Abnormal Psychology Within Any Society Throughout History Thesis

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Abnormal Psychology

Within any society throughout history, there have been an accepted set of rules and behaviors. Also within every society are those individuals who break those rules and present abnormal behaviors based on deep rooted psychological issues. The history of the scientific discipline of abnormal psychology began with mysticism and religious treatments of such behaviors. However, this was eventually morphed into a scientific discipline through recognizing and studying the various patterns within general categories of abnormal behaviors. Since the onset of the Twentieth century, the scientific study and treatment of abnormal behaviors has been honed down to a variety of separate and individual disciplines that aim to diagnose, study, and treat disorders of abnormal psychology as a way to better the lives of the individuals who suffer from such psychological disorders.

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The era of Greek and Romans was a rich one for knowledge in general. It was during this time period that abnormal psychology began to unfold its roots within general human psychology. Greeks and Romans had identified and treated various psychological disorders including mania, dementia, delusions, and hallucinations (Comer 2006). These disorders still prevail within the field of abnormal psychology today. However the wave of knowledge ended as Europe returned into the Dark Ages. When this occurred, treatment for abnormal behaviors once again returned to mystic and religious practices such as exorcism, where "the idea was to coax the evil spirits to leave or to make the person's body an uncomfortable place in which to live," (Comer 2006:9). As the Western world slowly pulled itself out of the Dark Ages, real scientific inquiry once again surfaced as a way to treat an confront abnormal behaviors.

TOPIC: Thesis on Abnormal Psychology Within Any Society Throughout History, Assignment

During the Renaissance, scientists began to open up asylums to study and treat individuals exhibiting abnormal behavior. This slowly morphed into more and more diversified treatments for various types… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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