2nd Continental Congress Essay

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In such a setting, it became virtually impossible to modify the Articles, since all members could not agree.

Last, the final weakness of the Articles of Confederation is represented by an expansion of the previous limitation, in the meaning that the Congress had the power to create new laws, but could only enforce them upon receiving a majority of 9 votes out of 13 (Kelly).

Having recognized the shortages of the Articles of Confederation, representatives of the U.S. states met up to adjust the Articles. However, the delegates ended up creating a new document that would better address the issues identified within the United States. The Constitutional Convention was as such formed from educated men, better educated than the average American citizens, and most of them had a strong background by having fought in the American Revolution.

These men shared common visions and the intellectual capacity to see them implemented, but they also encountered differences in beliefs and perceptions. They nevertheless formed the Constitutions, which remains through today, the cornerstone of the American society.

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In terms of the specific makeup of the framers of the Constitution, these include, it has to be noted that some of the more notable representatives include George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton or Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson did not attend the Convention, having then been delegated as ambassador in France; upon return, he revealed some concerns regarding specific elements in the Constitution.

The priorities of the delegates in the Constitutional Convention were multiple and the delegates emphasized most on the issues in which they believed the most. Some for instance placed an increased emphasis on education, whereas others focused on slavery, the rights to vote, the extent of the power of the government, the individuality of the states, the committee to be advising the president or the freedom of the press.

Essay on 2nd Continental Congress Attempted to Assignment

Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Antifederalists and he militated for the rights of the state, whereas the Federalist, led by Alexander Hamilton, militated for more rights for the government. Thomas Jefferson envisioned a country led by a rather weak government, with the primary concern of representing the United States in foreign affairs; Jefferson's ideal was that of creating an agrarian country, based on production and power of the people.

On the other hand, the approach implemented by Hamilton envisioned a strong government, which became involved in all state affairs, both within the country as well as in its international relationships. The government envisioned by Hamilton would run on principles of efficiency and effectiveness and would focus on economic growth through industrial stimulation and commercial activity (Country Studies).

Thomas Jefferson would eventually become the third president of the United States, but this was not until 1801. Meanwhile, Hamilton served as the First Secretary of the State until 1795, in the office of George Washington and John Adams. The measures implemented by Hamilton have long lasting effects in the future of the United States, two important examples being revealed at the level of commercial activity focus and debt management. For instance, while other Founding Fathers militated for the repayment of the national debt, Hamilton redistributed the debt and stimulated the growth of the banking sector; today, the American national debt is at its peak. Then, in terms of commercial activity, Hamilton neglected the agricultural field as a reliable source of economic growth and as such decreased the country's prospects for agricultural production, employment and revenues in the sector. Today, agriculture only generates 1.2 per cent of the GDP and employs 0.7 per cent of the population (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). The United States is now short of this economic activity and is growing more and more dependent on imports.


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