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Abortion - Pro-Life

Why Abortions Should be Illegal

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, (1973), which made abortion legal in the United States, the issue has been at the center of heated public debate. More than thirty years later, the controversy about abortion is still a hot topic. In this essay, I shall argue why abortion should be made illegal by refuting some of the pro-abortionist arguments and outline the current legal status of the controversial 'partial-birth abortion' issue.

It is often argued by supporters of abortion that when an unwanted pregnancy is aborted, the fetus is just a blob of tissue which cannot be considered a living being. Science tells us a different story. The baby has a beating heart, tiny little fingers and toes by just 18 days after fertilization. Most abortions are performed after nine weeks of pregnancy. By that time the baby is a distinct and unique human being who has a right to life just as any other living person.

Another oft-repeated pro-abortion argument is that a woman has a right of control over her own body and, therefore, should have the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. This line of argument further suggests that making abortion illegal would be a violation of a fundamental right and a "freedom of choice." The answer to this argument is that one has the right of control over but only until such a right does not interfere with another's right. By terminating a pregnancy, a woman is ending the life of another human being which is the same as killing one's own child. Surely, no one should have such "freedom of choice." It has also been observed that most women who opt for abortion do not have accurate information about fetal development and about practical alternatives to abortion. It is believed that if women have such information available most of them would choose not to have an abortion.

The third pro-abortion argument is that the births of "unwanted" babies would only increase poverty and misery in the world and add to the social problems. Such an… [END OF PREVIEW]

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