Abnormal Psychology Many Women Essay

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This lingering anxiety may have an effect on the clinicians' behavior towards the patients and even other people in they are in contact with in their daily practice. This anxiety may also affect how effective these clinicians are in their work.

First the lingering anxiety affects how the clinicians relate and behave towards the patients and people around them. They tend to develop a withdrawal behavior towards other patients and other people in general. They will tend to live a sedentary lifestyle with fear of recurrent attacks by patients taking place. So they will tend to withdraw themselves and associate less with the patients and other people since they fear being attacked again. The clinicians may also turn to the use of stimulants and other substance with the intention of calming themselves down as a means of dealing with the fear of being attacked again. They may even fail to get adequate sleep as they tend to stay constantly awake trying to come up with ways and means they will use to protect themselves from any attack they might encounter (CalmClinic, 2012).

The clinicians generally loose their effectiveness in the job since they do not seem to concentrate in what they do at any particular time as they are always anxious and live in fear of facing another attack. They might even not go to work as they are always anxious that they may be attacked again. They will not take good care of the patients and only attend to them when extremely necessary otherwise they can send other people on their behalf as their anxiety overpowers them when it comes to their effectiveness in the work area.

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TOPIC: Essay on Abnormal Psychology Many Women Are Assignment

The old age comes with different feelings and expectations from those who are experiencing it. The old age is perceived as a time to rest and an opportunity to do things that an individual was not able to do previously as they were pursuing their careers. With old age comes the inability to take part in some cherished activities which can take a heavy toll on the emotional well-being of an aging person. Aging might lead to the development of depression and other psychological problems. They may develop chronic depression that has both physical and mental consequences. The aging people may develop feelings of hopelessness and isolation that might lead to bad thoughts such as suicide especially if they are confined in nursing homes or have been diagnosed with chronic diseases. The older adult also have a sense of loss f control over their life due to the physical changes that they go through that will give rise to negative emotions and eventual depression (American Psychological Association,2012).

Aging is an inevitable part of life which should not necessarily come with depression and other psychological problems. Therefore as an individual enters old age, they might develop certain attitudes, perceptions, preparations and other general activities that can enable them to embrace their old age with a peace of mind and also anticipate the old age in a positive way. They should seek the advice of a physician in order to make dietary changes that will help them maintain their healthy self. They should also consult when they want to undertake any new activity that can stress their stamina. They should also be counseled on the changes that come with old age so that when old age sets in they might not be taken aback by these changes rather embrace them and hence reduce any chance of them getting depressed. They should also change how their bad perception of old age and to look at the opportunities that come with it such as the chance to take care of their families and even take a rest from their previous busy life when they used to work.


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