Abundance and Distributional Variation Term Paper

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All of these dragonflies are common throughout North America, and in particular, around the Kanahawa State Forest.

Preliminary Results / General Observations

Over the whole time period, more dragonflies were seen at Site one (the lake) than at Site two (the stream). This tentatively supports hypothesis number one, which suggested that dragonflies were more likely to prefer standing water, rather than running water.

Further, as a general observation, more dragonflies were seen when it was hot than when conditions were bad, for example, rainy or grey, with no sun. Generally, more dragonflies were seen at 1200 and at 1700 than at the earlier observation time of 0800. This tentatively supports hypothesis two, which suggested that dragonflies were more likely to be seen when temperatures were high.

In addition, there were broad differences between the two sites in terms of the abundance of species: at site one, many species and many individuals of those species were seen; at site two, all of the species were also seen, but at far lower numbers than those present at site one.

The following Graphs and Tables show the data in more detail, and following these a more detailed Analysis section, and Conclusions section will conclude this research paper.

Data Collected

Analysis of the Data



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Term Paper on Abundance and Distributional Variation of Assignment

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