20th Century Fashion and Designers Term Paper

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The new century began with a continuation of art nouveau influence in fashion and as skirts swirled around the feet of women forming in fans like bell flowers, so did the hats swirl and swoop around the head." But she also notes that hats of the time favored "lavish brims" and "flora, ribbon rosettes, or plumage." To support the large hats, extensive hair supports, consisting of braids, or even collected excess hair, had to be constructed.

As Maginnis notes, men at the turn of the twentieth century looked to the style of the "Arrow Shirt Man" drawn by J.C. Leyendecker. Leyendecker was a German immigrant who trained as an illustrator at the Chicago art institute. Vadeboncoeur claims that, "The Arrow Collar Man was the counterpoint of The Gibson Girl and was one of the most successful advertising images in history. It turned Arrow into the largest collar/shirt brand in America." The "Arrow Shirt Man" wore colorful shirts, hard white tubular collars, and sport jackets.

The "Arrow Shirt Man." Image courtesy of Costumes.org.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on 20th Century Fashion and Designers Assignment

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