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¶ … acquired about your leadership effectiveness during the course?

I think that one of my key understandings related actually to the efficiency and effectiveness of leadership itself. In order to be an efficient leader, one needs to blend theoretical knowledge, practical training and personal skills. The theoretical knowledge can generally be learnt from management books, from attending training sessions and seminars etc. Usually, this is probably the easiest part of leadership and I had already acquired that through my academic background.

Practical training is much harder and usually comes with the job and with being offered opportunities to lead. I have found, throughout my experience, that often there are situations that occur and that have occurred in the past, so you might be able to use the past actions in order to produce a reasonable solution to the problems arising this time. However, the problem with practical training is that it usually comes only with time, with every situations you run into. It is not something you can simply study and learn, although it is probably always useful to read biographies of great leaders and of how they solved problems they ran into.

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Personal skills are something you are born with, however, through different trainings, one can hope to improve this and the overall personal leadership. My leadership effectiveness can certainly be increased by improving some of the skills that I don't master that well and there are several examples in this sense, including improving the communication skills and the capacity to create a good working environment and to properly manage both conflicts within the team and any eventual change that might occur.

Term Paper on Acquired About Your Leadership Effectiveness During the Assignment

In terms of my own effectiveness, I have discovered both positive and negative things. Among the positive things, one can number the fact that I am able to create a pleasant working environment and to produce results starting from this. On the other hand, it is not something that is without negative consequences. Some of the members of the team may not always understand the way that this functions and the fact that results are still expected of them. Some may interpret this as a lack of authority and perhaps as a free hand to at on their own outside the team.

Other negative things I discovered about my leadership effectiveness was that I probably would have a hard time dealing with change. The problem with change is that it challenges a system you have worked hard to implement and that you already deem to be functional. This creates a certain incapacity to be able to adapt and create the mechanisms by which change can be handled in a positive way. I think I would first have to learn myself how to deal with change so that I can later on transfer this knowledge to the individuals working with me on the team as well. However, change management is essential in the current global environment where new resources, new challenges and constant competition are cause for individuals and entities' need to adapt to what is going on.

2. Describe the results of the various instruments that were anticipated, and that surprised you - pleasantly and unpleasantly.

The cornerstones of success dimensions is a greatly important tool by which I was surprised to discover that some of my communication tools were probably not as efficient as I had thought or hoped. I discovered that the one-on-one communication, as well as the group communication sometimes, would probably lack in profoundness from time to time and my easy-going style could often be interpreted as being too informal. I always had thought that making jokes put individuals at ease, only to discover that it often may not have that effect.

The Creative Personality Test, on the other hand, pleasantly surprised me in showing me that creativity was indeed part of my personal portfolio and that I could often provide imaginative solutions to the problems that may arise in time. It was also interesting to see that I could be a strategic thinker at times, projecting into a future perspective the analysis of things. The Are you a strategic thinker was a useful instrument in this sense and helped me see myself as a potential strategic leader.

A did have the pleasant surprise to identify myself as a social person, which can be seen in the way I like to joke with people around me and have an informal, though serious approach to things. It was probably something I was aware of, but the results confirmed it.

3. Identify and describe the three skills/characteristics that you have targeted for development that will ultimately improve your leadership effectiveness going forward.

The first important characteristic that has been targeted for improvement and that is most likely to increase my leadership effectiveness is communication, both one-on-one and group communication. I have discovered that I do not always pay sufficient attention to what the people around me say, which probably means that my channels of communication are not sufficiently open or sufficiently effective so as to capture the feedback those around me provide to the issues I raise.

The problem in this case is that this inability will most likely also hamper my own capacity to provide relevant feedback to those around me and to create the necessary emulation for creating solutions to existing or potential problems. By problems, we can go anywhere from team related issues between the members of the team (human resource problems) to work-related problems (how to tackle a work-related issue, such as a technological problem or a financial one, for example).

Additionally, my own incapacity in listening to my team might, in time, also affect their own capacity to listen to the instructions I give out to them and to the way I am requiring them to complete their assignments. The fact that I sometimes try to create an informal climate of discussion and communication, usually by making jokes from time to time, will probably need to be restrained from time to time so that the employees can understand that they need to concentrate on work-related issues before we can start making jokes. I would probably need to find the right line of integration for my communication skills between formality and informality, depending on the issues at hand and the individuals with whom I am relating.

Another skill I would like to improve is my capacity to influence individuals working with me on my team. I am not lacking a certain charisma, I think, and people usually tend to look at my advice as being useful. However, I do several problems in the way I may try to exercise my influence. First of all, there may be a communication problem, on the line of what has previously been described. The fact that my approach is sometimes based on using jokes may sometimes be interpreted as being too light, which might, in turn, not be taken seriously. This tends to decrease the level of influence or the impact that my indications and advice will tend to have on the rest of the team.

Second, there always needs to be some kind of diplomacy in the way that influence is exercised with other individuals, because personal sensitivities may influence them to react in a negative manner. You want to influence in a positive manner that can produce change in the way that the individual is working or the results he is producing. Additionally, I would like to have the influence to produce the right incentive for a certain individual, to be able to motivate him accordingly.

Finally, a last skill I would like to gain is the capacity to manage conflicts. It is never easy to do this, no matter how large or small the team of individuals is. You have to take into considerations so many things and so many personalities and it is always difficult to simply make a judgment that would stick in the respective problem. I think it is something I would like to be more aware of, to be able to understand other opinions and personalities, be more tolerant of other perceptions and make the right decisions in these cases.

4. Action Plan think that the first instruments on my list would be books. However, I would tend not to use classical management theory books, but rather books by successful CEOs and business or non-business leaders. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is obvious that these leaders had, at some time or other, the same problems that might occur to me as a leader and had to act based on skills that I have identified as lacking in myself for the moment. The capacity to influence individuals on the team, to communicate with them or to mediate conflicts - all these are skills that great leaders have and it is from them first of all that I can learn them myself.

There are two different categories of leaders books I would be using:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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