2003 Annual Report Global Terrorism Case Study

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The integration of all information and reports of terrorism can provided a vivid picture of perceived terror threats. The analytical and statistical tools should be developed to counter the terrorism threats. The complete integration of all intelligence information provides an opportunity for essential defense mechanism.The rigorous review of the databases, information systems, procedures, interagency process, methodology, criteria, and definitions used to compile international terrorism statistics is required.

Issues and implications for the organization:

The major issues faced by the department are in terms of upgrading the operating mechanism and system developed to integrate information. TTIC requires a complete restricting of its organizational and system infrastructure (French, & Gootzit, 2011). The development of networks and software to receive intelligence information is required to create a clear threat perception. The existing system is working on already developed mechanism. It should be updated with the latest counterterrorism strategies. The tools and software required to analyze the statistical data is also inappropriate. Usage of a global terrorism and data sharing is required to increase performance (Lum, Haberfeld, Fachner, & Lieberman, 2011).

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The implications of inappropriate systems and operating procedures can be observed in two unique directions. The first dimension of the implications is in terms of losing trust in national defense and counterterrorism procedures. The national infrastructure is not functioning on acceptable standards despite having the availability of technology can create a massive concern in normal public. The second important implication of the inappropriate functioning of the system is in terms of various perceived threats to be treated as important while carrying a low vulnerability value. At the same time the real threats of terror attacks can be underestimated and provide room for conducting these activities to terrorists.


Case Study on 2003 Annual Report Global Terrorism: Assignment

The failures of information system and IT are not only observed in terms of their inability to perform actual operations. The systems developed to facilitate the required operations should be emphasized. It is possible for the government agencies to follow the traditional bureaucratic procedures followed throughout since inception. It is a dire requirement for the government and defense agencies to conduct detailed audits of their existing systems and resolve issues found present in the existing systems. The information systems architecture and systems developed to perform operations should be updated in accordance with the latest requirements. The performance of the national and global defense mechanisms should be reviewed according to actual events.

The databasesystems and information technology tools used to connect various government networks are not in line with the latest requirements. It is required to develop a comprehensive database for homeland security. The information systems capabilities can also be enhanced to perform in accordance with the latest requirements. The operating procedures should be clearly defined and cater the requirements of information sharing and threat perception. The intelligence and defense agencies should be governed in transparent and modern grounds. An appropriate system for governance and reliability should also be developed to cater needs of the modern terrorist threats. The interagency process should be clearly defined to cater and integrated effect for terrorism perception and counterterrorism requirements.

The methodology and criteria adopted to classify events of terrorism should be developed and shared throughout agencies. The agencies should adopt the developed methodology in order to integrate information and across agency sharing is possible. The definitions used to compile international terrorism statistics is required to be updated and shared across the globe. The sharing of information should also base on the newly developed methodology. The management auditing and designation of responsibility is also one of the major requirements for agencies.


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