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[. . .] The strategic options that are laid in the market have significance when it comes to the general management and running of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. Therefore, the productivity in terms of profits and other accrued facets is a sign of the bargaining power of the buyers in the market. With the existence and dominance of completion in the market, there are many possibilities of relaying what could be best for the company. Therefore, the impact of the bargaining power of the customers is influential to the general avenues of production in the market.

The competitive advantage of the business by analyzing why some companies are or might outperform the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market

Several factors affect any organization right from the start to where the organization will probably end. There are mainly two types of factors as the internal and the external factors. Internal factors are those aspects of life that are within the organizational setting, either being the members or even the materials and the immediate environment of the organization. As analyzed in the SWOT analysis, internal factors as management, manpower, machinery, and materials will enable the organization to be strong in all of its undertakings and will thus gain maximum in its earnings. There will be good planning in and out of the organization, which will thus foster appropriate attainment of the objectives. Weaknesses within an organization will act to derail the organization's planning procedures and activities. Al-Amine (2012) confirms that

"… Islamic financial services is supply and demand and a shift in cultural trends and attitudes-…. There is a large population for whom these services are attractive…" (p. 69).

A weakness within the organization's members and strategies will automatically translate to weak and poor results that will not meet the expectations of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. On the other hand, external factors are factors that are not within the organizational setting. They are the macro and the micro factors. Macro factors are those that affect an organization directly and include political, environment, socio-cultural and the ecological factors. These factors will transform the planning of an organization if they are in a good perspective to the organization (Al-Amine 34-87). The microfactors as customers, competitors, suppliers and the public will also transform the planning of an organization if they are well incorporated into the planning system. Opportunities will incite planning in an organization and thus will enable it to attain all its objectives. In addition, threats will promote good planning in an organization.

Another factor that can be affected by the internal and the external factors is the organization of a particular organization. Organization refers to how the various structures and settings within a company are put together in such a way that they will cooperate with an aim of attaining a particular goal. External factors are actually part of the structures that make up an organization. Factors as labor, machinery, and money enable the coming up and the functioning of an organization. Factors as materials enable an organization to be built together and expanded even to greater heights. Good management of the external factors promotes the organization of a particular organization. An organization will thus be strong in its structures and strategies. However, under poor management, an organization will be weak in all of its plans and strategies that bring about the organization. Opportunities will enable an organization to go forward and thus attain its desired objectives. Also,

"Threats will enable an organization to be strong in order to come up with ways that will enable it overcome all the threats" (Major Companies of the Arab World, 1978/1979 67).

How three main level of strategy can help to achieve efficiency, innovation, and customer responsiveness and enable the firm to be complete effectively in the marketplace?

Functional level of strategy

The functional strategy has been used extensively in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. The management avenues relayed in the company have an innate capability to dwell within the agreed measures of productivity in the market. In order to ensure an equitable way of managing the available avenues of production in the market, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has expanded its functional level of strategy. The functional level strategy is relevant when it comes to the management of the entire aspects of growth and development in the society. In order to have an influential avenue of managing all the available resources in the market, it has become a strong value to have a genuine and productive functional level strategy. The entire effectives of the company and its measures of product laid upon the success of the functional levels of strategy (Maude 8). In many other avenues of production, there are many sectors of management that will ensure equitable management. The innovativeness of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has been boosted by the creativity in the functional level strategies in and out of the market. Customer responsiveness is given a greater aspect or significance when it comes to the management of the functional avenues in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market.

Business level of strategy

The business level of management of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market is under the strategic measures used in the general production avenues on the market. In order to cater for the visual and material innovativeness in the market, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has involved many business level strategies in the market. Competencies are a necessary body of values and value systems required for success within a structured government organization. As depicted above, it takes the efforts of the entire participants within an organization to exemplify and meet all the demands offered by human needs and wants as within an organization. In doing this, the organization will ascertain its capabilities of recruiting, selecting, and retaining its employees.

Team building: Team building brings about togetherness, objectivity, and equitable use of the organizational values and systems. It binds and enables the organization to retain workers. The structured government organization fosters and inspires workers, and any other individual into getting involved in the organizational strategies. It influences trust among employees and the subordinate staff. Moreover, it facilitates the equitable cooperation among corporate members in a bid to fulfill and meet all the demands of the organizational strategies. In doing this, the organization is put in a good position of retaining employees.

Accountability: accountability is a basic requirement in any organization. This facet acts as a tool of coordination among different workers working towards a common goal. The organization ensures that it fosters an environment that gives out every kind or resource needed for fulfillment of the organization's mission and goals. In doing this, it renders the organization to have all the potential of recruiting and retaining development-minded employees. It always ensures a good monitory of the progresses made by each individual in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. The organization holds itself accountably. Moreover, it treats all employees as accountable in making decisions, setting priorities, meeting individual and organizational interests, and determining individual and the general objectives of the organization. Besides that, the structured organization is always an example in becoming accountable to the organizational rules and regulations together with the codes of conduct. In doing this, it puts itself in a position of retaining and even attracting more employees and customers.

Customer service: the structured government organization treats customers as the main assets of the organization. It ensures that all the external and internal customers have their needs met within their point of requirement. In order to meet the requirements and needs of the workers, the structured organization ensures that quality products and services are attained. Moreover, equitable measures are put in place to secure a progressive growth and development of the organization for the customers. Objective delivery of customer services enhances the organization's capability to select, recruit, and retain customers and employees.

Problem solving: involves the act in pursuit to identify, analyze, and involve requisite individuals and techniques to meet each solution demanded by a problem. To manage this, there is an urgency to keep weighing and measuring rightful information, which could be beneficial to the organization and its daily challenges (Arnett 65). The structured government organization ensures that workers are able to seek, generate, discuss out, and implement necessary information within and outside the organization, and will serve to benefit the structured government organization. Mechanisms are put in place to ensure effective identification of problems, succinct research into them, derivation of possible solutions, and final solution of every problem one after the other. Moreover, equitable measures are put in place to curb further repetition of such problems. In doing this, the organization will succinctly sustain its employees.

Human capital management: human capital is as good as customers within an organization are. Normative measures are put in place to ensure that the Human capital [END OF PREVIEW]

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