101 Uses for Pencils Term Paper

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TOPIC: Term Paper on 101 Uses for Pencils Assignment

Keep score during board games, fill in racing forms, fill in IKEA shopping cards, to fill in bubble sheets for exams, vote, mark children's growth charts, mark the spot to hammer in a nail, mark where to install shelves, mark where to hem, mark where to sew a button, or to measure a length of fabric. Pencils draw outlines and shade them in. Pencils can be used to poke holes, press telephone numbers, press letters on a keyboard, turn on an appliance. Pencil erasers can be used on their own to erase or as a makeshift screwdriver. Pencils are used on hospital patient charts, janitor cleaning charts, and in crossword puzzles. Eyebrow pencils outline eyes and color eyebrows. Lipstick pencils enhance lips. Colored lead pencils serve their purpose in art. Pencils are for doodling, formal drawing, and drafting. A pencil can be used to retrieve any object from an out-of-reach crack or crevice. Use pencils instead of popsicle sticks to build little boxes. Glue pencils together into a toy raft, toy bridge, or toy car or toy plane. A pencil becomes the stem of a paper flower or a stick doll. Use pencils in a multimedia composition, to carve a figure out of, or to stir paints. Pencils can be used as path markers, to hold up weak plant stems or to dig holes. Pencils can be used instead of pick-up sticks. They can become kindling wood for fires. Pencils can be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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