1998 Edition of the Christian Term Paper

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As with any relationship conflict, both sides have valid points.

Whitmore's article proves that cross-cultural relationships are always too intricate and complex to draw simple solutions. Both sides of the conflict share an equal responsibility to the Iraqi people and both sides are incorrect in assuming they have the moral high ground. In any complex relationship, especially one involving whole nations and the world at large, oversimplification is dangerous. The United Nations conflict over the Iraqi sanctions illustrates the need for mutual understanding, third-party mediation, and a willingness to embrace compromise. Now that Iraq has been invaded, the United Nations still faces a major conflict between that nation's future government and that of the United States.

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Term Paper on 1998 Edition of the Christian Assignment

Whitmore, Todd David. "An Occasion of Sin: Economic sanctions against Iraq continue to cause conflict between the United Nations and Saddam Hussain." The Christian Century. 2 Dec. 1998. Find Articles. 15 Apr 2003. http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m1058/33_115/53390004/p1/article.jhtml?term=%22united+nations%22+conflict
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