Ability to Study of Human Term Paper

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The audience is now awake and definitely waiting for more information. Their interest in the topic is further increased by adding mystery element to it: "people are afraid of the information we will find, they will keep us from finding it." The author's style is simple yet highly effective. He doesn't let the audience get lost in the ambiguity of scientific terminologies. He uses simple language to make his audience feel comfortable in his presence. He wants to them to be able to relate to him and therefore in paragraph 13, he cashes in on their emotions when he says: "I am a concerned parent for whom things have not gone completely right."

Through the essay he focuses more on why Human Genome project must be supported and less on what exactly it is. It is the 'why' question that he keeps his attention focused on. He tries to convince his audience why they need to know about human genome. There are numerous instances, which tell us that 'why' is indeed important to the author and his audience. Since health is a major issue of concern with most Americans, the author declares that learning more about human genome is crucial to "improve American health." He then goes to explain how DNA examination can help in eradication of diseases and minimize "terrible human affliction."

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Watson is also aware of the audience's fears. He knows that his audience is scared of too much intrusion in their lives and therefore develops a tactic to address them. He tries to create a direct link with his audience when he addresses their fears and reassures them that he too believes that no one "should have access to anyone else's DNA fingerprints."

Term Paper on Ability to Study of Human Assignment

In the end, he reiterates his thesis and again makes his purpose and stance absolutely clear. The audience is reminded of the core purpose of the essay in the last paragraph when Watson says: "We have to convince our fellow citizens somehow that there will be more advantages to knowing the human genome than not knowing it." this helps in leaving a lasting impact and the audience leaves with a clear idea of what the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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