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This method also does very little in weight reduction. If one lifts weights in slow motion without vigorous cardio, big muscles will develop. To reduce size or increase athletic performance, the heart rate must be challenged..

When one follows a traditional weight-training program, he or she will usually do all the sets and reps at one exercise machine.

For example, if the exerciser is on a weight machine for legs, lets say the leg extension; she will do 12-15 reps and then rest for about one minute. Then she will repeat the same sequence about twice. Then, she will go to a different machine and workout a different body part. The circuit program is different. "The circuit means doing abdominal and weight training in a sequence with no rest between the different exercises" (Hera, Burn More Calories in Less Time With Circuit Training). A person will do one set of leg extensions, then immediately go to a machine for the hamstrings, back of upper legs, for 15 reps, then she may go to the a machine that will workout her arms. Eventually she will come back to the leg extension machine. This is done with no rest between exercises except for the time it takes to get from one machine to another. Most trainers do not want their clients dramatically increasing their heart rates while weight training. If the client is to see any results from circuit training, she must get her heart rate up. Some fitness clubs do not encourage circuit weight training in the gym.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on In 1980, Rachael Mclish Won Assignment

Most fitness centers, especially high pressured sales fitness centers, want their members in and out of the gym as fast as possible so the club can handle more members. 6) They want their members to have the illusion of getting results, but do not want their members actually getting results because they would not need the gym or would not enlist in the services of personal trainers if they knew they could exercise effectively on their own. Fitness center owners, managers, aerobic instructors and personal trainers do not work in that profession for the money, because there is no money in it. They want members who will think that they will never achieve their fitness goals without their services. One does not need a gym to get in shape, or participate in a circuit program. One could purchase several pairs of weights, go to a playground and set up their own circuit. No weights are needed for circuit workouts, however the exercises should be weight bearing. For example, one could do jumping jacks, run a few feet stop and do pushups. To be effective, whether for weight reduction or improved athletic performance, the workout must be challenging.

Imagination, creativity and the mentality to maintain a fitness program cost no or very little money.

The fitness industry is a moneymaking industry and really could care less about people fitness achievements. Everyone wants to be physically fit. Purchasing personal training services, products or gym memberships will not give one the desired results if the mentality is not already there.

6) Fitness centers hires sales people. After so many years of being lied to, the Aerobic and Personal Training certifications are proving the information they been teaching has no validity. I. E Low fat must be followed to maintain weight. Skinny people eat in fast food restaurants every day.

What they do not tell you is that spending 20 bucks on a new fitness outfit will boost your motivation just as much, and about as long as joining a gym. One cannot buy passion for living a fitness lifestyle. Let me assure you that many people who are in great shape, that thinks fitness centers are a joke. The model for Bally's health club got in shape for that commercial by running bleachers at a track. He had never worked out at Bally's. Very rarely will a professional athlete go to a health club to work out. To get the benefits one just needs the motivation and determination to benefit from workouts.


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