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[. . .] In 2007, the ICE deported more illegal criminals (their term for all illegals caught), 160,000, than it ever had (Elder, 2008). This was up from just 64,000 in 2006, but it shows how the ICE campaign against illegals has ramped up. ICE officials believed that they would be able to deport more than 200,000 individuals in 2008 (Elder, 2008). These numbers reflect the public's growing dissatisfaction with the way that the problem was being handled, and a more concerted effort on the part of the department.

Stats from ice on coming back in to America

There is no exact figure regarding the number of people who are deported and then attempt, or succeed in, crossing the U.S. border a second time. A popular figure bandied about in some studies is 15% (U.S. Immigration Support, 2008)., but this has never been conclusively proven. The fact is that many immigrants do attempt to reenter the United States after they have been returned to their home countries. It has been found that many who are returned will try to sneak back over the border the next day.

Percentage of gangs and crime are illegal immigrants

One author talked about the prevalence of illegal immigrants in Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles in an article for the City Journal. She reported that police reported that more than 60% of the members of two major gangs in the city were illegal immigrants and the figures could be much higher (MacDonald, 2004). The two gangs are connected to drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia, and they control much of the drug traffic in Los Angeles. She also reported that "In Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens" (MacDonald, 2004). The reason that this is allowed to happen is that cities that have large Hispanic populations often have "sanctuary policies" which discourage officials from checking the immigrant status of individuals suspected of crimes (MacDonald, 2004). This means that the city governments and their departments are complicit in ensuring that the illegal problem is allowed in their cities because the officials are afraid of the Hispanic community and its voting power.

Last two pages on how you would fix the problem and what is your overall view on the topic

It would seem that there is a bad illegal immigration problem in the United States, but that it is not as bad in some areas as people seem to think. More illegal criminals are being deported (although they come back at a 15% clip), and the enforcement of the border has seen illegal crossings drop by 80% since 2000. These are good numbers and they should be touted by the people who are trying to enforce the law. Unfortunately the problem is still very real.

Illegal immigration costs taxpayers more money each year, and it looks like it may cost even more if illegals are allowed to bring their children, and the children are allowed to stay. One issue is that it seems the courts and the enforcement wings cannot agree what the solution should be. The courts are deporting more people every year, but it is not enough. The fact that the courts allow known illegal immigrants to receive treatment and then walk away should be criminal. If a citizen, teacher or nurse or some other person, knows someone is illegal they should be encouraged to call law enforcement just like they would for any other known criminal. The main monetary drain is from the education and healthcare systems not from criminal justice (even though that is bad). The fact that citizens, such as city officials who enforce sanctuary rules, are not punished is itself criminal. Just as with abuse, nurse teachers and others should be mandated reporters of this crime. When people enter the country illegally they should not be denied care, but they should be immediately returned to their country of origin. The process should not take months or weeks, but days.


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