2010 National Security Strategy Assessment

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National Security Strategy

Over the last ten years, the U.S. has been actively involved in a war against Islamic terrorism. In many cases, this has led to military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. To deal with these challenges, the White House has introduced a comprehensive national security strategy. To fully understand what is taking place requires looking at the strategy for advancing peace, security and opportunity in the Middle East. Together, these elements will highlight how the federal government is addressing these challenges and what issues they need to consider in the future. ("National Security Strategy," 2010)

What is the key to advancing peace, security, and opportunity in the Middle East?

The biggest keys to advancing peace, security and opportunity are to use an approach that will address the political issues (i.e. The Arab -- Israeli conflict). In the past, the nation's support for Israel has been seen as a blank check of encouraging Israeli activities. This has created tension in the Arab world, who views the U.S. As bully and hypocrite. To deal with these challenges, the U.S. should tell Israel to stop with certain activities (i.e. settlement building). If there was a serious commitment on this and issues, it would lead to better relations with various groups inside the Arab world.

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At the same time, there must be an emphasis on having the U.S. understand the issues that are most important to Israelis most notably: security guarantees and the right to exist. This requires that U.S. works actively with its partners to create a workable solution that will address the needs of both sides. This is how the U.S. can be able to deal with the root causes of the problem that are helping to promote Islamic extremism. ("National Security Strategy," 2010)

Assessment on 2010 National Security Strategy Assignment

Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than the U.S. National Security Strategy which says, "The United States seeks… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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