8th Grade Science Project From Niagara Falls Essay

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¶ … 8th Grade Science Project

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From Niagara Falls in America to Victoria Falls in Africa, some of the world's most famous natural wonders are waterfalls. When a flowing river erodes the soft rock of a streambed, this process can create a shelf of hard rock that does not erode. This erosion forces the water to flow over the shelf and fall downward with the force of gravity, and this is known as a waterfall. As time passes, the waterfall's impact on the soil and rock underneath it causes even more erosion, as silt and sand swirls around and breaks the ground up. Over time, a waterfall becomes longer and longer because the ground underneath it is being broken up and washed away. While waterfalls can be found in nearly every ecosystem on planet Earth, from the rainforests to arctic glaciers, the most common setting for waterfalls to exist naturally is the mountains (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012). The upper reaches of mountain ranges are known to be areas of high precipitation, with snow and rain falling from the nearby clouds, and whenever rain falls the water that results immediately begins to flow downhill. Mountain regions with constant rainfall and snowfall, like those found in the Andes of South America, are home to many of world's most impressive waterfalls. In fact, the world's largest and longest waterfall is the 3,212 ft. Angel Falls in Venezeula, which is created by the area's long rainy season and the especially tall peaks of the Andes Mountains (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012).

Essay on 8th Grade Science Project From Niagara Falls Assignment

A science project to recreate the action of a mountain waterfall can be created with a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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