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[. . .] The guideline describes the best and most appropriate treatments available to patients with schizophrenia, including psychopharmacological treatments, ECT, and psychosocial and community interventions. It delineates the process of treatment planning and identifies areas in which research may improve our understanding and management of this condition. This guideline will also help managed care organizations develop more scientifically based and clinically sensitive criteria for the utilization and reimbursement of psychiatric services."

Nonetheless, some people are not exceedingly comforted by available treatments or may too hastily discontinue treatment in view of obnoxious side effects or other reasons. Even when treatment is potent, unrelenting aftereffect of the disorder results in, missed opportunities, disrepute, residual symptoms, and drugs side effects which may be very distressing. The initial signs of schizophrenia generally appear as puzzling, or even appalling, alteration in behavior. Coping with the symptoms of schizophrenia can be distinctively strenuous for family members who reminisce how involved or lively a person was prior to he became sick.

Most psychiatrists today believe that the above -- genetic predisposition, environmental factors such as viral infection, stressors from the environment such as poverty and emotional or physical abuse -- form a constellation of "stress factors" that should be taken into account in understanding schizophrenia."

People with schizophrenia may have cognition of actuality that is eminently distinct from the truth seen and understood by others around them. Existing in a world askew by aberrations and delusions, people with schizophrenia may feel apprehensive, distressed, and perplexed. In part by reason of the peculiar realities they encounter, people with schizophrenia may act very contrarily at numerous times. Occasionally they may appear far away, cut off, or absorbed and may even sit as stiffly as a stone, not moving for hours or vocalizing a sound.

For the vast majority of persons with schizophrenia, the future is bright with optimism -- new and more effective medications are on the horizon, neuroscientists are learning more and more about the function of the brain and how it goes awry in schizophrenia, and psychosocial rehabilitation programs are increasingly successful in restoring functioning and quality of life."

The present state of information does not permit for an adequately precise foretelling of long-term result for this disease. Bestowed the confusion of schizophrenia, the primary questions in regard to this disorder, its basis, avoidance, and handling need to be addressed with exploration and research. In spite of the fact that advancement has been made in the direction of better understanding and treatment of schizophrenia, continued investigation is urgently required for a lasting solution.

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