Acquiring Leadership Skills the Multicratic Essay

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A collaborative relationship also makes way for shared decision making that provides higher confidence and satisfaction.

Taking time to reflect on a day's work can enable me to evaluate my own performance and areas for improvement. Reflection can help me determine my own strengths and weaknesses and enable goal setting. This would help me to build collaboration with others that is communication rich and help me stay accountable for the delivery of care to patients and the value I can add to society.

Practical nurses have a responsibility of leadership to transform for change by inspiring followers and creating a sense of commitment to find purpose in relation to the profession. The responsibility of leadership involves the delivery of patient care with integrity to provide safe, competent, and ethical care, respecting the rights values, and beliefs of others, and fostering respectful collaborative relationships. It also includes promoting the profession through excellence in mentorship with other healthcare workers and new nurses.

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Essay on Acquiring Leadership Skills the Multicratic, Assignment

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