How an Accelerometer Can Be Helpful in Monitoring Fitness Literature Review

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Accelerometry is an innovative new and low-cost approach to gas-exchange measurement for individuals engaging in fitness/physical activity. The device can be worn in such a way that monitors the body without encumbering its movements and requires no supervision either. For these reasons it can be a good tool for researchers conducting studies into measuring gas-exchange and/or oxygen uptake.

The purpose of the study is to analyze changing societal demographics (aging, NCD -- obesity, diabetes, etc.) and monitor the health/activity status of the population, using an accelerometer protocol.

Systemic Search Strategy

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To go about the literature review, I will use online databases like PubMed and ScienceDirect and also Google Scholar which is a good search engine tool for finding scholarly periodicals for literature. The key terms that I will use will be determined by the subject under scrutiny, which is accelerometry and gas exchange measurement. The key terms will be: "accelerometry," "gas exchange measurement," "gas exchange measurement fitness," "gas exchange measurement exercise," "accelerometer exercise," "accelerometer physical activity," "gas exchange physical activity," "gas exchange actigraph," "accelerometry acitgraph," "actigraph physical activity," "actigraph protocol," etc. The journals and articles gathered from these searches will then be read and key terms will be gathered from them so as to generate more searches and more literature for review. The aim of the fist portion of the review is to develop a fundamental awareness and understanding of the research in the field of accelerometry and gas exchange measurement as it relates to the subject of this study.

Literature Review on How an Accelerometer Can Be Helpful in Monitoring Fitness Assignment

This study aims to examine the quantification of daily physical activity in population studies, with special interest for those who use (d) the Acitgraph. In doing so, it also aims to devise an actigraph protocol that can measure accelerometer data and collect it for study analysis. In the course of the literature review keyword search, it was found that there have been some studies performed on this subject. Actigraph Corp. moreover has devoted itself to embracing research proposals from various universities that are interested in accelerometry, etc. By connecting with Actigraph and other researchers, the researchers of this study can meet with and interact with experts and colleagues who are using similar techniques in order to better understand our own processes and/or results.

The second portion of the literature review will focus on the quantification of fitness levels in population studies, with a special interest for those who use (d) a measure of gas exchange, especially those who used devices only measuring oxygen uptake (Cosmed). This review will serve as the foundation for a proposal for budgetary proposal for a device that serves as a protocol for data collection and analysis, adapted to the needs or routines of the population (whether they cycle, walk, swim, etc.). It will also serve as the guide for meeting with experts and colleagues using similar techniques. Cosmed, for example, provides educational seminars at which such experts and colleagues are likely to be.

A budget proposal for both devices/protocols is low because of the affordability of each device, which can be procured for as little as a hundred U.S. dollars. Working generic protocols can be effectively mass produced for even less.

Knowledge Gap

It is perceived that there is a Knowledge gap in what researchers now know of modern populations' health activities due to rapid changes in demographics as monitored using accelerometer devices. This study aims to reduce this gap by using accelerometry to focus on the population's activity and fitness.


This study is significant because it highlights in a new and as of yet unperformed analysis the extent to which a general population's activity and fitness can be determined via accelerometry. The ramifications and findings of this study can be applied to other populations, especially in Saudi Arabia as the researchers involved in this consist of a joint Swiss-Saudi team presently conducting research on the Geneva population.


It is hypothesized that this study will indicate the relevance of accelerometry in today's world and its valuable utilization in determining fitness and health/activity levels of members of a populace.

Literature Review

I. Quantification of daily physical activity in population studies with special interest for those who used the Actigraph.

Kavanagh and Menz (2008) provide in their study an analysis of the benefits of using accelerometers, which they note are "small," "affordable," and allow for "unrestricted" movement of the individual being monitored (p. 1). Their study is useful for illustrating the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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