Ableism, as Every Author We Have Read Essay

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Ableism, as every author we have read who explicitly addresses the issue has defined it, is just like sexism or racism in that it is an underlying social and cultural system of prejudice that limits or prevents access to various parts of society-based to a select subset of the population. Specifically, ableism refers to the notion that no-disabled life is the "normal" mode of living, with disabled persons being substandard. This results in the design of society in ways that are physically, cognitively, and behaviorally prohibitive to disabled individuals. This is a hugely important matter of consideration for educators due to the ethical -- and legal -- mandate for everyone to receive a free and appropriate education. Minority inclusion, whatever the basis of an individual's minority status in a given perspective, must be a paramount feature of any educational plan at any level of instruction and/or administration.

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TOPIC: Essay on Ableism, as Every Author We Have Read Assignment

Any term that denotes difference will necessarily connote a type of hierarchy -- this is the natural and automatic human drive to classify at work. At the same time, given the unique needs of many students with disabilities, it would be unreasonable and impractical to abolish all linguistic differentiation of this subset of students. The terms "disabled" and "atypically abled" both imply a difference; though the first can be seen as having a more negative connotation, the second does not eradicate the issue of a marked difference. The word "atypical" still places those classified with this term in a category explicitly other than "normal." Truly, even in broad policy discussions, it is the recognition of these students as individuals rather than a classified and unified group that is important. References to "students with different learning needs" would reinforce… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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