Abortion the Issue of Late-Term Abortions Term Paper

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The issue of late-term abortions has been widely contested, and has yet to receive a consistent resolution. Pro-lifers find such a procedure an abhorrence, whereas those in favor of allowing a woman the choice to do with her body as she pleases generally seem to support this measure. This issue becomes most controversial, it seems, in the case in which the fetus that is potentially aborted (or in many cases actually is aborted) becomes viable. In this specific instance, when such a fetus becomes viable, it becomes clear that this procedure is akin to killing babies. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that viability in fetuses is an extremely subjective term, and one in which clear boundaries or definitions are not established. Therefore, while killing viable fetuses is a form of child murder, it is difficult to discern just when this process occurs in the stage of development of the purported child.

However, it would be premature to come to the conclusion that every last late-term abortion should be outlawed because a percentage of them involve the killing of viable fetuses. In instances in which the life of the mother is threatened, for example, late-term abortions become a morally defensible operation for the simple fact that not performing such an action is in essence condoning the murder of the mother. It is always difficult to place a value judgment on life, but the mother should have the right to choose whether or not she lives or dies due to childbirth -- especially since she can choose.

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The question of morality is difficult when it comes to comparing late term abortions to earlier term abortions. Many people find the latter operations more moral for the simple fact that the fetus is not yet viable and is in a stage of life so rudimentary that it cannot rightfully even be considered alive. Most people find later term abortions less moral since they may involve a viable fetus.

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