Trump Is Right: Illegal Immigration Is Dangerous Argument Essay

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Illegal Immigration Is a Problem in Europe, too!

The problem of illegal immigration is not just one affecting America. Countries like England (which has voted to leave the EU over the immigration policy that the EU forces on member states), Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands have all voiced opposition to the immigration policy and open borders concept of the EU. Even Germany has begun to turn against Merkel for her pro-immigration stance after so many immigrants from the Middle East have changed the face of German society (McAuley & Noack, 2018). And while Germany, like most of the EU, has been known to treat its immigrants with a fair amount of respect and hospitality in most cases, they have not been without hostile episodes.

Obama Detained Immigrant Children Before Trump's ICE

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The U.S. media has given a great deal of attention to ICE tactics and photos of illegal immigrant children being locked in cages and has blamed it all on Trump, even though one of those photos was actually taken under the Obama administration (Morton, 2018). In other words, though the treatment of illegal immigrants may still seem deplorable under the Trump Administration, the fact is that this practice has been going on for some time. Moreover, these are people who have entered the country illegally. It should not be expected that they be put up in nice hotels. That said, could the accommodations be better? Yes, they probably could be.

Argument Essay on Trump Is Right: Illegal Immigration Is Dangerous Assignment

The thing to remember in all this is that there is a legal way to enter the country and an illegal way. Legal immigration is set up so that the country can regulate itself in an orderly manner. If one let just anyone come and live in one’s home, coming and going without question, whatever order existed in that home would quickly dissipate. The country can be viewed as one big home and the federal government is tasked with maintaining order in that home. So cracking down on illegal immigration may seem hateful to some, but there is a purpose behind it—one that even Democrats have acknowledged in the past (when their sole focus was not to be antagonistic towards the Republican president).

Is the system broken compared to other countries? Not really—as other countries in the EU are beginning to show signs of cracking under the weight of liberal, open borders policies: people who want to preserve the culture and order of their society are now voting for nationalist leaders who, like Trump, want to put their own country first. That is why nationalism is on the rise in Italy, Hungary, Germany, England, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. Does that mean that all immigrants are bad or unwelcome? Not at all. It was humane of Merkel to give so many displaced persons a home in Germany. Had the West refrained from bombing Syria to bits in the first place, however, those displaced persons would still be able to live in their homes in their native regions. The problem of illegal immigration in the U.S. is one that needs to be addressed and should be addressed for the sake of maintaining order and the rule of law.

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