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¶ … applicants to the School of Engineering:

Tell us how you decided that you wanted to study engineering, discussing relevant experiences or interests. What goals or interests do you hope to pursue as a Vanderbilt Engineering student?

I have a strong interest in earning a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering at Vanderbilt University, since, first I greatly enjoy and excel in mathematics and related subjects. I wish to become educated in engineering, a versatile field, and other subjects in order to pursue a successful engineering career and contribute positively to society. My experiences and interests relevant to engineering include: (list things like honors math courses, other honors courses in the sciences, electronics, cutting-edge computer applications you have learned about, math club, science fair, anything mathematical or scientific, etc.). My high school Grade Point Average in math and related subjects is: (put it here). My overall Grade Point Average in high school is: (put it here). Extracurricular activities and community service relevant to my goal of studying engineering at Vanderbilt include (list three or four, such as volunteer work, community work (even… [END OF PREVIEW]

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