Term Paper: Acculturation Cultural and Racial Diversity

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[. . .] The importance of understanding this aspect of acculturation is important because it allows professionals to take the proper care in treating this population in the context of the level of acculturation that may be present. Professionals can also work to develop schemas that can reduce the likelihood that mental health issues will occur.

Employment issues can also arise as it pertains to acculturation amongst Mexican-Americans. Grzywacz et al. (2009) conducted a study that examined the how acculturation occurs in the context of women in the workplace. The subjects for this particular study were Mexican immigrant. One of the primary purposes of the research was to determine how women in the workforce affected intimate relationships. The authors explain that

"Analysis of in-depth interview data from 20 immigrant Mexican women and men believed to be in violent relationships indicated that women's employment following migration created several sources of intracouple conflict by challenging gender-based norms and behaviors surrounding the division of household labor, financial decision making, and how women and men interact within intimate relationships. Immigrant Latino women tended to embrace an assimilation strategy for acculturation, whereas immigrant Latino men embrace a separation strategy."

This study is an example of the ways in which American cultural norms such as women working can have a negative impact on traditionally held beliefs about gender roles in the Mexican-American community. The research indicates that men and women also confront the issue of acculturation in different ways. The women were more likely to assimilate. That is, the women in the study saw assimilation as a way to feel comfortable in the workplace. On the other hand, the men were more likely to separate themselves from others within the context of the workplace. The male participants seem to be more concerned with maintaining the traditionally Mexican traditions as it pertained to gender roles. This desire created conflict in the context of intimate relationships.

This finding is important because it can assist companies in understanding the needs of immigrant employees in a manner that is more comprehensive. Many past studies have shown that the personal lives of employees can have a serious impact on their productivity on the job. If employers understand some of the conflict that arises as a result of women into the workforce when there are cultural norms that do not encourage the presence of women outside of the home. When employers understand the conflicts that exist in this area, there can be a greater amount of sensitivity shown toward the issue.


The purpose of this discussion was to analyze and synthesize current or recent Literature looking at the psychology of diversity focusing on Mexican-Americans and acculturation, looking at the family and issues in the family with marital status, issues with children, and work issues. Overall the research asserts that Mexican-American acculturation can result in both negative and positive outcomes. The investigation found that in areas such as body image acculturation can make Mexican-Americans more susceptiple to eating disorders and negative body image. On the other hand acculturation is positively correlated with factors such as overall mental health, parenting and academic performance. For the most part the research asserts that learning English is one of the most noticeable ways that acculturation can have positive effects on Mexican-Americans. The research has indications for psychologists, schools and employers. Although acculturation can be quite beneficial in some instances, it is also important to ensure that the traditional culture of Mexican-Americans is not completely abandoned or not appreciated any longer simply because they now live in the United States.

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