Academic Integrity Thesis

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Education - Academic Dishonesty


Academic dishonesty is not new to the Information Age, but recent technological advances have changed the ways that students violate traditional rules of academic honesty. The Internet provides a much more efficient means of copying and pasting copyrighted material for dishonest submission as original work. The increased use of professional essay-writing companies is also attributable to increased Internet access.

Aside from plagiarism facilitated by the Internet medium, modern technology has also enabled students to cheat on in-class exams in ways never before possible. The increased incidence of academic dishonesty undermines the efforts of educators and academic institutions in addition to allowing cheating students unfair advantages over their classmates.

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Thesis on Academic Integrity Assignment

Plagiarism is the use of published ideas without the appropriate referencing of that information by the student. According to several recent studies, plagiarism is rampant on high school and college campuses for years (Innerst 1998). Even worse, many students believe their cheating is justified, partly because so many students do it that those who do not are at a disadvantage (Slobogin 2002). This is equally true at academic institutions with very high reputations as at lesser institutions (Boon 2003) and contrary to common assumptions, academic dishonesty is perpetrated as much by superior students as by average and below average students (MJS 2004). Anonymous student surveys indicate academic dishonesty rates as high as 50% at many schools (Boon 2003). The increased availability of compact information technology devices such as cell phones with Internet access and instant messaging corresponds to new methods of cheating during in-class exams. Recent reports from many different colleges and universities suggest that many students routinely use mobile devices to transmit and receive information during exams, in addition to more traditional methods of storing information on their cell phones and other electronic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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