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Surely, it would practically be impossible for someone today to consider that absolutely all of the activities that he or she performs are environmental-friendly. Even with that, the respective person should do anything in his or her power in order to pollute as little as possible, as people are likely to find that it is actually very easy to assist the environment. The general purpose of Christianity is to protect and save humanity, and, considering that in order to do so Christians should first focus on saving the planet because it is humanity's home, it only seems natural for Christians to want to take on an environmentalist position. Christians are traditionally focused on protecting the natural world, as "there is a tendency, especially among some Christian environmentalists, to invoke a model of nature as a harmonious, interconnected, and interdependent community" (Sideris 2).

Christians need to understand that recycling is not limited to partitioning trash so as for garbage men to be able to select and recycle materials. Mostly everything, ranging from clothes to electronics can be reused. Also, it is very important for people to focus on buying and using materials that can be recycled.

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With members in the Christian community being particularly close, it is very likely that it would achieve great results if it would unite in starting a general recycling process. Priests are particularly important in this situation, as they have the ability to promote environmentalist concepts and because the public is typically accustomed to follow directions that they receive in church. The church itself is likely to benefit from this process, as people would regain their trust in the institution, especially considering that its history has been particularly troubled during the last centuries.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Action(s) Should Christians Take Regarding Assignment

One of the easiest (and surely effective) methods of assisting the environment would be for Christians to be certain that the bibles that they buy are made out of recycled materials. Given the large number of bibles commercialized around the world, it is very probable that such an act would prove to be efficient. Similarly, in an attempt to save trees by refraining from using paper, Christians should use present day technology with the purpose of sending mails, as conventional mailing devices are obsolete, insecure, and generally less effective when compared with modern e-mail mediums.

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