1960's Fashion Influence on Today's Society Term Paper

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The Influence of 1960s Fashion Today look back at 1960's fashion shows how much influence it still has on today's society. Perhaps the biggest innovation introduced in the 1960s is the mini-skirt, which is still extremely popular today. Short skirts were not the norm in the early 1960s; in fact, most styles were holdovers from the 1960s. However, as new fashions developed, the hemlines got shorter, a trend that continues today with micro-mini skirts and short-shorts, which go in an out of style every few years.

Another very revolutionary influence was pantyhose, which were introduced in the mid-sixties and made a great different in how women dressed. Before pantyhose, women wore stockings, held up by garter belts or girdles. Tights, knit in elaborate designs, and fishnet stockings preceded pantyhose, and helped lead to their development, it seems. Pantyhose and tights allowed women to dress more casually and with less constriction, which is another trend that influences today's fashion as well. In addition, tights in patterns and colors are still comfortable, and so are leggings, which are actually a form of tights, without the feet. Thus, these early designs helped create a new way of dressing that was more casual and less structured, and that certainly influences fashion today.

Low-rise pants were also popular in the sixties. They were called "hipsters," and rode higher than today's low-rise jeans. They could be made of denim or dress fabrics, and they often contained belt loops to hold a wide leather belt. Low-rise pants today are tighter and ride much lower on the hips, but they owe their roots to the hip-hugger look of the 1960s that remained popular for several years. During the same time, boots became popular, in a variety of heel heights and materials. The "go-go" boots of the early 60s had low heels and rose about mid-calf - later boots had higher heels and went all the way to the knees. Some were made of leather or patent leather, while others were made in bright, bold vinyl that matched the vivid colors and prints that were popular at the time.

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