Essay: How to Accept Change at Work and Life

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¶ … Accept Change at Work and Life

Change is inevitable in all phases of life, whether at work or in our personal lives. Everybody acknowledges that nothing lasts forever. However, for some reason, we all behave as if certain things are supposed to last forever. This is what causes us great pain in life.

The reason pain hurts us so much is because we gain a sense of security and stability from our view of how life is. We acclimate ourselves to this view and we consider ourselves well-equipped to handle this life. When our circumstances change, we can no longer cling to this view of life so we feel a loss of control. This is what causes us pain.

The feeling that we lose control in the face of change is an illusion. It is an illusion because the view of life that it is grounded on is itself an illusion. Whatever our view of life is at any given moment, it is false. This is because the world is constantly changing from moment-to-moment. As soon as we construct a view of how things are, the world has already changed and the world is no longer the way we think it is.

In my experience, change has been the harbinger of many great things. There are so many things in my life that came as a result of change. Oftentimes, this change was not my own choice, but was forced upon me in a sense. No matter how painful the change was, though, it always resulted in the same outcome: I was alive.

When I encounter change now, especially undesirable change, I think… [END OF PREVIEW]

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