Access to Technology Term Paper

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Access to Technology

Technology is use to control the world in which we live. Most people define technology as a technical means that is use to improve their surroundings. It is also use by the people to make their lives and work easier and better. They also considered technology as a tools and machines that would help them to do their tasks efficiently. It is also use to improve their ability to do work and save time in doing their work. Technology also has been one of the powerful forces in the development of civilization.

Great need of technology in the classroom is increasingly obvious. We all know that technology is part of our daily lives so even at home we use it to do our everyday chores, even at work so that we can finish our task efficiently and in the school we use it for research and aid. It seems that the best forum for teaching is to use the technology in the classrooms. It has already been established that it is necessary to have at least a basic knowledge of technology to survive in our society today.

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Obtaining the technology for schools serving for students is just the tip of the iceberg. Larger issues concern staff development needs. Because students often receive computer-based instruction in a separate computer laboratory, regular classroom for teachers may have little contact with the technology. Teachers need support not just for learning to use new technologies but also for acquiring skills in designing and implementing high-quality, student-centered projects. Teachers also need a strong system of professional development and ongoing support if they are to achieve the dramatic changes in teaching approaches.

But what is technology in terms of education, technology in education is considered as a branch of knowledge based on the development and implementation of computers, software, and other technical tools. It is also the assessment and evaluation of students' educational outcomes resulting from their use of technology tools.

Term Paper on Access to Technology Assignment

Here are some contribution and effect of technology to the gender. Gender issues related to various academic specialties have been debated especially in terms of technology access. When computers were introduced to the classroom, many educators want to determine whether the gender of a student made a difference in performance on or preference for computers. Exposure and access to computer technology especially to male and female students has a great impact especially with regard to their interest and reaction with technology. Like for example, when male student are using computer they are more interested in mastering computer commands and want computers with voice recognition and features that extend their senses unlike female students they are more interested in using the machines instead of giving commands and exploring. For adolescent female, they liked software applications while male preferred programming activities. Like for example students with keyboarding skills make better use of word processing. These students, mainly women, would have a greater incentive to use computers because they appreciated the practical application of computers and software while male students tended to be seduced by the technology.

An attitude of male and female towards technology has been also one great impact. Attitude is an important variable in the learning process. Male attitudes about computers were stable across their experiment and that change would not be expected because the males have been socialized by a society that encourages males to be proficient in all technological issues. Females, on the other hand, have not been so encouraged; but when they are provided with computer instruction and experience, their attitudes and behaviors are not different from males. According to some studies males have a more favorable attitude toward computers. They recognize computers as a great career asset and they demonstrate greater interest, participation, and competence in computing.

At the present time female students now are more comfortable than male students in terms of using computers because most of the students want to use word processing or other practical uses of technology that most female do than men which is the most common application of computer nowadays.

Here is another effect of technology in terms of socio-economic status. In most school not all students can afford to buy computer to use for their study. Most of the students with low level of socio-economic status usually rent computer instead of buying or they usually make use of their classmate's computer. Most also of the students with low level of socio-economic status are in public school. This is one of the reasons why most students have no knowledge and access to the new technologies that we have nowadays. Another reason is because most of the public school cannot afford to implement and buy computer for their students so even the teachers has no knowledge about the different educational technology that we have nowadays or if they have it is not enough to discuss it with their students.

Here is another effect of technology in terms of physical ability. Most of the schools in the country use technology to support the successful inclusion of students with a disability in the classroom. Most school use adaptive technologies and equipment that help and enable the students with disabilities to participate more directly in classroom activity, like for example all students in the school can benefit from accessing computer mediated instructions. They can also incorporate technology in developing their vocational technical skills for future employment and independent living.

Our civilization has become dependent on technology. Most of our everyday works are done by means of high technology nowadays. In fact modern life would be unthinkable without it. Not just because of the "things" it offers but because of the density of people on the planet and our inability to feed, clothe, or shelter us without technology. Example in school most of the students use technology as a tutor; for example they use computer-assisted instruction (one purpose of using computer) for their study. Students also use technology to explore. Example if they want to research some topic about their assignment they will use CD-ROM encyclopedia. Students also considered technology as a tool to create, compose, store, and analyze data. Example of this application is creating document using MS WORD, creating database using MS ACCESS, creating spreadsheet using MS EXCEL. Another effect of technology in our society is in our way of living it change the way on how we conduct our daily lives. Technology also change are way of communication. People now can quickly and cheaply transmit information. Examples of that are telephones, copiers, overnight delivery services, faxes machines and electronic mail that is a form to transmit information.

Having an access to technology is a great help especially to student. Technology can enhance student engagement and productivity. More specifically, technology increases the complexity of the tasks that students can perform successfully, raises student motivation, and leads to changes in classroom roles and organization. Technology also can help students develop positive cooperative learning relationships, enabling them to work together while researching topics and creating presentations. In such relationships, students help each other learn. Technology also can support integrated, inquiry-based learning to "engage children in exploring, thinking, reading, writing, researching, inventing, problem-solving, and experiencing the world. Lastly, it helps the students obtain, organize, manipulate, and display information because most of them use technology as a tool for their study like many other business do in communication and research.

Students with access to computer technology at home can search the Internet for information; utilize word-processing and graphics for projects and homework assignments and explore programs and research sites that are unavailable to those without the technology. In addition, students who use technology at home will be more knowledgeable about that technology which will help them in being successful at school where, more and more, computer technology is being used throughout the school day. Students without technology access at home are clearly at a disadvantage.

Another advantage of having an access to technology is that students in rural will be able to "visit" a museum and view the collection of art without leaving their homes.

For people who are lack of access to technology means they risk being left behind either at school or in the workforce.

Here are the following bad social implications of having an access to technology. The first is creating unemployment or less manpower the reason why is because many of the company nowadays implement new technologies to do every task for their business rather than to have many employees. Because for them the advantage of using such technologies for their business will save time, fast result and will less company expenses.

The second is deskilling job the reason why is because most of the company are using technologies for their everyday transaction rather than to hire new employee to work with.

The third is that technology reduced the ability of the government to control their economies because most of the people are very knowledgeable to all the issues that is happening in the country… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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