Accidental Threats to Security in Turkey Term Paper

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Accidental Threats Turkey

Accidental threats such as car accident, plane crashes and industrial accidents are significant social threats to any nation. In Turkey, as in other nations occupational hazards are likely the most foundational of accidental threats to attempt to prevent. These accidental threats can be regulated through safety legislation and enforcement of such regulation upon industry.

In Turkey there was a significant drop in the rates of occupational injuries that resulted in lost work days, and/or ended in fatalities between the years 1997 and 2005 only for the rate of incident to rise again in 2006, to greater than previous levels.

1997 1474, 1998-1252, 1999-1333,2000-1291, 2001-1008, 2002 878, 2003 811, 2005-1096, 2006-1601

Occupational injuries which resulted in temporary or permanent incapacitation showed a more fragmented pattern but were still significant in number with a demonstrative spike in 2006.

1997 ND, 1998-3850, 1999-3407, 2000-1848, 2001-2183, 2002-2087, 2003-1596, 2004-1693, 2005-1639, 2006-2267.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Accidental Threats to Security in Turkey Assignment

The statistic for all non-fatal occupational injuries, reported by insured workers demonstrate a marked decline as the number of (insured) workers out of 100, 000 who reported injuries was 69 in 1998, 68 in 1999, 35 in 2000, 45 in 2001, 40 in 2002, 28 in 2003, 27 in 2004, 24 in 2005 and 29 in 2006, which shows a marked decline in the number per 100, 000 which coincides with a marked decrease in the incidence, in relation to the total number of insured workers over the years. By far the most dangerous job category is mining and quarrying which in 1998 claimed 1840 non-fatal injuries (of insured persons out of 100,000) Fatal injury statistics in the same parameters (number out of 100,000 insured workers reporting) 1997 29.0, 1998 22.5, 1999 22.9, 2000 24.6, 2001 20.6, 2002 16.8, 2003 14.4, 2004 13.6, 2005 15.8 and 2006 20.5. * Clearly this category has a shining star of danger in that a much higher number of workers were killed in mining and quarrying operations than in any other occupational category. The limitations of this data, though it is valuable is that there are likely many individuals who do not report injuries, as well as many unnumbered individuals who work in occupations but are not insured.

Collectively when data is compared it can also be said that most if not all industries have shown a marked decline in accidental death and injuries, as compared to the numbers of people employed. There is a clear sense that Turkey has progressed significantly in injury prevention. This work will then attempt to analyze how Turkey has made such strides. Many would say that external pressures from organizations such as international labor organization, the first specialized agency of the United Nations, established in 1919 and partnered with the UN as its first specialized agency in 1946. The mission of the organization is not only to collect labor data, but also to work in all nations to develop fair labor conditions for all employees, as a way of helping reach the UN goal of lasting peace ("About the ILO" NP).

According to the ILO Turkey has made great strides in adopting constitutional and civil codes and laws that protect workers and allow workers to bargain collectively and help create social change. (ILO NATALEX, Country Profiles Turkey NP) Through these regulations individuals can seek redress for wrong doing and industries are required to maintain the provisions of the law to protect workers from harm. Yet, again these laws are only enforceable when employers and industries work within them,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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