AB City Services Marketing Plan Company Marketing Plan

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AB City Services Marketing Plan

Company Overview

AB City Service (City Service) provides facility management as well as integrated utility services. It is a holding company and it offers engineering systems management and repairs, facility management, process administration, management of energy resources, renovation, territory cleaning services, security and debt administration as well as audits of energy and technical aspects of buildings. The company's operations are in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Spain, Latvia and Lithuania. The company's headquarters are in Vilnius, Lithuania. It has about 5,137 employees on its payroll (AB City Service, 2015).

The company's revenues increased by 21.1% in the financial year ended Dec. 2014 to LTL 625.9 million (approx. $241.9 million). The operating profit of the company was LTL 30.8 million (approximately $11.9 million) which is a drop of 14% corresponding to profit figures of same period in 2013. The net profit of the company was LTL 21.1 million (approx. $8.2 million in the 2014 financial year that is a drop of 16.3% on the figures of the previous year (AB City Service, 2015).

Macro Economic Analysis

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A key component of the macro-analysis comprises of the technological, social, economic and political environment in which the company operates. Vital to the situation analysis is a good understanding of the political environment. Given the jurisdiction of its location, the company's functions are guided by the legislation promulgated in Lithuania. The government has control over these laws and regulations. The decisions made by the government affect various aspects of the environment including the economic environment (AB City Service; Kirssi, 2014).

Following the financial crisis that set in, in 2008, Europe's economic atmosphere is not as vibrant as it was before. The crisis did have an effect on Lithuania and its unemployment rates are among the highest on the continent. This has a direct effect on the population's purchasing power. The company is however lucky that it draws its customers from several nations in Europe and is not entirely dependent on one country (Kirssi, 2014; Kemppainen, 2013).

Marketing Plan on AB City Services Marketing Plan Company Overview Assignment

The company operates in several cities and nations that have a wide range of demographics. However, the customer base is mainly the urban population and in the areas it operates, the company services 60% of the population.

Technology has proven vital for the company for without technology the operations of the company would be paralyzed since communication with customers in the countries it operates would be near impossible. The internet has allowed the company to take advantage of new marketing channels and do so cost efficiently (Kirssi, 2014).

Target Markets

4P's Marketing Mix


The company now offers a number of utility services in the real estate sector. It is in a constant search of new facilities. Size or type of facility is not that much of a consideration, though. There are several services available to its clients: engineering systems management and repairs, facility management process administration, management of energy resources, renovation, territory cleaning services, security and debt administration as well as audits of energy and technical aspects of buildings. The combination of services chosen by the companies often varies from company to company (AB City Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014).


The specific variables in every kind of real estate business the company services make the prices of the services offered to vary. Many variables account for the discrepancies in the prices. Some of them are the facility condition as well as the equipment level to be employed and the duration of the project (AB City Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014).


The company employs direct distribution channels. Since most of the customers get their information from the web, many inquiries are by phone or email. The offices of the company are open 6 days every week and the company welcomes personal visits by clients, in the event, they wish to do so (AB City Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014). All the services offered by the company are aptly described on the company's website and their availability. The calendars are usually updated so that the clients get proper information. The language options on the website cater to the mix of clients in the regions of operation and hence are Russian, Spanish, Finnish and English (AB City Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014).


Given that a majority of the local population is internet savvy, the company should take advantage of online marketing. It is very cost effective and the reach is wide and instant (AB city Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014).

Main Goals

The Company's long-term goals is developing its European market and giving more attention to integrated utility services. Meanwhile in the short-term, the company is aiming to acquire good state-owned and private companies. The acquisitions will be restructured so that their operations are in tandem with those of the parent company in order to maintain and improve quality and profitability (Cityservice, n.d).

STP Analysis

The current market segmentation by City Service Group is nationwise only and so it is based on geographic segmentation. The languages being used to communicate with customers are Russian, Spanish, Finnish and English. The languages are a representation of the core customer base of the company. The company's marketing is however not targeted at any specific country because of the homogeneity of the customer base. For this marketing strategy, Russia, Poland and Lithuania were noted as desired market segments (Kirssi, 2014 Jenster & Solberg Soilen, 2009). City Service Group already has a grounded client base but there are realistic goals to have it expanded. Presently, a majority of the customers originate from the same demographics: the middle aged, families with small children and pensioners. Further, people aged between 25 and 54-65 form the biggest customer base in Russia, Poland and Lithuania. Many types of real estate agencies operate in the nations serviced by the company. The company should establish its position in these markets through various means like entering into partnership agreements with the major players in these markets; that way, they should be able to become competitive. A customer satisfactory survey revealed that most of the customers of the company prefer it to the other company's offering the same services. This is a favorable position in the minds of the customers (AB City Service, 2015; Kirssi, 2014).

Measuring Goals

Website Analytics

Website analytics will help the company know the source of their leads and the ones that are most likely to buy their services. Quality of the traffic is more important than the quantity. Some of the people visiting the site are buyer traffic while others just come to "window shop." Google Analytics is one tool that helps analyze such details (Google, n.d.).


Conversions represent the percentage of prospective customers that see the offers of the company and actually make a purchase or take an action desired by the company like sign up for their newsletter. Cost effectiveness can be easily gauged by looking at the conversion rates (Google, n.d.).

Phone Number Tracking

The use of specific phone numbers in ad campaigns allows the company to track the performance of these campaigns. Online marketing becomes efficient with such convenient tools. Services like AdWords call metrics make this possible (Google, n.d).

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages on the website that the company sends its visitors so that they are prompted to take a certain action. Landing pages allow for the customization of messages and the ability to track the performance of the programs (Google, n.d).

SWOT analysis


Expertise of the personnel

Having the customers served in various languages

A price level that is competitive

A variety of offers

A wide client base

Offering utility services in varied locations


A large customer group

Personnel spread thin across the rentals

Brand is not popular internationally

Averagely planned and implemented marketing


Room to expand clientele

Presence of new partners to co-operate with Expand operations by increasing personnel and getting new office space increase international visibility


Economic crisis lowered purchasing power of the population

Actions of the competitors

Actions of partners

New competition entering the market


A notable strength of the company is its highly skilled and trained personnel. They are very much aware of the areas in the field and their locations and so they are much capable of telling the customers about the various amenities available. Because of the language skills they possess, customers from various locations can be adequately served. Another advantage is that its pricing is competitive even though it caters to a diversified clientele. Given the wide offerings of the company, this is a big competitive advantage. The many options offered by the company allow the customers a variety of choices across several price levels. This is huge because even without acquiring new clients, the company is sure to make a profit from its existing clientele (Kirssi, 2014).


AB City Services has a wide target group because of the nature of the country-based targeting. Marketing effectiveness is hard to achieve under these circumstances. The marketing strategy lacks incisiveness and is more generalized rather than being… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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