Abortion Debate Pros and Cons Research Paper

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Studies indicate that "emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive" (Pourezza & Batebi, 2011).

This is not a religious issue, but a woman's issue. It has to do with emotional and physical well-being, and a woman's personal belief in her ability to care fore a child at that particular time (Balogh, 2009).

A man cannot understand the experiences that a woman goes through during pregnancy (Pickering, 2003). The fact is that most legislators are men, and they cannot adequately express what it is for an unprepared woman to endure a pregnancy.

It is better for the child if the mother wants to take a pregnancy full term rather than being forced to carry a child full term.

Women who have been raped, faced incest or have been molested in some other fashion should not be required to carry a child which will remind them of the situation. The psychological damage due to this will carry more weight than if she aborted the pregnancy (Pourezza & Batebi, 2011).

It is the law of the United States that a woman has a constitutional right to privacy given by the 14th Amendment. This was upheld in a majority vote of the Supreme Court in the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973. The law has not changed.

Women are more likely to die from the procedure if abortions are deemed illegal and they use illicit means to obtain one.

Abortion Cons:

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From a women's health perspective: Researchers in one research study found that 48.7% of women experienced an eating disorder, 60.5% depression, 43.7% decreased self-esteem, and 37.5% guilt (Pourezza & Batebi, 2011).

The child has no "choice" in the matter (Balogh, 2009).

The mother's choice is said to end when she makes the decision to have sex whether that sex is protected or not. The unreliability of condoms and other methods of pregnancy prevention are well documented (Gavriluta, 2010).

Research Paper on Abortion Debate Pros and Cons Assignment

The life is not the mother's to take. Each life is sacred no matter what circumstances it is currently undergoing (Pickering, 2003).

Allowing abortion cheapens life as a whole. It is a slippery slope which has no known end. If the evil of abortion continues, what is to stop the courts or legislators from taking away a debilitated (mentally or otherwise disabled, elderly, chronically ill) person's right to make their own decisions regarding end-of-life. It becomes a bureaucratic decision.

Women have been known to die from the procedure.


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