Abuses in Every System Essay

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If Apple were to take such a stand, then they could be applauded and FoxComm might change its practices. However, it is not Apple's responsibility to take on another company's practices. What Apple can do is say to FoxComm, if you don't change the way you treat your employees, we will take our business elsewhere, but it is not Apple's responsibility to do so at all.

3) The fruits of labor are enjoyed by all of society, even those workers who may be used in strenuous manners. As our text states, oftentimes it is how "justice is perceived" (p. 37) that brings about change. If FoxComm's actions are perceived in a negative manner, then pressure will be brought to bear through the workplace environment that will bring those actions to the forefront. The workplace is constantly changing, improving and enhancing society and individual lives. As the demand for certain products grows, so does the labor market for producing those products. Perceived justice in the developed countries is often different than the perceived justice in developing countries. As those developing countries continue their efforts to become 'developed' naturally practices change and improve with that development.

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The key is to adequately measure that improvement against the possibilities of abuse and misuse of employees. The positive aspects are that the undeveloped countries have the opportunity to improve their workforce and bring their society in line with the more developed countries. Comparing the negative aspects of that workforce enhancement will necessarily mean that organizational behaviors will come in to bear. When companies such as FoxComm overstep their boundaries by mistreating their employees, then other companies such as Apple can use their financial influence to change the manner in which the employees are treated.


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