Acculturation of International Students Research Paper

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" (Razek and Coyner, 2011, p.44)

The work of Shaw (2009) reports "Success strategies the Saudi participants developed included goal setting, time management, study skills, study groups, taking advantage of campus resources, hard work, and persistence." (p.1) Shaw additionally reports" the successful Saudi students who participated in this research are resilient, and they have developed intercultural competence. Resilience and intercultural competence are foundational qualities that enabled the participants to bridge the gap between Saudi Arabia and the United States, settle comfortably in a new environment, adjust to rapid-fire changes and challenges, and develop the strategies to successfully work on reaching their academic goals." (2009, p.3)

The present study involved interviews with female Saudi Arabian students who were asked as to what the most difficult thing to adjust to in the culture of the United States and answers given include the difficulty in understanding the language and in the eating habits of the United States. When questioned concerning their religious obligations answers provided including that they practiced their prayer at home since there was a shortage of local mosques.

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The adjustment to the culture of the United States is reported as hard for international students due to the various cultures from which international students come and the fact that the U.S. culture is a combination of various different cultures resulting in confusion for international students.

Findings and Conclusion

Research Paper on Acculturation of International Students in Assignment

The international students from Saudi Arabia who attend colleges in the United States are attempting to assimilate into a culture that is very different from their own and with few supports to make this transition. While there have been studies adding knowledge to this area of study, the research is still lacking in quantity of studies conducted and due to lack of data gathered for analysis of the acculturation of Saudi Arabian students in U.S. universities. This study concludes that there is a great deal more research needed in this area of inquiry therefore, recommended is that more study be focused on this area of research.


Razek, NA and Coyner, SC (2011) Behind the Veil: Cultural Challenges and Opportunities for a New International Student Group. Allied Academies International Conference page 43. Proceedings of the Academy of Educational Leadership, Volume 16, Number 2 Las Vegas, 2011. Retrieved from:

Shaw, DL (2009) Bridging Differences, Saudi Arabian Students Reflect on their Educational Experiences… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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