions of the company. Vision and mission statements act as the catalysts of continuing staying vigilant to the need for change, and anchor many of the best practices in change management (Nelissen, 2008). For any organization to stay agile, market focused and growing, it must continually work to create a mission and vision statement as relevant as possible to its customer base and their needs.

2. Statements

For this example, the vision statement of Cincom Systems is to enable the transformation of complex enterprises through the use of state-of-the-art software solutions. The mission is to deliver up to thirty times the value of the software purchased back to the customer over the lifetime of their engagement. The strategies that Cincom relies on include rapid prototyping development, alliances and program development with other software companies, and a continual technology education programs. All of these are investments in creating a business model capable of attaining the mission and vision statements of the company. When the vision and mission statements of a company align, the potential exists for much higher levels… [read more]

Human Factors in Business Technology Essay

… Today, all medium-size and large business organizations rely heavily on IT personnel for much more than strictly their technical expertise. Specifically, the growing trend is to integrate IT personnel much more comprehensively into a much wider range of business functions because it is largely impossible to design, monitor, and maintain the IT system of large organizations without considerable understanding of many business management and operational needs.

Information systems are also used extensively for employee training but in some cases, the quality of that training suffers by virtue of the low quality of IT-based training programs or their implementation (George & Jones, 2008; Robbins & Judge, 2009). Another potential problem linked to reliance on IT systems is that the enthusiasm to upgrade IT processes can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations and to corresponding unanticipated losses (Robbins & Judge, 2009). That is just one significant reason that integrating IT personnel into business functions more comprehensively than their traditional roles within business organizations is a necessity.


Notwithstanding the tremendous advances in modern business management and operations since the dawn of the information age, the most fascinating aspect of it may be that what seem to be such highly advanced systems and processes today may, in fact, be only the very first steps of further changes to business institutions than have occurred so far. Ultimately, one of the more likely directions in which modern business will evolve by virtue of IT systems is the substantial elimination of the need for most employees in many industries to work outside of their homes altogether.


George, J.M. And Jones, G.R. (2008). Understanding and Managing Organizational

Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Robbins, S.P. And Judge, T.A. (2009). Organizational Behavior.… [read more]

NASA When One Does Tend to Think Term Paper


When one does tend to think of the NASA space program, perhaps the thought of the proud 1969 Apollo Moon landing are conjured along with the success that NASA subsequently had with the Voyager spacecraft mission that has so… [read more]

Knowledge Management Mid-Term Exam Assessment

… Because knowledge is very influenced by cultural and other contextual issues.

b. Because knowledge is very complex.

c. Because knowledge is very dynamic.

d. All of the above.

e. None of the above.

10. What is the organizational epistemological approach… [read more]

Importance of Manager Behavior Term Paper

… ¶ … Manager Behavior

Senior Management Inter-Clean

Re: Inter-Clean / Enviro Tech Merger

The recent merger between Inter-Clean and Enviro Tech has caused a number of different rumors to circulate about possible reductions that are occurring in the sales department.… [read more]

Business -- Nestle Values the Nestle Company Research Paper

… Business -- Nestle Values

The Nestle Company was originally founded in 1867 by Henri Nestle for the express purpose of addressing a profoundly important human social need. He created Farine Lactee Nestlee ("Nestle Milk Cereal") to help reduce infant mortality… [read more]

Leadership and Organizational Culture Website Reviews Article Critique

… Leadership and Organizational Culture Website Reviews

Website #1 -- John Maxwell on Leadership (

John C. Maxwell is an internationally known expert and lecturer on the topic of leadership and on approaches to effective organizational culture. He is the author… [read more]

Human Potential Developing Essay

… Among the problems with this method of hiring individuals is that it made no place for employees to rise in the company, it also did not result in cohesive and effective departments. An individual can be an incredibly talent accountant… [read more]

Resistance to Change Research Proposal

… Resistance to Change

Exercise 6.5, Ajax Minerals

Comment on the Ajax managers' approach to the situation that they faced. Do you think that it will work long-term? Provide supporting arguments for your view.

The Ajax managers have a long road back to being trusted by their employees, and with the pressure of peer groups in the unions, management has an even bigger hill to climb in regaining trust. They certainly have exhausted their credibility in the past, as can be seen by the employees' reaction to their initial claims of needing to reduce costs and redefine core processes to be more competitive and survive. This lack of trust from the past can be attributed to a transactional leadership style which focused on short-term results, as inferred by the comments in the case study.

This approach of the Ajax managers will work only if they can shift their leadership from transactional and transformational (Whitford, Moss, 2009) and concentrate on being more authentic, transparent and worthy of trust (Neves, Caetano, 2009). The approach of creating trust is going to have been backed up with a change to the organizational structure of who can view the financial and production performance data, when they view it and what they are authorized to share internally. All of these factors must be taken into the transformational leadership strategy of invoking employees' trust if it is to be considered credible. When organizational structures (Smollan, Sayers, 2009) reflect shifts in leadership from transactional to transformational (Whitford, Moss, 2009) trust is created and resistance to change lessens over time. Associates are more likely to be able to identify the necessary changes that will help an entire organization survive when transformational leaders provided them with a clear vision of how critical their contribution is. For the managers at Ajax, they have admittedly failed at this aspect of leadership often in the past on this point -- possibly this could be a reason why the company is unionized.

Despite the lack of trust and unsuccessful track record of change to this point, the direction of being more open with the financial performance of the company, the urgency that Ajax needs to convey about changing to be more competitive relative to their Pacific Rim competitors, and the breaking down of barriers with employees organizationally (Smollan, Sayers, 2009) must be done. The initial steps in this strategy is a great start yet for the change to be made lasting Ajax management will have to make sure their leadership becomes more transformational instead of transactional (Whitford, Moss, 2009).

2. If you were dealing with the situation that the Ajax managers faced, what approach would you have taken? Provide supporting arguments for your approach.

I'd have taken this initial approach yet… [read more]

Operations Management and Marketing Modern Business Thesis

… ¶ … Operations Management and Marketing

Modern business management incorporates fundamental elements of long-term business strategy, organizational, product and service design, financial management, operational management, and public relations & marketing management. Operations management evolved alongside technological progress and was, in… [read more]

Organizational Change - Dupont Response Research Proposal

… Organizational Change - DuPont Case Study

Response to Question 1:

As Tom Harris and the management team of the DuPont Orlon manufacturer center ready for their plant to be shut down and relocated to China, it is apparent there is… [read more]

Theories of Organization Dynamics and Development Information Technology (IT) Term Paper

… ¶ … Organization Dynamics & Development it

The Breadth Component - Organizational Culture and Leadership

This study examines a spectrum of organizational culture and leadership, organizational change, and system-wide organizational development theories with a focus on the underlying methods of… [read more]

Definitions of Organization Culture: Managementhelp Term Paper

… ¶ …

Designed to provide informative definitions of what an organizations' culture is including a definition of its fundamental concepts and foundational elements, this site begins with a macro definition of organizational culture followed by a discussion of four… [read more]

To What Extent Can HRM Contribute to Improved Organizational Performance Term Paper

… ¶ … HRM contribute to improved organisational performance?

To what extent can Human Rights Management contribute to improved organizational performance?

In the economic environment that is both highly competitive and undergoing rapid change one has to stay on top in… [read more]

Strategic and Ethical Management Tactics Term Paper

… Clearly Gulfstream supports each of these premises, working with employees to create accountability, provide individuals with a respectful work environment, create public trust and awareness and hold individuals accountable for their actions. Values Gulfstream touts include customer service, employee empowerment and employee professionalism and integrity in the workplace, evident in Gulfstream's literature and information to the public.

Within the organization, one might consider ethics a fore as much as a value that promotes accountability and "commitment to serving public interest" (Bonczek & Menzel, 13). No where is this more evident than at Gulfstream where the corporations mission and values are based on an ethical foundation that works to instill confidence in all that participate in organizational functions. A work environment that promotes ethical practices is more likely to sustain a base of employees and customers that remain committed and loyal for years to come. For these internal and external customers, the ethical company has created value and fulfilled a need that may not be met from less ethical competitors.


In a globally competitive marketplace managers must seek out sustainable methods for building competitive advantage and raising productivity. Gulfstream has adopted numerous sustainable strategic management techniques and ethical practices that have propelled the organization to the forefront of the industry.

Some of the more notable strategic and ethical techniques adopted by the company include: (1) promotion of a diverse workforce (2) commitment to fair and equitable hiring and employment practices, (3) promotion of human resources strategies that encourage employee and managerial accountability, (4) continuous improvement measures that include performance evaluations for employees, (5) adoption of employee rewards and recognition programs that encourage loyalty and commitment and (6) valuing of community and customers by engaging in humanitarian efforts and continual customer service. Not one of these factors stands alone as the most important factor in the organizations success. Rather, strategic and ethical techniques adopted by Gulfstream work synergistically to keep the company ahead of the competition.

The techniques adopted by Gulfstream are applicable to any other global competitor, whether large or small. For a company to ultimately create balance and success, it must align organizational goals and objectives with those of employees and customers. This is accomplished through the many ethical and strategic business techniques described above.


"Gulstream Aviation." 21, Sept 2005:

Bonczek, S. & Menzel, D. (1994 -- March). "Achieving the ethical workplace." Public

Management, 76(3): 13.

Brown, M.F. & Stillwell, J. (2005 -- Jun). "The ethical foundation of performance and management." Public Management, 87(5):22.

Drejer, A. (2002).… [read more]

Workings of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments Term Paper

… Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Forest Fire Management Systems

New Technologies

Urban Fire Department

New Technologies

Descriptive Statistics

Suppression Costs for Federal Agencies. Source: National Interagency Fire

Appendix II Figure 2. The tactical priorities of structural firefighting… [read more]

Hospital Merger Term Paper

… John Hopkins Hospital Merger

The Perspective of Human Resources

The purpose of this work is pertaining to the acquisition of a hospital that provided service to a limited community within the region served by John Hopkins (JH). The larger unit,… [read more]

Adjusting Workplace Functions to Cope With a Micromanager Term Paper

… Micromanagement

Anticipating the Need to Change

Organization Culture

OD Consultant Consideration

Diagnostic Process

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Timelines

OD Intervention Strategies

Adjusting organizations to accommodate Micromanagement

Organizations are never static. They are in continuous interaction with internal and external… [read more]

Leading Change Continual Learning Term Paper

… This was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my skills in leading change (continual learning, creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, service motivation, strategic thinking, and vision).

It is understood that managing change is important and competent management requires a vigilant process that to keep change efforts headed in the right direction. Through a sound leadership policy, change needs to be anchored into the culture of the organization. In August 2004, I was selected to participate in my organization's Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP). In meeting the OPM criteria for the program, currently, and maintaining performance of my job, I am attending the Saturday courses, at Georgetown University Center for Professional Development and I am currently in the Senior Executive Leadership Certificate program. This program will better prepare me for instituting programs that will help indoctrinate change programs into our corporate culture because I will attain the necessary Executive Core Qualifications. The program entails five (5) courses that teach aspects of Leadership, Vision and Strategy; Leading and Executing Change; Managing Institutional Politics and Conflict; Leading and Motivating People; and Building an Effective Business Foundation. I am scheduled to complete the entire program on June 17, 2005, and will receive the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development Senior Executive Leadership Certificate. My objective upon completion of this program is to address some obvious situations where change policies did not last and therefore require no goals that establishing a sense of urgency, create a guiding coalition, develop a vision and strategy that clearly communicates the change vision for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In conclusion, the purpose of this report was to discuss the process of leading change as a core qualification and to demonstrate how I have utilized the necessary skill set for developing and implementing long-term organizational change strategies. Even though a need for constant change is an accepted concept, too often organizations institute change and change policies that do not meet the organization's long-term change objectives. Thus, the ability to balance change and continuity is a foundation that encourages creative… [read more]

High Performance Work Teams Term Paper

… ¶ … teams to undertake many operations and projects. Creation of teams and team building are important first steps that the management has to recognize. There are many advantages and benefits to using teams in the modern workplace. Teams of… [read more]

Cultural Diversity Issue of Non-American Term Paper

… Some of the early supposition was that in this field a successful leader was born with qualities enabling him or her to be a good leader. Keeping this in mind, the general notion was that back in the 1940's and… [read more]

Filling the Glass: The Skeptic Term Paper

… Maher explores the new methods in which people can effectively become 'masters of their own' while effectively contributing to the organization's objectives and goals. By keeping in mind the 'filling the glass' philosophy, Maher illustrates in his book how human resource development and results-oriented management are ideal concepts in order to create a favorable atmosphere within an organization and a considerable performance for the individual. Take as an example the character of Ron Campbell that he uses in the book. His dilemma of selling the company's (he works for) products and meeting the quota for a limited period of time created in him a negative perspective, making him want to quit his job. Maher's 'filling the glass' philosophy has helped Ron realize that he must "overcome his adversity," which is his distrust and lack of belief in the company's products. After changing his perspective by looking into the beneficial and positive aspects of his product while considering its limitations as well, that is, being honest with the capabilities and limitations of the products that he sells, Ron was able to close many deals because of his positive thinking and action and right perspective in accomplishing his task. Ron's example shows how business tasks become successful if human resource development is further improved by adopting the active stance of Maher's 'filling the glass' philosophy. Furthermore, a results-oriented management as a result of the development of human resource in an organization can be beneficial especially if consumers are focused more into receiving effective results about an organization's product or service. Thus, Maher's discussion of how integrity can still be kept and positive results can be achieved while accomplishing a task reflects the positive and active philosophy illustrated in the author's "Filling the Glass" method.


Maher, B. "Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business." USA: Dearborn Trade… [read more]

Communication Improvement Methods in Criminal Justice Systems Term Paper

… One should not forget that individuals in leadership positions in such organizations might be on constant war struggles thus influencing communication. Cross-organizational communications in criminal justice organizations, illustrates interactions between the criminal justice agencies. Such agencies include the jail institution,… [read more]

Risk in a Systems Analysis Essay

… It would align with how they buy and further, how they perceive value delivered by the store. It would be critically important to speak with the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing and the pricing teams. The sales teams would also need to be talked with to see how the inventory management system could compliment and not inhibit their ability to sell over the long-term.

Q3 The economic analysis carried out during project identification and selection is rather superficial. Why is this? Consequently, what factors do you think tend to be most important for a potential project to survive this first phase of the life cycle?

There are many factors that could contribute to a project identification and selection being superficial, the most common being the tendency to only look at the most static areas of pricing when all aspects, even those defying quantification, need to be included (Mehrez, Sniedovich, 1992). The most critically important success factors for this phase of the life cycle of a project need to include access to not just the statics or historical data, but the dynamic and unquantifiable as well (Mehrez, Sniedovich, 1992). The first phase of a project cycle needs to include these factors and also take into account how they will shift over time during subsequent phases of the project as well.

Q4. Assuming monetary benefits of an information system at $85,000 per year, one-time costs of $75,000, recurring costs of $35,000 per year, a discount rate of 12%, and a five-year time horizon, calculate the net present value of these costs and benefits of an information system. Also calculate the overall return on investment of the project and then present a break-even analysis. At what point does breakeven occur?

Using the figures provided in this question the Net Present Value of this project is $105,238.80 using the Microsoft Excel NPV calculation command. The Return on Investment (ROI) will be 70% and the breakeven occurs in approximately 1.5 years.


Fu, Y., Li, M., & Chen, F. (2012). Impact propagation and risk assessment of requirement changes for software development projects based on design structure matrix. International Journal of Project Management, 30(3), 363.

Mehrez, A.,… [read more]

Recruitment New Policies and Procedures for ABC Company Professional Writing

… Human Resources plays crucial role in the success of the organization.

Recruitment functions as a gatekeeper or filter for the organization.

Identifying and hiring the right individuals is a foundation for successful organizations.

Current recruitment practices are not adequate to ensure organizational success.

Human Resources is developing better recruitment policies, practices and procedures.

Current Situation

The recruitment process is not involved in decision-making and candidate selection.

Typically, departments select candidates and negotiate terms independent of the HR department.

The only role of HR in recruitment is processing the selections made by individual departments.

Managers are hiring according to apparent nationality and cultural biases.

Slide #3

Current Problems

High turnover rates correspond to increased costs of hiring and training.

Continual influx and turnover of personnel not suited to their roles and/or to the organizational culture is undermining morale.

Failure to design compensation packages within the scheme of broader salary considerations increases cost and destabilizes the motivational component of compensation.

Managers are hiring according to apparent nationality and cultural biases.

Slide #4

New Policies and Recruitment Criteria

Focus on identifying potential high risks to retention rates by emphasizing proven work ethic and length of tenure in previous positions.

Focus on identifying previous records of positional and employment changes.

Focus on interviewing practices to identify employees inclined toward loyalty to organizations and productivity in previous employment.

Managers are hiring according to apparent nationality and cultural biases.

Slide #5

Establishing Integrated Recruitment Policies

Manpower planning must incorporate multiple areas and an integrated strategy.

Candidate sourcing (including advertising vacancies) must provide a first-level filter to attract good candidates and eliminate poor candidates.

Pre-screening and testing procedures are necessary to identify the most… [read more]

Innovation Structural Contingency Theory Research Paper

… Internal organizational constraints can affect external environments, too. Although the reverse equation is the focus of structural contingency theory, the impact of internal organizational constraints on external environments must also be taken into consideration. Internal organizational constraints range from regulations that guide behavior to organizational culture issues. When the organization has a strong bearing on its environment, the impact becomes measurable. The ways that internal organizational constraints can affect external environments depend on the nature of the organization. Yet even organizations that are small, new, and fledgling can have major impacts on external environments. The constraints on the organization that impact the environment include human resources issues, formal regulations, and time constraints. External environmental variables, such as supply-chain management or foreign currency exchange, can be impacted by individual organizational performance.

Creativity and innovation are important aspects of the structural contingency theory approach because no organization can thrive without focusing on innovative techniques. New product development, managerial issues, and internal constraints all require creativity and innovation for ideal management. The organizational structure issues that impact change and development can be governed by the goals and values of the company, but external, environmental variables are important to consider as well. Innovation is crucial in managing organizational change. When it comes to influencing external concerns, the organization can take charge with matters like public relations, branding, and communications. In this way, an organization can spearhead consumer revolutions.


"Contingency Theory," (n.d.). Retrieved online:

Woodman, R.W., Sawyer, J.E. & Griffin, R.W. (1993). Toward a theory of organizational creativity. Academy of Management Review 18(2): 293-321. [read more]

Usefulness of Rational Decision-Making for Managers When Making Strategic Choices Essay

… Management

The Usefulness of Rational Decision-Making when Making Strategic Choices

Successful achievement of work duties in white-collar professions frequently involve the implementation of lengthy decision-making processes on which other staff and costumers depend. Lack of competence in driving decision-making processes… [read more]

Break All the Rules Book Review

… Possessing positive interpersonal skills is very important to balance the environmental harmony between employees as well as to improve their attitudes towards clients and co-workers. The big five factor model has been also emphasized from the book that explains about particular behaviors that are very relevant to the practice of business management. The openness to experience is a factor that pertains about the organizational behavior's awareness regarding all kinds of positive and negative outcomes for every activity that has been performed to identify issues that are appropriate and inappropriate actions to improve the organization. Conscientiousness is the process of showing self-discipline while extraversion refers to the process of seeking motivation to increase the core groups of managing all involved staff effectively. Agreeableness is the act of compassion that represents unity in order to achieve goals for a short period of time while the act of neuroticism is the ability to show emotions towards opposing issues that helps to identify behaviors and management that needs to be restructured. The concept of integrating Maslow's hierarchy of needs are beneficial to the organizational theory behavior for the reason that it concerns with the psychological and physiological needs between all staff members that includes food incentives and salary allowances for them to maintain their energy performance. It is also important to consider the needs of clients under the process of organizational theory concept because these are needs that are the symbol of quality services that are rendered to employ customer satisfaction according to Buckingham and Coffman (1999).

There are advantages that can be applicable due to the relevant insights to the field of management. This includes the manner of improving not only the manager's proficiency but also for the involved employees who were being delegated for all the tasks to become productive. It stressed about the importance of having a balanced interpersonal atmosphere because having a good character organizes the whole management organization to meet goals effectively. There are disadvantages that can also be associated such as the limitation of management that can be only be met by individuals who have acquired skills and knowledge such as educational background to be able to apply this kind of skills to their professional practice. Employees who have limited knowledge for not attending higher educational level will not understand the real structure of management implementation that is a considerable distressful event for their side.

Part III: Implication and Recommendation of the Study

It has been learned that the book is beneficial to the field of management because it brought out significant impact for raising essential theoretical capabilities, skills, and attitude as an important factors to build a more stable organizational management pattern. It has been learned that the process of acquiring management skills is not only applicable to professional practice but it is also concerned with the participation of personal affairs because it helps to improve your personality while doing your daily routines. There will be professional growth that will be observed by using the book because… [read more]

US Postal Service Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Postal Service

Summary of Organization

The Unites States Postal Service (USPS) employs more than half a million civilian employees. It operates more than 30,000 individual post offices throughout the nation and delivers approximately 660 million letters… [read more]

Computer Network Security -- Information Assurance Issues Essay

… Computer Network Security -- Information Assurance Issues

Discussion Question 1 - Information Assurance and IA-CMM.

In general, information assurance relates to the three "CIA" elements of information confidentiality, integrity, and availability (Boyce, 2008; Kizza, 2009). The confidentiality component refers mainly to the limitation of access to system information to authorized individuals; the integrity component refers mainly to the limitation of changes to data and other elements of the system to authorized individuals and processes; and the availability component refers mainly to the maintenance of the system's ability to function and provide access to information at all times (Boyce, 2008; Kizza, 2009).

Because our organization relates to healthcare, we must, by federal law, observe very strict protocols under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that are designed to protect confidential healthcare information, called "protected health information" (PHI) (Personick & Patterson, 2007). One of the fundamental HIPAA requirements is that every organization that uses or accesses PHI maintain an Information Security Officer (ISO) within the organization. The ISO is responsible for making sure that all employees and other personnel (including unpaid interns) receive the training necessary to ensure that they understand the importance of maintaining the absolute confidentiality of PHI (Personick & Patterson, 2007). She also coordinates information technology (IT) training throughout the organization and she works closely with the IT department to make sure that all employees understand and adhere to the organization's rules, policies, and procedures in connection with IT system security. Some of the typical challenges faced by the ISO is that she must allow the IT administrators to monitor, maintain, and periodically upgrade all of the our IT and other communications systems while simultaneously minimizing any disruption of their availability to employees who rely heavily on those systems to perform… [read more]

Recruiting and Recruitment Specialists Human Research Paper

… Lastly, strategic prioritization is a challenge encountered by recruitment specialists. Changes in the job market require that recruitment specialists review an organization's staffing needs and evaluate what changes need to be made ("HR Challenges in Recruitment," 2007). Furthermore, once these changes and needs have been analyzed, it is essential that a recruitment specialist prioritize the tasks that must be undertaken to ensure that these changes are made within an organization as soon as possible.

Recruiting specialists must also be able to determine and calculate an organization's future needs. In order to determine these future needs, an analysis of an organization's present workplace profile must be undertaken with adjustments made to anticipate the organization's future needs ("Human Resource Management," 2011). These future staffing projections are dependent on present sales and production forecasts, future technological advancements effects on present manual labor, changes in labor, changes in employment practices, and federal changes in labor policies ("The Role of HR in Strategic Planning," 2008). This manpower staffing also requires that human resource specialists and recruitment specialists make sure that an organization is not overstaffed; overstaffing may lead to loss in revenue, loss of efficiency, and the creation of workplace redundancy.

Studies have shown that employment within the human resource sector, including recruitment, is expected to grow 22% between 2008 and 2018 ("Human Resource, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists," 2009). Moreover, it has been calculated that approximately 904, 900 jobs were held by human resource, training, and labor relations managers and specialists in 2008; 207,900 of those jobs are estimated to be held by employment, recruitment, and placement specialists ("Human Resource, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists," 2009). It is also estimated that college graduates and those individuals that have attained the proper certifications have the best job opportunities within the human resource job market. By 2018, an estimated 1,102,300 jobs will be held by human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists. Of those 1,102,300 jobs, approximately 265,900 are estimated by be held by employment, recruitment, and placement specialists ("Human Resource, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists," 2009). With these projections, it can be concluded that human resource specialization and recruitment specialists will grow in demand and help to provide valuable services to ever expanding organizations and help them to attain success domestically and internationally.


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"The Role of HR in Strategic Planning." (Fall 2008). The Frelix Group. Accessed 19 June… [read more]

United States Is the Diversity Assessment

… ¶ … United States is the diversity of its landscape, its biomes, and the incredible amount of natural resources available. Because it was resettled by Europeans relatively late in the historical span of human culture, much of those resources remained… [read more]

Entrepreneurship and Navigating the Growth Stage Dissertation

… Entrepreneurship and Navigating the Growth Stage of a Small Enterprise

The research conducted hereafter is on the subject of entrepreneurship. Particularly, it concerns the relationship between the role of the entrepreneur during the growth stage of an organization. The preoccupation… [read more]

Burns and Stalker Essay

… Burns and Stalker

Tom Burns, G.M. Stalker, and the Theory of Mechanistic and Organic Systems: Background and Developments

The twentieth century saw a huge growth in the field of management as an academic as well as a professional and practical… [read more]

Perceived Effect of Culture on Event Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … perceived effect of culture on event leadership style at the Jet Metropolitan Night Club Thailand?

Event managers all over the world fear that they may end up loosing their jobs. Research shows that nearly 25% managers loose their… [read more]

Emergency Services Grant Proposal Thesis

… Emergency Services Grant Proposal

Disasters are part of life in the United States of America. They come in many shapes and forms. Natural disasters, terrorism, and chemical emergencies are only three examples of the many emergency situations that Americans have… [read more]

Workplace Diversity Research Proposal

… Aviation Strategy Workplace Diversity

Diversity may serve as a learning opportunity instead of a liability in an organizational culture that promotes and practices diversity. In line with the contemporary literature, this paper asserts that diversity in the workplace may lead… [read more]

Team Building and How it Affects Competitive Advantage Thesis

… Teambuilding and Competitive Advantage

Team Building and Competitive Advantage

Team Building and Competitive Advantage: Health Care Organization Reliability"

Research in areas of employee communication and team building suggests that successful communication strategies must include a decisive effort to connect management's… [read more]

Managers Not MBA Term Paper

… ¶ … Managers

Over the past several decades, the sophistication of running businesses has increased steadily, along with the growing competition, globalization and change of pace. A few decades ago, organizations began demanding more extensive experience, and ever greater numbers… [read more]

Future Work Environment, the Generation of HR Term Paper

… ¶ … future work environment, the generation of HR is emerging as a filed that combines activities and processes of HRM and OD? Discuss this?

HR can be defined as 'Human Resources', and it is in general, a part of the Oracle E- Business suite. (Definition of HR) Today, HR is combining the processes of HRM and of OD so that organizations can be run better and more effectively and efficiently. The fact is that even though the field of Human Resources may be the most 'misunderstood' of all fields of a corporate world, it must be remembered that it is one of the most important of all fields of operation within an organization, and also the most necessary or essential and important field in the working of an organization. (Wisegeek, what are HR resources?)


Those people who work in the field of Human resources are responsible for the hiring and the firing of various employees, and they are also held responsible for contacting the job references of those applying for jobs in the organization, and for taking care of employee benefits within the firm. It goes without saying that when an individual wants to work in Human Resources, he must inevitably be a 'people person', because he would be the person who would have to look after the benefits of all the employees in a firm, and today, as compared to about a decade ago, human resources has become an extremely important area of work within an organization. When yesterday these people worked behind the scenes, managing personnel records and employee benefits, today they are responsible for the staffing of large corporations, which is an important feat in today's work environment. (Wisegeek, what are HR resources?) HRM, on… [read more]

Construction Project Control Term Paper

… Preventive controls should include adequate skill requirements in choosing team members and sub-contractors. Verification methods, such as management check off, independent checkers, substandard work audits, etc., should be designed into the continuous evaluation plans. Self-control mechanisms should include alternative construction plans for safety, cost effectiveness, and time saving measures. Insurance strategies can mitigate for loss in errors and other inadequacies. A good quality assurance strategy can also enable more guarantee in the design and construction processes. Other guarantee measures could include damage liquidations and retention funding.

Corrective mitigation should include weekly and milestone meetings. Weekly meetings should be based on evaluation of progress at a given time, focus on joint problem solving, partnering, goal and objective alignment, and performance improvements. Milestone meetings should be a time to reflect and evaluate progress and problems and develop better strategies for performance improvements.

Organizational mitigation should include alignment with the company's goals, objectives, and mission statement. Suppliers and subcontractors should be chosen on shared, mutual objectives and goals. There should be an initial evaluation of each supplier and subcontractor as well as continual evaluation methods. Contracts should contain all the specifics where all questions can be answered. The client contract should also include specification of approved personnel in design changes.


Olawale, Y. & S.M., 2010. Cost and time control of construction projects: Inhibiitng factors and mitigating measures in practice. Construction Management and Economics, 28(5), pp. 509-526 Scopus EBSCOhost, viewed May 1, 2014.

Tuuli, M.M.R.S. & K.T.Y., 2010. Control modes and mechanisms in construction project teams: drivers and consequences. Construction Management & Economics, 29(5), pp.… [read more]

Saving Toyotas Reputation Term Paper

… Saving Toyota's Reputation

Toyota's initial response to their customers was not effective. Without reading or drawing from other Toyota correspondence, devise an original one-page follow up response intended to repair Toyota's reputation with their customers and the public. Note: This… [read more]

Business Marketing Case Study

… Business Marketing Case Study

What type of training does House Handy provide new members of its sales force?

The organization provides almost no training for new hires. It relies completely on self-directed learning by providing new hires product manuals and brochures for substantive information on its products. While the company does also assign mentors to each new hire, there are apparently no procedures or protocols for any training or instruction from those mentors; the way the organization conceives of the mentor-protege relationship, it is also self-directed in that the mentor plays only a passive role in responding to questions from the new hires. New hires are simply instructed to walk around the stores and observe the way things are done.

This approach is not particularly conducive to optimal performance or to the efficiency of personnel development within organizations of this type; complete reliance on self-directed learning is only appropriate within highly-trained professions and not within sales industries and organizations in which new employees do not already have extensive experience and formal training in their field (George & Jones, 2008).

What method or methods of recruiting and training would make the most sense for House Handy's sales force? Justify your answers.

The principal problem with the House Handy approach is not necessarily in recruitment; it is mainly a function of the complete lack of any formal training process. That is not to say that it could not stand to change its approach to recruitment as well. On one hand, new college graduates are a valuable source of potential employees for the organization; on the other hand, there is no reason that the company should focus exclusively on recent graduates with no appreciable professional experience in retail sales, marketing, or business management. The organization should continue to recruit new college graduates but it should also devote its recruitment resources to identifying and attracting professionals who are already working in the field and who have extensive professional experience in retail sales, marketing, and business management.

By far, the biggest weakness at House Handy is the complete absence of any employee training program. The environment at House Handy… [read more]

Balanced Balanced Scorecard Literature Review

… Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The concept of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is noted to be rapidly evolving in its nature. This is because since its launch, it has seen a series of transformation.

Definition of Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)… [read more]

Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics Case Study

… Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics a computer design and software firm spent an entire decade grappling with developing a concrete and clearly defined vision for the organization. Over the ten-year period no less than six changes to… [read more]

Successful and Effective Personal Essay

… (ECOLOGIA, 2000)

External communication is process-oriented and should include: (1) identification of "the objectives and audiences of the external communication program; (2) identification of the existing information which may serves these information needs and any related issues of confidentiality; (3) identification of the types of information that will be communicated; (4) setting up responsibilities for external communication and this includes such as data collection, analysis, validating and dissemination; and (5) monitoring the quality, performance and effectiveness of external communications and adjusting them as necessary. (ECOLOGIA, 2000)

External communication may include such as: (1) production of "special printed or electronic documents and disseminating them to concerned audiences; (2) establishment of "more open access procedures for existing documents and information; (3) organizing public hearing, public meetings, 'open-door' events, exhibitions, seminars, and so forth where interactive communication is known to occur; and (4) setting up of hot-lines and other services that disseminate information and collect the comments of stakeholders. (ECOLOGIA, 2000)

The work of Linda Pophal (2009) entitled "An 8-Step Process for Creating Effective Internal Communication Plans" states that each communication plan shares specific elements, which are, stated in common and is an approach, which contains steps, which are stated to be similar to the following:

(1) Situation analysis/background analysis;

(2) Quantifiable objectives/goals;

(3) Target audience(s);

(4) Key Messages;

(5) Strategies and Tactics to Meet Objectives/Goals;

(6) Responsibility/Accountability for Completing Tactics;

(7) Budget;

(8) Measurement. (Pophal, 2009)

It is important that the following stakeholders within the 'target audience' be considered when an internal and external communication plan is formulated:

(1) Managers;

(2) Supervisors;

(3) Employees at the plant

(4) Employees at large

(5) Senior leaders

(6) Community leaders

(7) Local media (and potentially regional or national media)

(8) Board members

(9) Customers. (Pophal, 2009)

Robert Kaplan and David Norton introduced the "Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement Method" in 1986 and introduced five principles that transform the organization and create a strategy-driven performance management organization. Those five principles include the following: (1) translate the strategy into operational terms; (2) align the organization to the strategy; (3) make strategy everyone's everyday job; (4) make strategy a continual process; and (5) Mobilize change through executive leadership. (Kaplan and Norton, 2001) Kaplan and Norton note that without an effectively communication strategy that can be operationally applied the organizations' strategy will experience failure. In addition, aligning the organization to the strategy is critically important in ensuring that the strategy is one of an effective nature that has the potential for succe3ssful implementation. (2001, paraphrased)

Kaplan and Norton additionally relate that the organization communications program should be inclusive of the objectives as follows: (1) development of an understanding of the strategy on an organization-wide basis; (2) development of buy-in of team members which provides support to the strategy; (3) education of the organization about the measurement of the balanced scorecard and the management system for strategy implementation; and (4) provision of feedback, via the Balanced Scorecard concerning the strategy. (Kaplan and Norton, 2007)

Summary and Conclusion

This work in writing… [read more]

Cause of a Problem Term Paper

… Business Problem -- Chattanooga Ice Cream Company

The Business Problem

The Chattanooga Ice Cream Company is one of three divisions of the Chattanooga Food Corporation, founded in 1936 by the grandfather of its current division president, Charlie Moore (Sloane, 2003).… [read more]

Bottlenecks in Process Research Paper

… ¶ … Bottlenecked Processes

Introduction to Goldratt's Theory of Constraints

Eliyahu M. Goldratt devised the Theory of Constraints (TOC) as an approach to improving organizational function (Phipps, 1999). In principle, it conceives of internal constraints (i.e. physical constraints and policy constraints) and external constraints (i.e. market constraints). In general business organization applications, Goldratt's TOC system provides a conceptual means of identifying obstacles in the realm of organizational physical capacity or resources (internal, physical constraints), obstacles that are attributable to organizational "mindset" issues (i.e. internal, policy constraints), or limitations in the nature of the demand for the products or services of the organization (i.e. external, market constraints). Goldratt's TOC approach also prescribes a methodology for addressing each type of constraint in a manner conducive to mitigating their detrimental effects or to eliminating them altogether wherever possible (Phipps, 1999).

Application of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to Bottlenecks

Goldratt's TOC method also incorporates his concept of bottlenecks, meaning constraints that are particularly (negatively) influential on the organization (Phipps, 1999; Robbins & Judge, 2009). The basis of that analogy is that constraints should be identified and resolved in the order of their significance to the problems of the organization. Much like freeing a physical bottleneck in a pipe system containing fluid immediately restores the fluid flow, resolving a functional bottleneck within organizations can widely improve the organization. The analogy is not perfect, but Goldratt's fundamental point is that certain constraints within organizations are responsible for disproportionately large organizational problems (Phipps, 1999; Robbins & Judge, 2009).

Identifying and Addressing Bottlenecks in the Morning Schedule Case

In the case of getting out of the house on time for work early in the morning, the primary bottleneck appears to be an internal constraint of mindset. In that regard, the only relevant metric is the economy of time in the morning. Given that the principal objective is to reduce the amount of time necessary to accomplish various pre-work morning tasks, it seems that certain choices (i.e. mindsets) are undermining that goal. Specifically, at least three tasks could be purged of potential delays by a change of mindset with respect to… [read more]

Effective Managerial Skills Term Paper

… ¶ … Managerial Skills

The identification of effective managerial skills has been the subject about which literally thousands of books have been written. The perusal of any bookstore reveals that managerial skills are as varied as they are complex and… [read more]

Technology Has Taken Over Globally Term Paper

… Most of the new firms are emerging with digital technology, while they introduce the computer base systems of management, they manage to spread much faster in the media and around the world, then their counterparts. Electronic media seems to provide answers to all the queries, while the world is now communicating much faster globally. A firm which has taken on the digital facilities, moves more rapidly in the international market. Every organization including universities and schools should upgrade their technology programs, as it will prove to be more beneficial for the students to blend in tomorrow's world.

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Centralization Structure of the Model Term Paper

… The data will be analyzed in relation to the context of the study framework and will be utilized to formulate a set of conclusions and recommendations.

II. Analysis and Findings

1. The Survey and Data

The onset of the information… [read more]

Long-Term Productivity in Business Workers Term Paper

… Standards that are applied in an industrial setting include engineering standards, which in turn include standardization of properties of materials, of fits and tolerances, of terminology for both materials and practices and of drafting practices. Common standards also include specifications… [read more]

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