Absolute Determinism Questions About Place Term Paper

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Nature of quanta behavior can be only explained by statistic regularities of a special Boze-Einstein statistics. All the processes which occur with quanta have random character so their behavior can not be predicted and regularities from classical mechanics can not be applied. Uncertainty principles of Heisenberg only proved the false of absolute determinism in the world of micro-particles. So if the absolute determinism can not be applied to physics of micro world it can not be applied to nature in general and can not postulate absolutism of dynamic processes according to Laplace's initial definition.

Making a conclusion I would like to say that Laplace's absolute determinism was a philosophical conclusion made on the base of existing contemporary knowledge of mathematics and mechanics:

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"Present events are connected with preceding ones by a tie based upon the evident principle that a thing cannot ocur without a cause which produces it. This axiom, known by the name of the principle of sufficient reason, extends even to actions which are considered indifferent..." (Laplas, 3 ) His desire to give mathematical explanation to all processes was inspired by the number of mechanical problems which where solved in the 17-18 centuries with the help of calculus and other mathematics methods. But even the contemporaries of Laplace argued that absolute determinism worked properly only in mechanics or while conducting experiments. In other cases it faced a lot of problems as the premises made on the base of absolute determinism laws often appeared to be false while solving classic philosophical problems. Nevertheless, Laplace's theory showed that world was more complicated than it seemed to be to philosophers and mathematicians and weak points in determinism theory of Laplace only opened the horizons for further research.


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