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Microeconomics Term Paper

… Microeconomics

The following is the complete elasticity chart. There were a couple of blanks where the denominator was zero that did not yield a usable result:



Total Revenue

% Price

% Quant





1a) If the initial price is $400, then demand is 10000 - (400)(10) = 6000. If the price is $500, then the demand is 10000 -- (500)(10) = 5000. The elasticity between these two prices is as follows:

% change in demand / % change in price

The change in demand is (4000-5000)/(5000) = -20%

The change in price is (500-400)/400 = 25%

The elasticity between $400 and $500 therefore is -20/25 = -0.8

The concept is elasticity reflects the degree to which the demand for a good is affected by the price of a good. To calculate elasticity, you need a change in price and a change in demand. When the price changes, elasticity tells us how much demand for that good is expected to change. In this case, every additional dollar is price will result…… [read more]

Accuracy on Semiboost Are Noticeably Higher Discussion and Results Chapter

… ¶ … accuracy on SemiBoost are noticeably higher than any other method with more than one value being above 96 including two values over 97 and a third that was over 98. There was a range of about 2 for the accuracy overall on SemiBoost.

SemTra has nothing above 96 while PGM has nothing above 95. BGCM and ORTSC are all 92's and 93's. As for standard deviations, Semi-Boost ranges from 0 to 2 on the SD range while SemTra does much the same thing except for a few values above 2.

PGM ranges from 2 to 5 as does BGCM with the largest BGCM value being a smidge over five standard deviations. ORTSC ranges from 3 to 6 standard deviations. In short, as the table progresses from left to right, the accuracy values go down and the standard deviations tend to go up.

The standard deviations rise in number as one goes from left to right in the table but the actual width of the range of the values varies little overall, almost always being roughly 2 standard deviations for each set.

In a similar way, the accuracy figures do the opposite as they tend to go down as one goes from left to right. The Semi-Boost figures are all 95+ but none of the ORTSC figures are…… [read more]

Une Histoire Franaise Creative Writing

… Une Histoire Francaise

Je me presente. Je suis une americaine qui an immigre a Paris. Je suis ici depuis deux mois parce que j'ai decide de faire un semestre d'etudes a l'universite ici. J'ai etudie francais au lycee et aussi a l'universite, mais je vois maintenant que je n'etais pas preparee pour la vie en France. Je vais vous expliquer ma vie quotidienne et a quel point cela est different de ma vie aux Etats-Unis.

Je partage un petit apartement avec deux amies de l'universite, qui sont americaines comme moi. L'apartement tient trois petites chambres et seulement une salle de bain. Ce qui est bizarre est le fait que il n'y a qu'une seule WC! Quand je vivais aux Etats-Unis je vivais avec deux amies aussi mais nous avions trois WC aussi. Le pire c'est quand nous reveillons le matin et tous les trois nous essayons de nous doucher mais il y a quelqu'un d'autre dans la douche!

Apres, je vais a l'universite. Le voyage est beaucoup plus court que ce que je fais aux Etats-Unis. Je prends le metro et non-ma voiture. Il me faut 15 minutes pour arriver a mes classes. En arrivant je vois toujours le concierge, qui est tres sympathique. Nous n'avons pas de concierge a l'universite chez moi.

Les classes ici sont les plus petites que j'ai jamais vues. Chaque classe a seulement 15 personnes. Le fait d'avoir tellement peu d'etudiants veut dire que nous sommes obliges de parler et de participer beaucoup tous les jours. Il faut que je fasse beaucoup…… [read more]

Calculated F-Measures, All of the Transformation Methods Discussion and Results Chapter

… ¶ … calculated f-measures, all of the transformation methods improved the performance of most classification methods, though in many cases performance did not vary considerably between untransformed (i.e. original) and transformed data or between the varied transformations and classification methods that were applied to the various data sets. There are certain notable exceptions, in particular data sets for which specific classification systems seemed wholly unsuited regardless of any transformation method applied, and also a few cases in which a transformation method greatly improved the performance of a classification method. The NTP2 data set and the DARPA data set both resulted in lower overall performance across transformation and classification methods, yet there is a substantial spread in the performance of transformation and classification methods.

For the NTP2 data set, the MLP classification system was the strongest performer overall, and performance was significantly improved for several classification systems through use of the PPFSCADA transformation method -- in the case of the SVM classification method, performance was almost doubled following this transformation. The PPFSCADA transformation method generally had greatest positive impact on performance across data sets and transformation methods, though it actually greatly reduced performance when the 7NN classification method was applied to the NTP2 data set. Performance on the DAPRA set was somewhat higher on average than the NTP2 data set, though the MLP classification method showed especially poor performance with this…… [read more]

Frog Boiling Attack Limitations of Secure Network Coordinate Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … frog-boiling attack studied and carried out by Chan-Tin, et al. (2011). The goal of the attack is to infiltrate a network coordinate system without knowledge of the system and without disrupting the system to the point that the… [read more]

Solve the Following Quadratic Equation Term Paper

… Also, P represents the monthly profit in dollars of the small business where x is the number of awards designed in that month.

a) If is charged $60 for a design fee, and the monthly studio rent is $1,500; write an equation for the profit, P, in terms of x. Type x-squared as x^2

P (x) = -.4x2 + 60x- 1500

b) How much is the profit when 50 award designs are sold in a month? Answer: Show your work here:

P (x) = -.4x2 + 60x- 1500

P (50) = -.4(50)2 + (60* 50)- 1500 = -8,500

c) & d) How many award designs must be sold in order to maximize the profit?

Show your work algebraically. Trial and error is not an appropriate method of solution -- use methods taught in class.

To solve this, I could solve for the vertex, or I could use a graph. I have included the graph below. Solving for the vertex, h is x, which is the number of units sold, and k is P (x), which is th profit.

c) h = -b/2a= -60/(2*-.4)= 75 units

d) k= (4ac-b2)/4a = [(4*-.4*-1500) -- (-602)]/(4*-.4) = 750 maximum profit


d) Answer: Show your work here:

4) Graph the equation on the graph by completing the table and plotting the points. You may use Excel or another web-based graphing utility.


y = x2 -- 4x

x y















y = x2 -- 4x

x= -1, y = (-1)2 -- 4(-1), y= 5

x=0, y = 02 -- 4(0)= 0

x=1, y = (1)2 -- 4(1)= -3

x=2, y = (2)2 -- 4(2)= -4

x=3, y = (3)2 -- 4(3)= -3

x=4, y = (4)2 --…… [read more]

Introductory Algebra Discussion and Results Chapter

… ¶ … Algebra

Many times when purchasing a service there are choices to make. This man is totally confused and frustrated about his options.

One example is phone service:

A telephone company has a choice of two plans. Plan A - $30 per month and $.05 per phone call and Plan B - $20 per month and $.10 per phone call. Which is the best plan for you?

By the end of this discussion, you will have demonstrated your ability to:

Explain two possible plans that provide the same service

The first plan is saying that there is a fixed cost at $30 per month and then there is a variable cost associated with it which is $0.05 cents per phone call- this is a variable cost because it is dependent on how many phone calls are actually made. The second plan is saying there is a fixed cost of $20 per month and then the variable cost associated with this is $0.10 per call- this is a variable cost and is directly dependent on how many calls are actually made by the user.

Create…… [read more]

Time Series Analysis Stationarity Chapter Writing

… ¶ … Malicious network intrusion is typically associated with specific data trends and data alerts through which network attacks can be detected and mitigated. The evaluation of those data to illuminate identifiable trends relies on sequential observation at regular time intervals. This time-series-process approach to data analysis can apply either to single-series (i.e. univariate) observations or to multiple-series (i.e. multivariate) observations.

Stationery time series analysis is particularly useful in predictive modeling, but requires statistical uniformity of the observations (i.e. random variables) over time. Time series analysis is dependent on constant variance about a fixed mean. Moreover, that mean must be a constant and not a function of time shift, making it "weakly stationary."

Time series analyses that satisfy the applicable criteria allow IT security to detect and identify the nature and significance of non-randomness in data. Time series modeling exploits data trends in the past to formulate predictive models of future behavior. In principle, this is made possible by permitting the dependent variables to reflect past data and past independent-variable…… [read more]

Survey of Mos-Gated Thyristors Term Paper

… ¶ … MOS-Gated Thyristors

Power semiconductor switches have been widely applied in power electronics. However their low usage in pulse power circuitry is due the apprehension that small scale pulse operations might lead to early breakdown. Thyristors have proven to be advantageous in this regard due to their high blocking voltage coupled with an elevated potential to carry steady state current. This paper presents a survey of 7 thyristor structures (Emitter Switched, Base Resistance controlled, Dual Channel EST/BRT, Emitter controlled, Dual gate, Insulated base ECT and floating Base). [1]

The benefits of high input impedance have caused the fabrication of new MOS gated bipolar devices. IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is one such device which have their on-state features superior to MOSFET. Thyristor-based devices such as EST (Emitter Switched Thyristor) and BRT (Base Resistance Thyristor) demonstrate how the conduction traits can be enhanced even further. They have turn-off times in the range of 10 ?sec.[2]

Emitter Switched Thyristor (EST)

EST is composed of a vertically placed thyristor within a succession of n-channel enhancement mode MOSFET's. The operational mode is usually forward blocking with the gate voltage at cathode potential. A positive gate bias employed on the device turns it on. This has to be over the threshold voltage of the NMOSFET as the anode potential is maintained positive with regards to the cathode. Bringing the gate voltage down to zero switches the device off. The EST structure shows the development of a parasitic thyristor due to the integration of a lateral NMOSFET with the thyristor P-Base. [2]

Base Resistance Controlled Thyristor (BRT)

A BRT is composed of a vertically placed thyristor with an adjoining MOSFET. An channel MOSFET is created on the P-base surface in amid the N+ emitter and N- drift regions and is utilized to turn the device on. AP channel MOSFET with the P-base and P+ diverter regions acting as its source and drain is used to turn the device off. The on-resistance of the P. Channel MOSFET restricts the maximum controllable anode current density. [2][3]

Dual Channel EST/BRT

The dual channel EST-BST is a capable alternative to the IGBT (Insulated gate bipolar transistor) for applications such as Uninterrupted Power Supplies and Lighting ballasts. It incorporates properties such as high voltage current saturation, lower on-state voltage drop associated with the thyristor structure and BRT like enhanced turnoff potential. an-Channel MOSFET turns it on while a P-Channel MOSFET aids in augmenting the turn-off process using a negative bias. The device functions like an IGBT when anode bias is low. It has demonstrated an improvement factor of 2.5 in manageable current density against a related DC-EST device.[4]

Emitter Controlled Thyristor (ECT)

The Emiter controlled thyristor has a better Forward Biased Safe Operating Area (FBSOA) and Reverse Biased Safe Operating Area (RBSOA) than most MOS gated thyristors and the IGBT. It has a 4 layer PNPN thyristor arrangement along with a P. channel MOSFET (PMOS1) connected to the top N. later. A Floating Ohmic Contact (FOC) shorts the P+ region… [read more]

Moi, Tituba SORCIERE - NOIRE De Salem Resume Et Book Review

… Moi, Tituba Sorciere…Noire de Salem; Resume et Analyse

La nouvelle francaise intitulee "Moi, Tituba Sorciere…Noire de Salem" est une histoire comme il y en a deja beaucoup trop. L'action se deroule a une epoque ou les personnes de couleur etaient percues de maniere negative et, plus souvent qu'autrement, utilises en esclavage. Cette epoque du passee a vu beaucoup d'horreur et de violence; cette nouvelle decrit les inhumanites du temps tout en offrant un point de vue romanesque aux lecteurs.


L'histoire se deroule au 17 eme siecle et debute a la Barbade. La Barbade est une des petites iles des Antilles et est tres connue pour son implication avec l'esclavage des personnes de couleur noire. Cela etant dit, Tituba est une jeune esclave originelle de cet endroit et ne connait vraiment rien de mieux que sa situation presente. Tituba est presentee comme etant une jeune fille ne recevant pas beaucoup d'affection maternelle. En effet, sa mere Abena a donne naissance a Tituba suite a un viol subit sur un bateau anglais. Abena reste donc partialement froide a l'egard de Tituba, comme ci celle-ci n'etait pas la bienvenue dans sa vie. L'amant d'Abena, Yao, semble etre une figure paternelle acceptable pour Tituba qui trouve un certain reconfort aupres de lui, a defaut de trouver ce reconfort aupres de sa mere.

Abena aussi est une esclave, comme la majorite des femmes noires de l'epoque. Un jour, alors que son maitre blanc tenta de se forcer sur elle, Abena lui infligea une blessure; le maitre, hors de lui, ordonna de pendre Abena. Comme s'il ne fut pas suffisant pour Tituba de perdre sa mere, Yao commit un suicide peu de temps apres, attriste par la mort de sa bien-aimee.

Entre alors Man Yaya, une vieille dame qui eduque Tituba sur les secrets et particularites de la guerison et des plantes. Tituba et Man Yaya vivent une vie spirituelle riche, communiquant avec les morts, jusqu'au deces de Man Yaya. Tituba, seule une fois de plus, se retire dans les bois et se construit un abri pour vivre librement. Cette liberte ne fut que de courte duree car Tituba decida de retourner a l'esclavage par amour pour John Indien, un autre esclave au service d'une dame nommee Susanna Endicott. Comme le mot circule que Tituba fut elevee par une sorciere, Man Yaya, Endicott humilie Tituba a plusieurs reprises et la menace, poussant Tituba a souhaiter la mort de sa maitresse. Par un coup de chance pour Tituba, Endicott tombe gravement malade et, dans l'incapacite d'ordonner son couple d'esclaves, vent John…… [read more]

Theory Case Study

… ¶ … Theory

A set can be defined as a collection of distinct objects. A subset is a smaller set that lies at least partially within the larger set. Thus if Set a = { 1, 2, 3 } then a subset would be { 2, 3 }.

A proper subset is one that is entirely contained within the set. The above example has subset B. that is a proper subset of Set a.

The complement of a set is that which lies outside of the set. In the example above, the complement of Set B. In a would be { 1 }.

Unions are made when two or more sets are taken together and includes all things that are in all of the union sets combined. If Set a = {1, 2} and Set B = {2, 3} then the union of sets a and B. would be { 1, 2, 3}

The intersection is comprised of all things that…… [read more]

Project Management the First Activity Scheduled Case Study

… Project Management

The first activity scheduled is activity 2, because it has the minimum slack. Then activity 1 is scheduled. Activity 3 is delayed one period, which reduces slack to zero. From this, activity 5 will also be delayed one period, reducing slack to zero. The remainder of the activities will be scheduled in order, subject to delays.

Therefore, the order in which the activities are scheduled is now 2,1,3,4,5,6.

The activities that are critical are those in which there is the least, or negative, slack. The critical activities therefore are 2,3,5,6.

The slack for activity 1 is now 0. The slack for activity 4 is now 2. The slack for activity 5 is now 0.





Schedule Activity 2 as per minimum slack rule


Schedule Activity 1


Delay activity 3 ES to period 1, reduce slack to 0


Delay activity 5 ES to period 6, reduce slack to 0


Delay activity 3 ES to period 2, reduce slack to -1


Delay activity 5 ES to period 7, reduce slack to -1


Delay activity 6 ES to period 11, reduce slack to -1


Delay activity 3 ES to period 3, reduce slack to -2


Delay activity 5 ES to period 8, reduce slack to -2


Delay activity 6 ES to period 12, reduce slack to -2


Schedule activity 3…… [read more]

Limiting a Researcher's View Term Paper

… Contrast this with the quasi-experimental design, which has significant difficulties with internal validity. A quasi-experimental design "is one that looks a bit like an experimental design but lacks the key ingredient -- random assignment" (Trochim, 2008, 210).

Why would a researcher, who values internal validity, then choose a quasi-experimental design, that specifically lacks in internal validity? The reason is that experimental designs are not always the most effective. They're subject to social threats of internal validity, and have difficulties with external validity (Trochim, 2008, 188). An experimental design is "intrusive and difficult to carry out in most real-world contexts," and is basically an "artificial situation" created to "assess [a] causal relationship with high-internal validity." Resultingly, there are difficulties in generalizing the findings to the real world.

Alternatively, certain types of quasi-experimental designs are some "of the most intuitively sensible designs around" (Trochim, 2008, 210). This is because random selection is often not logical or possible. For example, say we wanted to understand the effects of a certain type of treatment on both developmentally disabled adults and adults that were not developmentally disabled. Random selection, or an experimental design, would be impossible here, because we already have our two groups; they're dictated by the difference.

The basic reasons one might choose an experimental design or a quasi-experimental design has to do with, I think, resources, and what exactly is being tested. I feel that there is no design that is "better" or "worse" -- applying those labels would not make any sense at all here, because every experiment has a different aim. What is good for one experiment may be bad for another. The most important thing, I feel, is…… [read more]

Measures -- Central Tendency and Variability Decision-Making Research Proposal

… Measures -- Central Tendency & Variability

Decision-making using measures of central tendency and variability

In order to determine which group of workers would have higher levels of manual dexterity, and would therefore have a lower chance of breaking significant inventory, measures of central tendency and variability would help the decision-maker come up with the most efficient solution to this problem.

Running the data for the two groups below, the following were the calculated measures of central tendency (mean and median) and variability (variance and standard deviation):

Group a

Group B





Looking at the measures of central tendency, the values for mean are the same for both groups. Thus, it is important to compare the two groups based on the second measure of central tendency, which is the median. Comparing the two groups, Group B. has a higher median, which is also true when the median value is compared against the mean. This indicates that most likely, the distribution of scores is negatively skewed, which means that the frequency for workers increases as the level of manual dexterity also increases. This gives the decision-maker a good basis for choosing Group B. over a, but to ensure that the decision-maker has indeed made the correct choice, it is important to look at the variability of the scores within each…… [read more]

Temperance Dr. Stockmann Faces a Series Essay

… Temperance

Dr. Stockmann faces a series of dilemmas in the play An Enemy of the People. He discovers that the tannery is polluting the baths on which the townspeople have built their hopes. There is little equivocation on his part as to whether or not reveal this, demonstrating that he has little sense of dilemma with respect to this truth. The relevant authorities and indeed the townspeople as a whole disagree with his assessment, since the revelation makes the townspeople the losers instead of what would end up being hapless tourists.

Stockmann's dilemma then shifts towards going along with the will of the masses or facing ostracism. He ultimately chooses the latter, becoming something of a martyr to this cause. Temperance in this situation would have been to back down in the face of the town's resistance to his revelation and proposed solution. Dr. Stockmann, however, finds that he has already chosen the path of temperance only to see it fail. In the face of this failure, he can no longer remain civil about the matter.

The play ends with Dr. Stockmann's statement that "the strongest man in the world is he who stands alone." This clearly…… [read more]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Essay

… ¶ … Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

To make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you will need one jar of peanut butter -- creamy or crunchy, depending on your preference (as a snack, I prefer the creamy, but for meals the crunchy gives the sandwich a more substantial feel), as well as one jar of strawberry (yes, strawberry only) jelly, two slices of white bread (crusts on), and a standard butter knife.

Start by placing the two slice of bread side-by-side on a plate, counter, or other surface in front of you. Sandwich making without a surface is possible by shifting the various jars and slice of bread around n your hands and under your arms (when not in use), but this should only be attempted by those already proficient in the basic procedure. So, with the bread in front of you, rounded sides furthest away, begin by opening the jar of peanut butter and using the knife to withdraw at least enough…… [read more]

Philosophy First of All, Because Knaves Essay

… Philosophy

First of all, because knaves always lie, the words of the always-truthful oracle must be consulted first. It says that if there is one knight, there are at least two knights, and if Sam is a knight, then Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight. The oracle states that if there is one knight, at least one of the two must be a knight. The oracle also says that of Sam is the knight, either Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight.

Now the words of the knights and knaves must be consulted. Bob says that "Either Sam or Alice is a knave!" So, from what Bob says: if Bob is a knight and knights always have a partner, either Sam is a knight or Alice is a knight. But Alice said that at least one of them is a knight, and if Alice was a knave, that would have to be a lie. So this means that if Bob is a knight, Sam is the knave and Alice is also a knight.

If Alice is a knave, then all of them would have to be knaves, to make her statement false. Bob said that either Sam or Alice are knaves, so he could be a knave, as if they were all knaves, that would make his statement false as well. Sam cannot be a knight because to make the oracle correct if Sam is a knight than Alice is a knave or Bob is a knight, so then all three must be knights. But Bob said that either Alice…… [read more]

Appearance and Reality in Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

… Appearance and Reality in Shakespeare's Hamlet

One example we see of reality vs. The imagined is when Hamlet first encounters the ghost. This scene is powerful because it sets the mood for the rest of the play. He cannot decide if the ghost is really the ghost of his father or something worse. He calls the ghost a "goblin damned" (I.iv.44) but then later, he comes to the conclusion that the ghost might not be evil after all and calls it, "King, father, Royal Dane" (Shakespeare I.iv.50). Another scene where things are not quite what they seem to be is when Hamlet feigns his madness when he is around Polonius and Polonius comments that Hamlet is not himself. (I.iii.124) the appearance of madness can also bee seen in the following scene when Hamlet is with Ophelia. Here, his is faking his madness that he crushes Ophelia. He certainly doe not seem like the man that was once in love with her. He admits to loving "her once" (III.i.125) and then he…… [read more]

Lady Macbeth William Shakespeare's Play Term Paper

… ¶ … Lady Macbeth

William Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, illustrates how we all need somebody to help us along the way to becoming who we are. Macbeth was no doubt a successful man but he would never have become the man he did without Lady Macbeth. Whether or not he ever knew it, Macbeth needed Lady Macbeth to accomplish the things he did. She supported him and his ideas, provided strength and urgency when necessary, and essentially made him the man he became through careful and calculated manipulation. Lady Macbeth was the spine Macbeth needed in times of weakness and his love proved to be a blind spot where his wife was concerned.

Macbeth was a good man but he did not have what it took to be king. His wife knew this and was prepared to do what she had to in order to help him reach their shared goal - the crown. She also knew that it was highly unlikely that a "good guy" would make it to the throne. Wayne Booth claims that Lady Macbeth "fears his human kindness" (Booth 194). Lady Macbeth wanted nothing to stand in their way. She tells her husband:

Glamis thou art, and Cawdor; and shalt be What thou art promis'd. Yet do I fear thy nature;

It is too full o' the milk of human kindness

To catch the nearest way; thou wouldst be great,

Art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it; what thou wouldst highly,

That thou wouldst holily; wouldst not play false,

And yet wouldst wrongly win; thou 'dst have, great Glamis,

That which cries, 'Thus thou must do, if thou have it. (Shakespeare I.iv.16-24)

This statement allows us to see two things about their relationship. First, we see how in tune to his Macbeth's psychological composition. Second, we see how she knows she has control over him.

From this we can understand how Lady Macbeth is very aware of Macbeth's psychological composition and is completely confident in herself to influence him.

Stephen Greenblatt maintains that spousal intimacy in Macbeth is "terrifying" (Greenblatt 138). Lady Macbeth uses her "sexual taunt" (138) to get her husband to do what she wants him to do. She plays on Macbeth's "innermost fears and desires" (139). What is remarkable about their relationship, he continues, is the "extent to which they inhabit each other's minds" (139). Harold Bloom agrees with this assessment noting that lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to "self-abandonment" (Bloom 532). Indeed, she knows how to get what she wants and has no reservations in talking him into doing something he might not otherwise do. In other words, she uses love for her gain.

It is also obvious that she…… [read more]

Simple Watch Term Paper

… ¶ … Watch

Observation of "some Old Thing" watch reminds me of more than the time of day

Ordinary objects are strange beyond measure or explanation. Language, which is so useful to communicate, sometimes struggles to communicate deeply felt feelings… [read more]

Editing Veterans With Stress Thesis

… ¶ … PTSD is a known disease worldwide. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not really know much information about it.That is why a lot of people or businesses don't hire veterans because of the negative perception about them.

As United States involvement with conflicts in the Middle East comes to a close troops are returning to the civilian work force. In a June 2010 poll, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 46% of the HR professionals responding said post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues pose hiring challenges. Just 22% said the same about combat-related physical disabilities (National Center for PTSD, 2015).

The source "Mental Health Beliefs and Their Relationship With Treatment Seeking Among U.S. OEF/OIF Veterans," provides research that many veterans do not have any mental health treatment nor know anything about PTSD. The goal of this research is to help veterans seek help about PTSD and stop discrimination at work or at school for veterans with PTSD (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone). The researchers accomplished this goal by a proposition that a person's own beliefs is a barrier more than a stigma from other people is (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone, 2014). This source is based on the theory of research and experiment. The research was to examine how mental health beliefs differ from veterans with mental problems and without (NAME OF AUTHOR, 2014, p. 308). Using credible sources helps validate one's work and lends credibility in one's future action plan. This source is credible because it is published in a scholarly peer reviewed journal and was located through a legitimate journal database. This source is relevant to the problems of veterans with PTSD because most individuals and businesses do not want to hire them because they think that they are violent. This source conforms to the ethical guidelines of psychology by Dawn Vogt, Annie B. Fox, and Brooke A.L. Di Leone (2014, p. 307-313). The researchers were very up front and open about the details and expectations of the experiment. They also kept the participants' information private (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone, 2014). The participants were informed about the experiments first hand and given a consent form. These offered assurance that the participants are not related to any of the researchers. The source is "Help-Seeking Stigma and Mental Health Treatment Seeking Among Young Adult Veterans." The purpose of this source is to learn more about PTSD treatments and find social support. It is also to know that treatment helps and to get support from family and friends. The goal of this research is to understand veterans with PTSD and how to help them improve their mental health (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall, 2015). The researchers accomplished this goal by making the public aware of PTSD in veterans and educating the public about PTSD. (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall, YEAR). This source is based on the theory of misperceptions and stigma. Most veterans don't seek help because they think they will be better on their own… [read more]

Analyzing Col Billy Jack Carter Award Resume

… Col Billy Jack Carter Award

As we are all aware, the Colonel Billy Jack Carter Award is conferred on the person deemed to have contributed most significantly to the protection of Air Force resources or employees in the course of the current Fiscal Year (i.e., from 1st October, 2015 to 30th September, 2016). This award is granted for a particular contribution, event, or act. 377th Security Police Squadron was being headed by Colonel Billy Jack Carter. This squadron made a name for itself in the 1968 Tet Offensive at South Vietnam's Tan Son Nhut Air Base. The Colonel was the nation's first ever career security policeman to be granted the position of Air Force Security Police Director. For the current Fiscal Year (i.e., 2016), let me briefly cite a candidate, Master Sergeant Blasengame's accomplishments and contributions.

Master Sergeant Blasengame was responsible for directing Intelligence and Anti- Terrorism for a total of five Geographic Separate Units. The Master Sergeant played an instrumental role in the fortification and securing of a 1.3- billion- dollars' worth asset covering 4,500 acres of land. He successfully analyzed and derived strategic insights within the United States Air Force Combat Support Wing's Intelligence Fusion Cell information, in collaboration with the U.S. President, Defense Department, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) teams and Department of State. Furthermore, he excellently managed Anti- terror mitigation action via the 350- million- dollar MILCON (Military Construction) venture, for the EIC (European Infrastructure Consolidation). Master Sergeant Blasengame demonstrated his superior networking capability in collaboration with law enforcement officials of the host country, Defense Ministry, and Department of State, for securing a total of 4,300 personnel (total assets worth 450 million dollars).

Master Sergeant Blasengame's responsibilities include coordinating among 8 separate Law Enforcement Organizations. He took a vow to defend the region he is in charge of from attacks like those that occurred in France and Belgium and to date, he has remained successful. The Master Sergeant has protected 1.3 billion dollars' worth of resources with no fatalities. He has been assigned the responsibility of controlling teams such as Ministry of Defense Police and Security Force; overseeing Anti- Terrorism action; and managing a fourth of Europe -- United States Communications (his up- time record is 99.7%). Master Sergeant Blasengame's team has also been awarded the NCOQ (Non- Commission Officer of the Quarter) and Team of Quarter awards. For the current Fiscal Year, he has acted in the capacity of Parish Advisory Council President, strengthened community relations, and led twenty-five events, handling a $65,000 budget. His educational qualification includes a Management Degree (91.6% GPA (grade point average)) from the Michigan State University and Villanova's Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.…… [read more]

Middle East Economy and Politics Essay

… ¶ … MENA region is home to some of the richest and poorest countries in the world. For example, per capita GNI of Qatar is $80,440. For a poor country like Yemen, the per capita GNI is $1,070. One of… [read more]

Discussion About Codes of Ethics Essay

… USAF Ethics Policy

There are a number of advantages of having a written ethics policy. The first is that it provides guidance for a variety of different stakeholders. For the people internal to the organization, the ethics policy frames the ethical standards by which they are expected to operate. For the external stakeholders, a written ethics policy provides some guidance with respect to what they can expect from the organization. A written policy has this benefit because it is in writing, so not subject to question as to what it says, and because it is available for reference. The USAF has published its policy for the public, so that all stakeholders have access to it.

Another advantage of having a written ethics policy is that it provides guidance for people within the organization to make ethical decisions. A written ethics policy provides this basic framework, but the framework can then be used to interpret different ethical dilemmas. For most daily activities, there is seldom risk of violating basic ethical principles, but there are instances where seemingly normal activity might violate the code -- the code is important to clarify on things like that. Moreover, the code can be used as the basis to help people resolve ethical dilemmas that they might face in the course of their duties.

A third benefit of having a written code is that it offers some protection to whistleblowers. People know what is expected of them, and as such they can also recognize unethical behavior in others. The code gives people ammunition in that situation to have the issue addressed, because they know clearly that the behavior they witnesses is out of step with the prevailing code of ethics for the organization.

2. I believe that the USAF instituted its policy mainly to govern internal behavior. The target audience for most of the code is internal employees. The code outlines the principles by which people should conduct their duties, in particular on issues such as abuse of power, taking bribes, misuse of information and outside employment. . These are issues where ethical dilemmas can and do arise, so the USAF felt it best to clarify and codify where it stands on such issues for the benefit of internal stakeholders who may not be clear on some or all of these issues. The code provides a simple point of reference for people, and can be used to teach the ethical standards to new recruits.

It is also necessary to have a code of this type, in this day and age. There is substantial risk of unethical behavior, and other stakeholders such as Congress need to feel comfortable knowing that there is an ethics policy. Most organizations today have some sort of code of ethics, and it would be a bad look for the USAF not to have such a code. In that sense, they needed to have one that they could publish and show the world that they have a code of ethics to govern internal… [read more]

Value of Organizational Culture in the Military Essay

… ¶ … appointed deputy brigade commander of the 56th ABCT, I am presented with a number of challenges that need to be met in order to reform the brigade. The most important challenge to this reform that I have identified… [read more]

Army Culture and Hr Essay

… Profession of Arms

A process that produces uniquely expert work which is not routine or repetitive is referred to as a profession. In order to put their expertise to use in the best interest of the society, professionals require to continuously develop their expertise. Providing security to the society which that it cannot provide for itself is the primary expectation from the army as a profession. However, to enable the army to function properly and efficiently, the professional leaders in the army need to create a balance between a number of elements in the army. This paper examines the how army culture impacts the performance of the army and how the HR Sergeant of the army as professional influences in the functioning of the army and how a critical role is played by HR Sergeant in the overall well-being and thus the functionality of the army as a profession of arms.

What it means to be a Profession/al

A profession is a process that produces uniquely expert work which is not routine or repetitive. Work professionals strive to attain effectiveness instead of pure efficiency. Examples of professionals are seen in the fields of medicine, law, theology and the military. Years of study and practice are needed by professionals before they can become experts at what they do.

Thus, professionals require to continuously develop their expertise and then put the expertise to use in the best interest of eh society. Many view professionals as mere servants of the clients.

As a professional, the military is expected to provide security to the society that it cannot provide for itself. Without this security, the society would not be able to survive. Military professionals also need to use their expertise in the manner that conforms to the values held by the Nation and the society at large.

Thus, the American army as a profession of arms can be said to be comprised of men who are experts and certified for application of that expertise in land combat power and serve under civilian authority. The army as a profession is responsible for defending the Constitution as well as the rights and the interests of the people of American.

The Balancing Role of the Profession's Leaders

Army's professional leaders need to balance the four fields of expertise of the Army with the present and the potential future environment of operation. If this balance…… [read more]

Analyzing Key Concepts of Leadeship in the Military Research Paper

… Leadership in the Military

For any organization, it has been observed that certain individual characteristics, including a person's demographics, skills, capabilities, and behavioral characteristics, govern how effective he/she will be as a leader (Dereu, Nahrgang, Wellman, & Humphrey, 2011). In… [read more]

How Military Logic Is Translated Into Policy Research Paper

… ¶ … end state for Somalia is to have a rebuilt country that is politically, economically and socially stable with strong centralized offices of government and peaceful and harmonious relationships with regional leaders. This means that the terroristic threat of… [read more]

Women Should Be in Combat Roles Research Paper

… Women in Defined Combat Roles

One of the more significant debates in the U.S. military is the role of women in combat. Specifically, the question has been asked if women should have defined combat roles. For as long as can be remembered, women were not permitted to hold a combat role in any branch of the U.S. military, and any women who were enlisted were sheltered in safer jobs far from the front lines of conflict. Yet, there is some history of women in combat, even in the United States. The first woman to receive a military pension for an injury while helping to fight was Margaret Cochran Corbin, in 1776 as a result of her combat service during the American Revolution.

From that point, however, females were not allowed to serve until that right was granted in 1903. Even then, females were assigned to the Army Nurse Corps. To accomplish this, it was necessary to pass the Army Recognition Act of 1901, and that act opened the door a small bit for women to serve in the military. However, under the terms of that act they were only allowed to serve as nurses, or performing support roles such as cooking or cleaning. It is only more recently that females have been allowed to take on more active roles in their service. The fact that the military has become more technical in nature, with substantially less infantry work than in previous generations, has opened up more possibilities for females to serve, but the debate continues with respect to combat roles. Since the 2001 deployment in Afghanistan, 130 women have died in military service and over 800 have been wounded (Olson, 2015).

The issue remains controversial. The Department of Defense has ordered that females should be integrated into the remaining closed positions by the beginning of 2016, but the Department has no implementation plan, nor does it have any mechanism for monitoring or enforcing this mandate. Thus, there remains concern that the controversy will continue to be unresolved, with informal barrier emerging to replace the formal barriers that are being removed. There are a number of issues cited, everything from unit cohesion, women's health and the modifications of facilities and equipment to account for females soldiers and sailors (Olson, 2015). While some concerns are pragmatic in nature, and ultimately could be overcome with sufficient willpower and budget. The other concerns are more ideological, and not necessary based on any sort of rational analysis.

The reality is that there is no reasonable reason why women should be sheltered from defined combat roles. First, military service is about ability, and should remain that way. Any woman who can complete the training required for a given job should have access to that job. This is not just common sense, but is something that is in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (for which the military has had a longstanding exception). Any military benefits from efficiency, in terms of having the best people for the… [read more]

Structural Analysis Scenario Objective Research Paper

… Structural Analysis


Objective of this project is to design an internal working structure a-B-C-D-E-F to support extractor fans as well as other equipment. The structure inside the building is a brickwork at 10… [read more]

White Walls Crept Up Poem

… She made soup. He didn't even write me back.

I checked. At the top there, it says "messages," and I checked again and again. Nothing there, like my walls. Bare and bland, I hate them so I envision what I would do if they were not as white as they are.

Would I prefer that they were bare but red, black, green, or purple?

I try to imagine my cream colored satin sheets against each color in turn, and they all look better than white. Having never painted walls,

I laugh inwardly at the sad, sad state of affairs my lovestruck mind has melted into. The pug is soft, his fur is blending with the satin sheets. If he were here, his skin would be warm against mine and the pug would have two people in his bed to love.

The tear, the one that always resides behind my eyes, it appears. Once the tear appears, it is impossible to put it back.

It stays, like I wish he stayed, but he didn't and now I'm here, with the white walls growing and expanding in their infinite emptiness. They will get dirty and stained. And I will watch them every morning mock my emptiness. The next tear has arrived with a shallowness of breath that catches the attention of the pug.

The pug leaps off the bed and out of the room, because he is hungry. So…… [read more]

Mat Meth Materials and Methods Further Elucidation Lab Report

… Mat Meth

Materials & Methods

Further Elucidation of Lipids and Their Chemical Properties

A test tube was labeled "L+" and filled halfway with water. Ten drops of vegetable oil were added to the tube. A test tube labeled "L-" was similarly filled halfway with water, and ten additional drops of water were added. Both test tubes were shaken so as to thoroughly mix the contents, and five drops of Sudan IV solution were added to each tube. Both tubes were then placed in a test tube rack to rest for five minutes before each was removed and again shaken to mix the contents. After this second mixing, a dropper full of detergent water was added to the test tube labeled "L+" and shaken vigorously to mix this emulsifier into the solution. The contents of the tube were carefully observed with the naked eye and results recorded.

: Identification of Macromolecules in Everyday Items

A test tube was labeled "RS+" and two ml of glucose solution were added to the tube, while a test tube labeled "RS-" received two ml of water. Two ml of Benedict's reagent were then added to each tube and the tubes were gently shaken to mix the solution. A beaker of water was set to heat on a hotplate at 100 degrees Celsius, and after shaking the two test tubes were placed in this beaker of water, still on the hotplate, for three minutes before being removed and placed in test tube racks. Two ml of starch solution were added to a test tube labeled "S+," and two ml of water were added to a test tube labeled "S-." A dropper full of iodine was added to each test tube; tubes were then gently shaken and placed in a test tube rack. Two final test tubes were labeled "P+" and "P-," with the "P+" tube receiving two ml of egg albumin and the "P-" tube receiving two ml of water. Two ml of Biuret reagent…… [read more]

Mango Poem Harvest Abroad Essay

… "

He'd often explained

Pounding his chest

I being younger

And adventurous as well

Would follow my father

Wherever they'd sell

But even the Alphonso

He always explained

Was not the same thing

His expression was pained

The taste is just different

It just isn't as good

There was only one mango

That our family should

Let into its home

Adorn its from door

Slice into chutney

Or panna to pour

It was late afternoon

Almost dinner hour

We'd left the market dejected

When my father smelled the flower

It tickled his nose

Wafted through the breeze

We wandered round a corner

To a grove of hidden trees

Fathered round the trunk

Freshly fallen down

Plump, pristine Alphonsos

Littered all the ground

My father's eye's alight

He sliced the layer of skin

Then bit in with his eyes closed

And felt he was back home with his…… [read more]

Othello Iago Chapter Writing

… Shakespeare implies possible reasons: one certainly being the fact that Cassio is more likeable, agreeable, and easier to get along with than Iago. After the first scene of the play, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to serve with Iago, or have him as a right-hand man. After all, he is not only disagreeable and egotistical in character, but he also lies and backstabs ruthlessly. Cassio is easily to more trustworthy and reliable of the two candidates for Othello's lieutanant. The honesty and integrity of Iago is certainly called into question by the end of the first scene of the play, as the audience sees how conniving and deceitful the ensign can be. He talks behind peoples' backs, especially that of the boss he claims to have wanted to serve with. Of Othello, Iago states, "I do hate him as I do hell-pains / Yet for necessity of present life, / I must show out a flag and sign of love," (I, i,167-169). Iago compulsively lies to get what he wants or just to hurt people; and he destroys reputations out of malicious spite. There is also never an ounce of remorse in Iago, either. When the truth erupts at the end of the play, Iago has the audacity to accuse Emilia of being "mad," not him, and twist it around so that Emelia looks like a fool (V, ii,227). Iago has become morally corrupt prior to the start of the play -- if he ever had moral scruples to begin with.

Iago cultivates a deep-rooted hatred for Othello that propels his actions and the plot of the play. He covers Othello with racist slurs, calling him a "Barbary horse," for instance (I, i, 122). With unrestrained hatred, Iago unleashes a chain of unfortunate events that result in several deaths. In addition to destroying and indirectly murdering Othello and Desdemona, Iago also humiliates, manipulates, uses, and lies to his wife. When she finds out what wicked schemes Iago has wrought, Emilia cries, "You told a lie, an odious, damned lie; / Upon my soul, a lie, a wicked lie!" (V, ii,212-213). He loves not Emilia, either, calling her a "mistress" rather than his wife and finally calling her a "villainous whore" (V, ii,215; 267).

Therefore, nothing can engender sympathy for Iago. His actions are completely unjustified and wholly evil. Iago is an ultimate villain, someone with an inhumane and pathologically corrupt soul. He might have been wronged, and slighted, but it is questionable whether Iago ever felt genuinely hurt or sad. Iago never experiences human emotions like sorrow; his repertoire includes hatred, vengefulness, and anger. He never did seem to have loved Desdemona -- perhaps he only wanted to win her as a trophy or use her to further his career goals. Iago also does not care about serving Othello with shared political goals and visions. Instead, Iago only cares about his own power and prestige.

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Othello. Retrieved online: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/othello/full.html… [read more]

Stress and the Body in Patients With Non-Healing Wounds Essay

… Nursing

Stress and the Body in Patients with Non-Healing Wounds

Walburn, J., Vedhara, K., Hankins, M., Rixon, L., & Weinman, J. (2009). Psychological

stress and wound healing in humans: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 67(3), 253-271.

This article is a review of existing research that has been done in relation to psychological stress and wound healing. Initially twenty-two papers were identified as meeting the inclusion criteria for a systematic review and a subsample of 11 were identified as being able to be included in a meta-analysis. The studies looked at the impact of stress on the healing of an assortment of wound types in dissimilar circumstances, including acute and chronic clinical wounds, experimentally produced punch biopsy and blister wounds, and small damage to the skin caused by tape stripping. Seventeen studies in the systematic review found that stress was associated with impaired healing. The conclusion drawn by the authors was that there needs to be research done towards investigating possible moderators of the relationship, intervening mechanisms supporting the association, as well as the demonstration of a causal link by the advance of experimental interventions in healthy people.

The authors present the idea that cutaneous wound healing is a multifaceted process composed of interdependent and overlapping stages, including clot formation, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. The initial post injury phase is characterized by the formation of a fibrin clot followed by the inflammatory stage, usually within 1 -- 3 days after injury which is dominated by immune cells that destroy bacteria and debride the wound. These substances are crucial if normal tissue repair is to progress.

It is believed that successful healing is dependent in part on a completely functioning immune system therefore making it susceptible to the myriad of factors which can damage immune performance. Since both acute and chronic psychological stress can modulate immune…… [read more]

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research Research Paper

… It is because of the difficulties of creating and conducting perfect experimental research, that true cases of this type of investigation are relatively rare. Perhaps it is almost impossible to have true experimental research in most real-world situations because of all the necessary components of the investigation.

Trochim & Donnelly then describe quasi-experimental research. This type can be very similar to experimental research methodology. The major difference between the two is that quasi-experimental research does not require random assignment (Trochim 2008). Another major difference has to do with the test's internal validity. Quasi-experimental research also looks into causation for certain circumstances, but does not have to be the sole explanation for the set of circumstances. It is perhaps less scientific because it is not a singular explanation. Because of this, researchers will quite often disregard the importance of quasi-experimental research in their findings. However, this overlooks the fact that most research, whether intentionally or not, turns out to be quasi-experimental because of oversight on the part of experimentation design.

Experimental research design may be the "gold standard" of research design, but it is very difficult to create scenarios where this kind of test can be conducted. Quasi-experimental research may seem to be research of less importance, but it actually is very necessary to behavior and human sciences which can rarely if ever have empirical tests. Most researchers would rather have the former kind of data to examine when trying to determine causation for certain criteria, but this is perhaps too hopeful. Quasi-experimental research is still valid and can be used by all sciences to test and implement potential theories.

Works Cited:

Trochim, W & Donnelly, J. (2008). The Research Methods Knowledge Base. (3rd…… [read more]

College Algebra Graphing Transformations Essay

… b) g (x)= (x+5)^2

Answer: The domain of the function g (x) = (x + 5)^2 is all real numbers.

Show Work or Explain in Words:

Like a), the domain of g (x) is defined for every value of x, therefore the domain of g (x) is all real numbers.

c) f (x)= 16x / x^2 +9

Answer: The domain of the function f (x)= 16x / x^2 + 9 is all real numbers.

Show Work or Explain in Words:

The domain of f (x) is defined for every value of x, therefore the domain of f (x) is all real numbers.

d) g (x)=13x^2 / 5x+9

Answer: The domain of g (x) is defined for every value of x, except where x = -1.8.

Show Work or Explain in Words:

The domain of g (x) is defined for every value of x, except where the denominator is 0. Because 5x + 9 = 0 where x = -1.8, it stands to reason that the domain of the function has a discontinuity at -1.8.

e) f (x)= 6 / x^5

Answer: The domain of f (x) is defined for every value of x.

Show Work or Explain in Words:

The domain of f (x) has a denominator that never amounts to 0, therefore every value of x is defined.

3. Finding equations of asymptotes of rational functions. Recall that asymptotes are lines therefore the answer must be given as an equation of a line.

a) Find the equations of both the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of the rational function f (x) = 5x-1 / x^2 +9

Answer: There are no horizontal asymptotes. There are vertical asymptotes where y = -1 and y = 1.

Horizontal: None.

Vertical: The range falls where -1 < f (x) < 1.

Show Work or Explain in Words:

All values of x is defined in the function f (x), therefore the domain is all real numbers. The function, however, only works under a specific range, where the values of f (x) for x is no lesser than -1 and no greater than 1.

b) Find the equations of both the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of the rational function f (x) = 2x^2 + 8 / x-1

Answer: The horizontal asymptote is at x = 1.…… [read more]

Irrationality of Man in "The Tell-Tale Heart Essay

… Irrationality of Man in "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most creative writers when it comes to expressing the irrationality of man. He does this by creating colorful narrators that pull us in with interesting dialogue and questionable actions. He emphasizes the irrational by placing readers into the mind of a man that thinks he is rational by all accounts. Readers want to believe the narrator is sane because he is human. Poe creates suspense by bring the narrator's irrationality into the story slowly. The narrator in this tales wants to be rational and we want to believe he is rational but as the story goes on, we realize we are dealing with a very unstable man. By the end of the tale, we are afraid for ourselves because we do not know the limits of our own minds. Poe uses the human mind to create suspense and, eventually, horror to entertain readers.

Poe amplifies fear in readers by putting them into the mind of the narrator. In "The Tell-tale Heart," we know the narrator's thoughts and we believe he is not crazy, mad, or irrational because he tells us he is not. We give him the benefit of the doubt because we want to believe him but also because he seems rational at the beginning of the story. In the beginning of the story, we find the narrator seems to have his senses together. He boasts about his mental acuity, saying, it "sharpened my senses -- not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute" (Poe 189). He is convinced that the things that make him appear irrational are making him smarter and sharper than usual. The power of the mind is pulled into question with interesting behavior.

Poe uses the very thing that makes his narrator seem rational to prove him irrational. It is the same dialogue but it changes as the story progresses. The narrator becomes more unstable the more he talks and this creates more drama for the reader. The narrator's motive for killing the old man is an "Evil Eye" (189), which is the first clue that something might be amiss with our narrator. This instability increases suspense as the story moves forward. Furthermore, the more we read, the more irrational this man becomes. When he says he hears the old man's beating heart, we know he is not playing with a full deck. When he watches the man sleep, the sounds of his breathing remind our narrator of a "groan of mortal terror. It was not a groan of pain or of grief -- oh no! -- it was the…… [read more]

Machines and Marble Drop Essay

… ¶ … Machines & Marble Drop

The Simple Machines and Their Use in an Inclusive Marble Drop Toy

A force is required to move an object. The force applied in and through the distance moved is the work done. Machines are generally used to change the force necessary to move an object, though the overall work is the same neglecting wasted friction.

There are fundamentally six simple machines out of which more complicated machines are composed. They are the inclined plane, the wedge, the screw, the lever, the wheel and axle, and the pulley.

The inclined plane allows one to push an object up and along the plane with less force than directly raising the object. The wedge is one or two backed-to-back inclined planes. it's used to pry two things apart. One applies a force to advance the wedge which splits wood or raises a heavy object perpendicular to the applied force's direction. The screw is a narrow inclined plane, called a thread, wrapped around a cylindrical core. Turning the screw core advances it as the thread slides through material or along a guide depending on the screw's purpose.

The lever is a stiff rod that rotates about a pivot point called a fulcrum. Forcing down on one end of the lever causes the other end to rise while lifting an object due to the pivoting action of the fulcrum. The greater the forcing end's distance is from the fulcrum compared to that of the object's distance, the less the force needed to lift the object.

The wheel and axle is composed of a larger radius disk with a smaller radius axle fixed through its center. As the two parts turn in unison, the longer distance traversed at the disk's radius corresponds to a shorter distance at the axle's radius. The force needed to turn the assembly at a given torque (twisting strength) is least at the wheel's rim compared to the force needed at the axle's rim in inverse relation to their respective radii.

The simple pulley uses a rope riding along the rim of…… [read more]

Memoir I Never Want to Forget Essay

… Memoir

I never want to forget that day. I was on my stomach, hiding under my mom's bed, barely breathing, so I didn't make a sound. I felt my shirt getting wet. I peed without knowing it, I was so… [read more]

How About a Kiss Exercise Research Proposal

… ¶ … KISS?

Jennifer was very confused about John's reaction. Wasn't it he who suggested that they should consider seeing other people? Wasn't it he who said things were moving too fast? Now, he seemed genuinely hurt, even angry, that she made plans to go out with someone else; and it was just a casual drink. The fact that John was obviously pretending that he was annoyed about something else instead only further complicated things. She wondered why men are so afraid to acknowledge their feelings.

It wasn't like they'd made definite plans for Saturday anyway. Wasn't he a big Seinfeld fan? Isn't an "implied" date for every Saturday night (along with any feminine hygiene products or clothes left at his place) one of the hallmarks of the serious relationship that he'd said he wasn't quite ready for in the first place? It was only a few weeks ago that the two of them…… [read more]

Efficient Portfolio Thesis

… Efficient Portfolio

The weighted average expected return under the new scenario will be 14%. This is calculated as follows:

The standard deviation of returns under the new scenario is 24.5. We calculate the difference between each potential return and the mean. Thus,

(44-14) = 30; (14-14) = 0, and (14+16) = 30.

Each is squared, and then the squares are added together. So 302 = 900. This means that the sum of squares is 900 + 0 + 900 = 1800. This is divided by the number of data points, as follows:

This is the variance. To obtain the standard deviation we take the square root of 600 as follows:

The expected return is .333(12)+(.333)(4)+(.333)(-5.5) = 3.5

The standard deviation therefore is 12.38.

With half in T-bills the expected return is 3.75%. The standard deviation is therefore 6.015. The expected return improves because you reduce the downside risk with the T-bills. This also reduces the variability of the portfolio as well.


The expected return of this portfolio is as follows:

(.5)(15)+(.4)(10)+(.1)(6) = 12.1%…… [read more]

Exercise on the Use of Significant Detail Research Proposal

… ¶ … Exercise

The harsh rays of the sun hit my skin with its indictment. The wind whispered harsh and hot non-words to my tortured skull. "You did this," it seemed to say. "And you will pay." The pavement under my feet was harsh as I tried to but could not run. If I run everyone will see and guess terrible things. They will know the unimaginable. My mind wanted to turn my feet back. My heart wanted to move them forward. My feet were confused and listened to neither. I stood still under a big oak tree and simply breathed. How could I? Was this really the thing that I had become, or was it part of some terrible dream?

The oak tree sheltered me from the sun's truth for a while. I would rest here. It was a good spot with the park forming a sharp contrast against the busy street. I had never before wondered why they would put a park so close to a busy intersection. Maybe it was someone's skewed sense of the aesthetic. But who was I to judge the aesthetic or the malfunction of sense?

I sat on a hard bench and the…… [read more]

Native American Tricksters Tales Essay

… American Literature

Native American Tricksters Tales

The "Bungling Host" contains a couple of good lessons about how people should not behave. The firs lesson is about how one should not always want to be just like everyone else. The rabbit watched the bear prepare his meal and when the bear came to his house for dinner he wanted to prepare his meal in the same way. But when he slit his belly he injured himself. If the rabbit had just prepared his dinner the way that he had always done he would not have ended up getting injured.

The second lesson that this tale teaches is that of how things are not always as they appear. When the rabbit got injured and the bear went out to seek help, he brought back a buzzard. The buzzard had assured the bear that he could help the rabbit to get better. The bear trusted him to be telling the truth. The buzzard on the other hand, had no intention of helping the rabbit, but indeed had ulterior motives of having the rabbit for…… [read more]

Reiteration it Is Raining Outside Essay

… Reiteration

It is raining outside. But a week ago it was not raining. But now it is raining. Outside my window I see the rain. As if it was the sprinkler turned on and left turned on. But it is not the sprinkler in the yard left turned on. It is the rain. Because it had been raining since the past days. Not yesterday but since the other past days of this week. Not last week but this week. Not last Saturday because, it has been raining this week. And today is a Saturday but not of last week. But of this week. And it has been raining since Monday, not of last week but this week and today is a Saturday of this week and it has been raining since Monday. Like the sun has not been out. As in a storm. But there are no storms, only rain. Like someone left the garden sprinkler on since Monday of this week and not since last week. Like there is a storm outside the house. But there are no storms this week. And the sun is not shining. So kids cannot play. And they are not playing outside because it is not as if the sprinkler was left turned on to flood the yard but the rains outside. But the kids want to play outside but they…… [read more]

Validity and Reliability in Research Thesis

… Validity & Reliability in Research

Validity and reliability are two concepts considered critical in every research study, be this study under the qualitative or quantitative research design. These concepts must be disclosed and discussed in detail in every study, since they serve as the foundation of the credibility and 'strength' of the data -- that is, how strong the study's data is in answering the research questions and objectives, and how the data is 'flexible' enough to be used to answer, if not wholly, then partially, questions and objectives of other studies (related in some way to the issues covered in the first/original study).

Qualitative and quantitative research designs utilize different methodologies or data collection methods; therefore, each research design uses different techniques in testing for validity and reliability. Conceptually, validity is defined as follows: "[v]alidity determines whether the research truly measures that which it was intended to measure or how truthful the research results are" (Joppe, 2000 in Golafshani, 2003:599). Reliability, meanwhile, is the "extent to which results are consistent over time and an accurate representation of the...population under study...and if the results of a study can be reproduced under a similar methodology" (Joppe, 2000 in Golafshani, 2003:598).

Under the quantitative research design, validity and reliability are tested using different techniques. It is crucial to test for both because a study's data must be proven as valid and reliable before the end-user considers the importance of the study's results and recommendations. In quantitative studies, validity, on one hand, is tested through content, criterion, and construct validity tests. Content validity determines whether the construct used in the instrument is correctly defined and operationalized. Criterion validity, meanwhile, looks at how a construct "can accurately predict...the construct being measured." Lastly, construct validity ensures that…… [read more]

Operate a Cappuccino Maker. Unscrew the Lid Thesis

… ¶ … Operate a cappuccino maker.

Unscrew the lid on the top of the cappuccino maker. Add the desired amount of water. The carafe is marked with two lines, indicating the amount of water needed for 2 shots or 4 shots of espresso. If you intend to foam milk, fill 2 centimeters above the fill line.

Ensure that the lid is screwed on tight. Also ensure that the steam knob is fully closed. Ensure that the cappuccino maker is plugged in.

Fill the coffee holder with the desired amount of ground coffee. The holder is marked with two lines, indicating 2 shots or 4. Do not exceed the line for the desired amount of espresso or the results will be below expectations.

Attach the coffee holder to the machine by placing the round end underneath of the overhang on the machine. There will be a matching round end on the underside of the overhang. The coffee holder will go into the round end at a 45 degree angle to the front of the machine. Then, move the coffee holder until it is in line with the direction of the overhang. There will be a click when the coffee holder is correctly inserted, and it will stay in place when you let go.

At the bottom of the coffee holder are two spouts. Place the carafe underneath of these two spouts.

Turn the cappuccino maker on by flicking the red button that is located at the base of the machine on the left side. The light will illuminate to indicate that the machine has been turned…… [read more]

Iago in Shakespeare's Othello Term Paper

… Othello

Iago in Othello

William Shakespeare's Othello is essentially a play about human passions, which, when unleashed, can be blind and destructive. Iago can be considered the most important character in the text, as it is him who manages to manipulate all the characters in the play by making use of their own weaknesses, so as to make them serve his own purpose of revenge. Iago's motivations are multiple. He repeatedly states his hate for "the Moor," and sets to destroy him and the other characters in the play. To achieve this, Iago makes use of the passions that he intuitively perceives as very prominent in the other characters: he uses Othello's love for Desdemona and manages to drive him to believe she is unfaithful, he uses Desdemona's generosity to determine her to speak to Othello in behalf of Cassio and so on. Thus, love and hate are the main human passions, but, from both of these, a third passion is often born: jealousy. Iago triggers Othello's jealousy, and as he does so, he is motivated by his own jealousy. In Othello, Shakespeare shows how jealousy drives men to acts normally unconscionable. Jealousy motivates Iago to lie, cheat and steal his way to the chief lieutenant's position. It is not mere hatred as such that motivates Iago therefore, but his jealousy and the infernal pleasure he derives from manipulating the others.

As such, Iago is a double faced character who dissimulates his own jealousy and passions to manipulate the other's feelings. Shakespeare's play is interesting because of the way in which the jealous Iago manages to manipulate the jealousies of the others. First of all, Iago's enjoyment at manipulating the others…… [read more]

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