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These changes have benefited workers in many cases as increased managerial discretion has been used to improve the quality of employment opportunities and relationships available to the American workforce, in other words, to create mutual gains for workers and shareholders alike (Kaysen 263).


We may never know the fate of Jimmy Hoffa, but it is easy enough to discern a winner from a loser when it comes to labor movements in the United States during the 20th century. Although labor was horsewhipped during the final rounds, the American worker still emerged from the fight a clear and overwhelming winner. Despite the scandals and Taft-Hartley, the fact remains that almost all American workers enjoy a wide range of important protections both in terms of employment and workplace safety practices that simply did not exist when the 20th century began; in fact, by the time the clock struck the close the 20th century, Americans workers were probably able to take more workplace protections for granted than most other workers in the world ever had in the first place. All in all, it was not even close: labor came out a bloodied but still powerful fighter for the American worker in general and union members in particular.

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