Actions and Reactions in Extreme Term Paper

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Their yelling is so loud and goes on for so long that even people with headphones and earbuds on cannot hear the music blasting centimeters away from their eardrums. At one moment during the argument, the driver of the train taps on the brakes abruptly, causing passengers to jerk and shift into each other as well as the items they have with them on the train such as strollers, shopping bags, food, and bicycles.

The arguing commuters slam into each other as a result of the abrupt tap on the brakes, and now because they are already angry, the unexpected and rough physical contact incites rage. A physical altercation erupts on the car, in the express train, full of people, that will not be stopping for tens of blocks, which could be anywhere from two to five minutes. The intoxication man pulls out a large, serrated knife, and the other man pulls out a switchblade. What will I do?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Actions & Reactions in Extreme Assignment

I would be very scared initially because of the intense violence in a confined, yet mobile space, but my survival instinct is very strong, I would stay outwardly calm despite my fear. I believe I would engage in psychological removal to help me stay a little detached and relinquish some of my fear. I would get as far away from them as possible. I would covertly motion to other people to move and to stay calm. I would be prepared to pull the emergency cord on the train if one of the men stabbed the other brutally. I would also engage in mobilization of hope. By now, any undercover or off duty law enforcement officer would reveal him or herself by or before this point. If there were no law enforcement or anyone willing or brave enough to engage the brawl, I would have to wait it out, position myself close to an exit, and flee as soon as the doors opened. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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