Accounting Information Systems According to Peter Drucker Term Paper

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Accounting Information Systems

According to Peter Drucker, computer based processing and accounting

functions operate separately from each other in most

organizations. Discuss some ideas about how these two functions might be


Both of these functions are so integral to each other, with accounting

being the primary internal "customer" or consumer of computer-based

processing resources in many organizations, that the merging of the two

serves to make the entire organization more efficient.

Underlying the merging of computer-based processing and accounting however

is a more fundamental shift occurring in many organizations, and that is

the use of computer-based processing or as the function is sometimes

called, information technologies (IT) for streamlining and making business

processes more effective, measurable, and more agile overall. The merging

of IT and accounting needs to start at the dominant process levels first of

the accounting function, and these include Accounts Payable, Accounts

Receivable, and the General Ledger. The integration of IT with accounting

after a merger of functions has a major impact on the most critical

financial reporting functions of an organization.

A second major idea of how the functions of IT and accounting could be

merged is for the accounting department to define which routine, easily

taught processes are best outsourced. There are many routine tasks thatBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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have a low level of complexity that could easily be outsourced to any

number of providers. IT functions globally are seeing this dynamic, and

often are also finding the more routine, more easily taught tasks can

actually be done less expensively outside the organization.

The bottom line is that the strategic objectives of an organization are

what is defining the direction of IT today, and with that, defining the re-

Term Paper on Accounting Information Systems According to Peter Drucker, Assignment

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