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Use of Institutions to Change Culture and Society Term Paper

… ¶ … Institutions to Change Culture and Society

The objective of this work is to review Morgan's "Ancient Society" and "League of the Iroquois" and to examine how the use of institutions may allow for change of culture and society.… [read more]

Shell Shaker: Powerful Women Term Paper

… Shell Shaker: Powerful Women

Shell Shaker is one book that can be read from different angles because the novel is essentially a skillful interplay of various themes. These themes offer a wide range of viewpoints on misuse of power, corruption that is integral part of power itself, women who transcend traditional roles to change the destiny of a nation and history's influence on the present etc. In short, the novel narrates two separate events at different points in time, and simultaneously offers an insight into the power of people who react to horrific events to introduce change and to stop corruption. Among these people, it is the women population that is shown with greatest resilience and immense strength that transforms an entire nation and its destiny.

Throughout the novel, the author, LeAnne Howe has paid a tribute to the women of the Indian tribe Choctaw who exhibit great power and strength when apparently everything else has failed to bring peace and control the flow of violence. Readers with some knowledge of Indian tribes would not find it strange that these women actually enjoyed such influence because in most traditional societies, when insurmountable obstacles appeared, women would resort to centuries old ceremonies and practices to invoke the spirits or higher powers. In short they enjoyed power by virtue of their strong belief system and their strict adherence to old practices and traditions.

In Shell Shaker, the title actually bespeaks of a practice that old women of Choctaw would adopt to dispel the influence of evil. Women peacemakers of Choctaw tribe in the old eastern town of Yanabi practically laid the foundation of this practice when Shakbatina's Grandmother used Shell Shaker to trap evil and stem the incessant flow of violence that was grounded in the evil spirit of Osano. While the men fought through other means, Grandmother focused on this ceremony as her sole weapon of attack. She tried to invoke the pity of the Miko Luak, fire god to bring peace in her land. Her prayers were granted when Itilauichi, the Autumnal Equinox informed her that: "Through your sacrifice of blood, you have proven yourself worthy. The things you desire for the people will be given"(p 2).

With Grandmother, the peacemaking tradition originated among women of Choctaw tribe and over the years, women used this ceremony to counter evil force of Osano. Red Shoes, who had actually turned evil by virtue of coming under Osano's influence, gave rise to an unfortunate situation in which… [read more]

Arming Teachers in Order to Protect Students Research Paper

… ¶ … teachers have guns?

The increasing number of school shootings occurring during recent years raised public awareness and generated significant controversy regarding guns and the degree to which they should be widely available. School shootings occur for a range of reasons, with the most important involving individuals taking advantage of vulnerable environments and these respective individuals being students themselves and having less experience in putting across rational thought in comparison to adults. Teachers are often praised for their work and dedication and are recognized as one of the principal elements making it less likely for school shooters to be successful in their endeavors. While arming teachers would seem like the most effective solution to the problem, one must first consider the fact that this respective problem is much more complex than it appears to be and choosing the simplest option is not always the best thing to do.

Teachers with guns would certainly reduce the number of victims involved in school shootings. Furthermore, most criminals would likely be discouraged as a consequence of being acquainted with the fact that people they want to attack are armed themselves.

Considering the contemporary society, providing people with arms to protect themselves no longer seems an absurd thing to do. The reality is that everyone is exposed regardless of their status and it would thus be essential for people to have access to means of protecting themselves. People who have the possibility to do so are unhesitant about hiring guards to protect their children. These respective individuals are aware of the risks that a person is exposed to as a result of attending an environment that is especially vulnerable and choose to diminish the risk.

Having a gun is certainly a powerful concept and provides the individual with a great deal of authority. If teachers were to be encouraged to have arms in school, conditions would become much more complicated than one might be inclined to believe. A lot of questions are likely to arise as a consequence:

Should the teacher wear the gun on him or her at all times?

Should teachers be trained to shoot guns?

Should schools that are considered more vulnerable have teachers that are more experienced in shooting guns?

Questions like the ones above make it possible for one to comprehend the complexity of the situation. Such a program cannot simply be implemented over night and going through with it can actually demonstrate that society acknowledged the… [read more]

Pocahontas: Fact and Fiction According to Documentation Research Paper

… Pocahontas: Fact and Fiction

According to documentation of the life story of Pocahontas, there is a frequent blurring of the lines between fact and fiction. Considered here are a number of ideas about Pocahontas contrived from unconfirmed legend; a number of facts confirmed by historical verification; and the modest cross-section between these.

The legend of Pocahontas is colored by details that tend to romanticize the figure. Among them, the most significant detail is the insertion of love and romance into her relationship with prominent colonist John Smith. This would contribute to other mythologized details including the idea that she had been deceived into marrying Englishman John Rolfe. Another peripheral detail is that which depicts Pocahontas as throwing her body over John Smith to protect him from execution by her tribe. Additional fabrications would relate to her life and appearance following her death, with her celebrity resulting in a Europeanized presentation of her appearance in portraits, claims that she had been Baptized and converted to Christianity and that she had been presented in the court of King James upon her arrival… [read more]

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