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[. . .] The project team has been developed, and each activity is established. The schedule, duration, and budget of each activity are established.

Work Breakdown Structure

Market study -- 2 weeks

Project team creation -- 1 week

Project team discussions -- 1 week

Production capacity, raw materials necessary -- 3 days

Financial analysis -- 5 days

Production process -- 3 weeks

Marketing strategy development -- 2 weeks

Website development -- 1 week

Product launch -- 2 days


Roles, Expectations, Authority

In this case, the highest authority belongs to the Marketing Managers. The Marketing Managers initiates the project, explains its necessity, and established the Marketing strategy. The other department managers have the role of supervising the project in order to follow the established budget and schedule.

Project Manager

The project manager is also represented by the marketing Manager. It is the Marketing department that is in charge with most of the project.


The team also comprises people from the Finance, Sales, Production, Research and Development, and IT departments.

Key Issues and Assumptions

It is expected that the project cannot exceed its budget and scheduling. Each activity has been thoroughly planned, which makes it easy to follow.

Change Control

All changes that take place during the project must be approved by the marketing Manager. If these are financial issues they must be approved by the Finance Manager also. Technical issues must be approved by the IT department.


Standing meetings must be held at least weekly, or each time it is considered necessary. The problem severity coding is the following: red code for urgent important problems, orange code for important problems that are not urgent, and yellow code for smaller issues. It is important to establish the administration of the project in order to improve the team, its work and its productivity.


Project Status and Reporting and Control System


Analyzing variance is one of the most important steps in this project, as projected schedules and costs practically provides individuals in charge of the project to determine whether or not it is important for them to reconsider particular aspects of the project.


Project costs need to stay within the budget allocated for Adidas' customized line. As a consequence, the project needs to stay around $30,545,000 in order for the company and its shareholders to benefit on the long run. While it is certain that the company needs to allocate more funds than its main competititor, Nike, Inc., the company's budgeted cost of the work performed is lower than the actual cost of the work performed ($33 million). A negative cost variance would seem like a bad thing, but the fact that the company is concentrated on an effective strategy means that it is very likely for it to come up with funds that can cover the excess cost.


When considering the Budgeted Cost of Work Performed and the Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled, it would appear that the schedule variance is positive. This means that the project is ahead of schedule and that it is very likely to generate positive effects when taking into account its overall consequences. Even with the fact that the project is ahead of schedule, it is still difficult to determine whether or not it is surely going to benefit the company. The company needs to analyze why the project is ahead of schedule and mitigate the risks associated with this concept.

Performance tracking

The fact that marketing is going to involve a large aspect of this projects makes it absolutely necessary for this branch of the project to be in accordance with required revenue and profit levels. Materials suppliers need to provide materials that are in agreement with the initial plan in order for the company to avoid buying subpar materials. Furthermore, the company's infrastructure has to work perfectly in order to avoid any kinds of problems that might arise as a result of designing and creating a new product.

Change Control System


Customization in accordance with the Nike ID strategy is going to involve having to change much about how the company behaves with regard to its customers. As a consequence, by introducing the customizable option concerning shoes, Adidas is going to install a framework that is going to treat both customers and shareholders differently. The company thus needs to concentrate on being able to address diverse issues that are likely to appear as a result.


Installing a perfectly coordinated system involves having to deal with initial problems associated with how customers and shareholders perceive the idea of change. In order for change to be effective, Adidas customers need to express their support with regard to the project. This can make it possible for the project to actually reach it final stage and to be implemented on a full-scale for both customers and shareholders to benefit.


The company needs to consider a series of alternatives in order to be able to effectively deal with change. Even with the fact that it has access to all the resources it requires in order to do so, it is still essential for it to be prepared to deal with unforeseen problems and this means that it has to consider a series of possible strategies that are likely to help it recover in case of trouble.


Ranging from the Marketing Manager to the Finances Manager, all individuals involved in the project need to be well-acquainted with the project's phases. This can make it possible for each of them to be able to intervene and approve strategic changes when these are required and when there is no solution but to proceed with these respective changes.

Approval List

As previously mentioned, each branch manager has to be prepared to analyze changes and to approve ideas when it is important for them to do so. Whether the issue involves marketing, finances, or the technical aspect of the project, the managers of each of these groups have to approve a change in strategy before it actually takes place.

Configuration Control

Description (Prototype and Final Design)

As Built

The project is going to involve devising a complex system that customers can use with the purpose to design the products they are interested in. This practically means that the project entails building a strategy that can be used rather easily and that produces positive results through the final products that are created. The project's success largely relies on building a system that combines a customized shoe with the ability to get actively involved in its design.

This provides customers with the feeling that they are partly responsible for the products they are buying and improves their relationship to the company.

As Delivered

The moment when customers are provided with products they buy also represents an important aspect of the production process. These individuals virtually come to feel that the products they acquired are not as ordinary as other products they bought throughout their lives. The fact that they have had the ability to customize the shoes before buying them have make it possible for them to consider that the product itself is more valuable.


The internet experience associated with using the company's website with the purpose of customizing shoes before buying them is likely to confuse some users. Even with this, they are probable to express appreciation with regard to this change as they become better familiarized with the new environment.


The project can initially involve a tutorial process that can enable users to learn more with regard to Adidas' new strategy. The fact that users would first be provided with the chance to see how to customize a product step-by-step would likely play an important role in getting them to continue to use the system.


The fact that the company has access to resources it can use with the purpose of going through with the program represents a strong motive for which it would have to consider using it. With the Financial analysis also providing the chance to observe the benefits that the system would bring along, it seems that it would be absolutely necessary for Adidas to consider implementing its customization system.

Approval List

Positive results generated by a financial analysis would influence the Finances Manager to approve the project.

Project Risk Management System

Risk Identification and Quantification

The company needs to be able to identify possible risks and to pay special attention to the financial market in order to be able to assess whether or not the project faces too much risks. Project failures need to be considered among the most important risks associated with the project as a whole. Whether this involves dealing with the product's design, its development, or its production, all of these factors are important when considering risk management.

Risk Response Development and Control

In order to be able to effectively deal with a threat, managers need to address its cause. While a project management team… [END OF PREVIEW]

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