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The reason behind this phenomenon is that children's health insurances are less expensive than the insurances of adults. In order to provide the children with a better access to the health care system Kids health insurance reform was passed by Obama in the year 2009. The research's result concluded that in 2010 almost every fifth American was facing an unmet health need, 20% of the Americans did not visit the doctor in a year. The major reason for not visiting the doctor and not going for a treatment was unaffordable cost that went from 8.8% in 2000 to 13.7% in 2010. (Alex, 2012)

The research also mentioned that from 1980 to 2011 the expenses on the Health care system have increased. As per year around $2.6 trillion are spent on the health care which accounts for 17.6% of GDP. Even after such amount of investment, the accessibility to the health care system for the poor Americans has not been facilitated. Due to the rising costs, the health insurance has become unaffordable and the number of people that are uninsured is increasing and this number will soon exceed 50 million. (Alex, 2012)

Disparities in The U.S. Health Care System in Relation to Access to Health Care services

There are many disparities relating to access to health care facilities, the major among them are:

a) Only a small number of people are covered by a health insurance policy

b) There is a shortage of financial funds especially for lower income people

c) Government financing schemes for health care are fragmented

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d) There is a language barrier for immigrants who are not good at speaking English.

e) The number of primary care doctors available for the general public is low and thus adequate physicians are not available to meet the health care needs of everyone.

f) Immigrant population's access to health care can be delayed by legal obstacles.

g) There can be structural obstacles such as appointments are not planned properly.

h) Lack of health care centers in rural areas

Research Paper on Access to Health Care in Assignment

i) One of the main causes of inequalities in access to health care is the ethnic variety among the predominantly white medical doctors and minority ethnic patients.

The findings from the above research can be summed up as Health care system in the United States of America is inefficient and the access of poor citizens to the health care services is low due to the high costs that are being associated with them. The figure 2 and 3 compares the personal and the government expenditure on health care of the United States of America and other countries.

Figure 2: Government health care spending per person, 2010 (Maryann, 2011)

Figure 3: Private healthcare spending, 2010 (Maryann, 2011)

As it is evident from the above figures, both the personal and the government expenditure on the health care system are quite high as compared to the other countries in the world. (Maryann, 2011)


The United States of America is among the richest countries in the world but still around 50 million citizens are uninsured and this is a major problem faced by the United States of America. In order to address this problem, there is a need to drastically improve the Americans' access to health care services and this can be achieved by implementing a universal health care system for everyone, otherwise the United States of America health crisis will get worse. To implement a universal system the present bureaucratic system should be removed and a single agency should be created, which will be in charge of making policies and strategies regarding all the areas of the health care system. The taxpayers would finance this new system, The people and the corporations that fall into a higher tax group will be required to pay higher taxes whereas middle income Americans would have to pay a little tax rise. This system will be efficient and more cost effective for the government. (Phil, 2012)

According to a study that was conducted in the state of Connecticut in the year 1999, the cost of $2 billion would have been decreased if a universal health care system had been implemented because the universal system enables the government to reduce the administrative costs and medical related purchases such as purchasing of medicine or equipment can be done in bulk quantity. According to another study that was being conducted by the World Health study in 2000, a collective health care system in industrialized countries costs less than bureaucratic system. (Phil, 2012)


From the above analysis it is concluded that the United States of America has well trained doctors and workforce to provide health care services. But due to the high costs associated with the provision of health care services, it is nearly impossible for the poor people to get proper access to the health care system. Most of the studies have indicated that the health care system has become a privileged service for the elite class of the society. The government of the United States of America shall implement various strategies to convert the current bureaucratic system into a universal system so that the health care system of the United States of America can be made more cost effective and easily accessible.


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