Accounting - Corporate Finance Thesis

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Accounting - Corporate Finance

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TOPIC: Thesis on Accounting - Corporate Finance How This Finance Assignment

Finance and budgeting are two of the most ethically difficult yet necessary areas for a university to address. No matter how high the ideas of an academic institution, these ideals must be paid for, and translated into real, financial terms through the budgetary process. Negotiating a budget is difficult because economics is the science of scarcity -- to finance a new program almost inevitably requires cutbacks in other areas, and sacrifices of time as well as money. Making budgeting decisions requires difficult moral choices that will hurt some people and reduce the effectiveness of the institution in some areas. For example, cutting the funding for under-utilized departments may make tuition more affordable, but can hamper the university's academic excellence and reputation for providing a well-rounded… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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