Accuracy on Semiboost Are Noticeably Higher Discussion Chapter

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¶ … accuracy on SemiBoost are noticeably higher than any other method with more than one value being above 96 including two values over 97 and a third that was over 98. There was a range of about 2 for the accuracy overall on SemiBoost.

SemTra has nothing above 96 while PGM has nothing above 95. BGCM and ORTSC are all 92's and 93's. As for standard deviations, Semi-Boost ranges from 0 to 2 on the SD range while SemTra does much the same thing except for a few values above 2.

PGM ranges from 2 to 5 as does BGCM with the largest BGCM value being a smidge over five standard deviations. ORTSC ranges from 3 to 6 standard deviations. In short, as the table progresses from left to right, the accuracy values go down and the standard deviations tend to go up.

The standard deviations rise in number as one goes from left to right in the table but the actual width of the range of the values varies little overall, almost always being roughly 2 standard deviations for each set.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Discussion Chapter on Accuracy on Semiboost Are Noticeably Higher Than Assignment

In a similar way, the accuracy figures do the opposite as they tend to go down as one goes from left to right. The Semi-Boost figures are all 95+ but none of the ORTSC figures are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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