Abortion: Pro-Choice Research Paper

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It is better if abortion remains legal since it ensures that women can undergo abortions in safe environments.

Abortion is unacceptable in many religious organizations. It is deemed wrong and immoral. Religious organizations have joined in the debate against abortion, and they want the practice eliminated. They do not realize that if this is done it would discriminate against all women and not just women within their religion. A person should not thrust their personal or religious belief unto others. If that happens, then it is wrong and obnoxious. People have a right and free will to decide on whether to bear a child. It is only the woman's morals that should affect and influence the choice she makes.

Public health improvement

Legalization of abortion led to a gradual decline of complication resulting from illegal abortions. The number of women hospitalized because of complications after an illegal abortion declined. This shows that even when abortion was illegal, women still made a choice in whether to abort or keep a pregnancy. In the Public health domain, the legalization of abortion resulted in fewer cases of hospitalization and deaths from illegal abortions. When abortion was illegal, women sought to abort when they were around 13 weeks pregnant. With the legalization of abortion, women prefer to abort when they are eight weeks or earlier. Having an abortion during the earlier stages is much safer and poses less risk to the woman. Yanow, 2013()

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Before the legalization of abortion, gynecology and obstetrics training did not include abortion methods and procedures. Since abortion was illegal, training on the safe methods of performing an abortion was not included in the syllabus for the physicians. Physicians were able to learn how to manage the complications associated with abortion Bartlett et al., 2004.

Research Paper on Abortion: Pro-Choice Assignment

This provided them with the necessary skills and training. With improved training, there was a considerable reduction in abortion related mortality and morbidity. The training also allowed the physicians to develop effective methods of conducting an abortion. Legalization of abortion enabled physicians to share information and conduct research on methods of safer abortion procedures. Currently a woman is less likely to die from a legal abortion due to the training physicians undergo. These trainings are only possible since abortion is legal.

Reduction in the world's population

It is estimated that 43% of women will have aborted once before they reach 45 years of age. 43 million abortions occur every year according to worldwide estimates. The current population issue would double if these abortions did not occur. The number of natural resources available in the world is limited, and it is vital that people conduct family planning practices, but these practices are not 100% effective. If a woman discovers they have become pregnant and they were not prepared, they should be allowed to terminate the pregnancy. This termination will ensure that the world does not become too over populated. In a strange and twisted way, abortion is beneficial to the world's population. In assisting to reduce the population, abortion should remain legal, and the opponents need to see the benefits of abortion. Considering the number of abortions that occur every year, one can clearly see that the world's population would increase tremendously, and this would put a strain on the few resources available. It is vital that humans conserve the few resources, and one way of conserving the resources is through population reduction. The abortions that occur every year ensure that there are fewer children brought into this world.

Pro-life arguments refuted

Pro-life groups have argued that abortion can harm the mother Siegel, 2008.

This is less likely to occur with the advancement in medical technology. The only way a mother is at risk from abortion is if they undergo an illegal abortion. Any abortion conducted by a professional in a hospital environment is safe as a normal surgical procedure. According to Cates, Grimes, & Schulz, 2003()

, any legal abortion is not likely to result in complications or death for the woman. After the legalization of abortion, the amount of complications that women face has been reducing gradually. With continuous training, physicians are now capable of conducting safer abortions that was possible 30 years ago. With the advancement in medical technology, and introduction of abortion training, physicians are now able to perform abortions safely. The argument that the mother's life is at risk is only applicable if the abortion is conducted by an untrained physician or in unsafe conditions.

Once a woman undergoes an abortion, they might lose their ability to give birth, but this would only happen if the woman faces complications during the abortion and the woman's uterus was infected. This is a scenario that would only be possible if the physician is untrained or if the abortion is not legal. A woman who is willing and prepared to undergo an abortion will still perform the abortion irrespective of the conditions. It is safer if a woman can abort in a safe environment, instead of forcing her to abort using unsafe methods and conditions.

Another argument regards post-traumatic stress. Pro-life groups have indicated that women will regret their decision after the abortion. This will result in depression and other stress related complications. The effects of abortion on the majority of women are different. The women who chose to abort, do so after careful analysis and consideration. Therefore, the likelihood of them suffering from stress related sicknesses after the abortion are minimal. This argument is presented to discourage women from exercising their choice in regards to abortion. Trying to discourage women by playing on their sensitive nature will discourage some since they do not want to regret later. Avalos (2003)

posits that women feel a sigh of relief after their abortion. The twenty women that participated in the study had no regrets, and they were happier after the abortion. The women indicated that if they had kept the child, their lives would be currently different. The child would have affected their relationships, and work, which would have caused more stress on the women.

From the women's narratives, the researcher was able to deduce that the women did not suffer from any stress related ailments. This proves that the argument by the Pro-life group has no conclusive basis. The women from the study indicated that they were in a much better position relationship wise after the abortion. Their relationships blossomed and some are thinking of having children in the future. If the women had suffered any post-traumatic disorders, they would not consider having children in the future, and their relationships would have failed. From the research, one woman stated that her relationship was affected after the abortion, and it was only because the man was not prepared to accept her choice. Another woman has had two abortions, and in both instances, she came out unscathed physically and emotionally.

Anti-abortion proponents have claimed that women are now using abortion for birth control. They claim that women are not using any other forms of birth control, and when the woman becomes pregnant, they opt for abortion. There are many family planning clinics that advice women on the reliable birth control methods. Whenever a woman visits a clinic and requests for abortion, the physicians recommend the woman to undergo counseling. During the counseling session, the counselors will inform the women that abortion is not a birth control method. When women were asked if they would use abortion for birth control, majority of them responded in the negative. The women who choose abortion have thought of their decision and analyzed their options Soutoul, 1980.

This demonstrates that the women are not using abortion as a birth control method. Logically speaking no woman prefers to undergo abortion, and they only opt for it as a last resort. Claiming that abortion is used for birth control is irresponsive of the pro-lifers. This demonstrates that they will use any argument without any basis to promote their stand. Analyzing the number of women who use birth control methods, it is clear that the women who undergo abortions only do so after their birth control method fails. This is not to mean that the woman use abortion as one of the methods, but rather she aborts after the birth control method she was using failed. The decision for terminating a pregnancy is not an easy one for any woman. They need to make this decision after analyzing all their options and conditions. Assuming that the women are deciding to have abortions before they are pregnant is an idea that no woman can entertain.

Instead of abortion, the women can put their children up for adoption. This viable option would benefit other couples who are struggling to get children. Adoption will be beneficial to both the woman and the couple, and this would not involve any loss of life or risks associated with abortion. This argument is hard to counter, especially analyzing that it is true, and it would be beneficial to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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