Term Paper: Abundant Elements That Occur

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[. . .] Carbohydrates are organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, with a typical ratio of 1:2:1, respectively; they tend to be polar; they are broken down during cellular respiration; and they provide most of the body's energy. Proteins, also organic compounds, consist of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen atoms; they include chains of amino acids, which in turn form strings of polypeptides; they are usually soluble in water, salt solutions, or in alcohol; they have a coiled structure; and they are the major structural and functional material of body cells. Lipids are fatty compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, with an abundance of carbon-hydrogen bonds; they are not water soluble; and their purpose is to store energy. Nucleic acids are complex organic compounds that store important information in cells; they contain phosphorous, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen; and they are mildly acidic. DNA and RNA are the most important types…

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