Adjusting Workplace Functions to Cope With a Micromanager Term Paper

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Anticipating the Need to Change

Organization Culture

OD Consultant Consideration

Diagnostic Process

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Timelines

OD Intervention Strategies

Adjusting organizations to accommodate Micromanagement

Organizations are never static. They are in continuous interaction with internal and external forces. Organizational Development (OD) is the long-range effects and programs aimed at improving an organization's ability to survive by changing its problem-solving and renewal processes. OD invariably moves towar an adoptive organization and achieving corporate excellence by integrating the desires of individuals with organizational goals. Organizational development is an effort which is 1) planned; 2) organization-wide; 3) managed from the top to increase organizational process using behaviorial science knowledge. I have identified a problem that lends itself to resolution using organization development and change techniques. This problem is getting a new boss who is a micromanager and the need to adjust office dynamics to cope with him. Micromanagement diminishes people and slows organizational development. It erodes customer relations because individuals cannot make decisions on their own. Ultimately, it robs employees of their self-respect and organizations of their future.

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Term Paper on Adjusting Workplace Functions to Cope With a Micromanager Assignment

Micromanagers tend to spend a measurable amount of time overseeing particular projects and spend time telling people exactly what to do and how to do it. The classic example of micromanagement is McDonald's management style. Employees mindlessly follow well-established routines and recipes with special equipment, timers, bells, whistles, and gongs. All guesswork is removed from every process. Some prospective franchisees balk at how restrictive the franchise agreements are, since they prevent a great deal of "thinking outside of the box" that made the chain famous in the first place. Although many crisis situations are unavoidable, othersare the result of the micromanager's crisis-creating behavior. Being submerged in day-to-day intricacies and minutiae.micromanagers do not spend an appropriate amount of time planning or prioritization. They focus so intently on today and the activity of the moment, they do not look attomorrow or beyond. Consequently, the entire department in a state of perpetual crisis.People who work for and with micromanagers live in this perpetual crisis environment. People exist in a pressurecooker of urgency, which robs them of the opportunity to do their jobs at a planned, performance enhancing pace. Mediocre employees find this acceptable, but it will drivetop-performing people out of the organization. Ultimately, this behavior may catch up with some micromanagers

Organization Culture

Park University is traditionally an "institution of higher learning committed to the pursuit of knowledge, to intellectual and social development and to work and serve within a non-sectarian Christian setting" (Park 1, 2000, p. 11). In recent years Park has become an innovated leader in delivering distance education. "Park University has provided benchmark educational programs to military and other extended learning students for more than 25 years. These extended learning programs, offered at sites nationwide, became the foundation for the enhanced and multifaceted distance learning system. Since 1996 distance learning formats have been used to meet the unique needs of students nationwide." (Park 2, 2000, p. 2). Distance education is still a rapidly changing and innovative environment, and micromanagement stifles the creativity which is necessary for the organization's success in such a competitive environment

OD Consultant Consideration

Once a micromanager is in power, there is little his or her staff can do to change the behavior. Instead, an outside consultant is necessary at this point. Change leaders (either consultant or manager) is a person in the organization responsible for change existing patterns to obtain an effective organizational performance. OD practitioners have come to realize that conventional training techniques are no longer sufficient for the effective types of behavioral changes needed to create an adaptive organization. New techniques have been developed to provide participants with the company with the motivation to alter ineffective patterns of behavior. Bennis (1969) notes that "external consultants can manage to affect ... The power structure in a way that most internal change agents cannot." Since experts from outside are less subject to the politics and motivations found within the organization, they can be more effective in facilitating significant and meaningful changes

Diagnostic Process

I would pick the Management Consulting Model. The management consulting model would involve an external change agent looking at the situation from the stance of a disinterested observer and making observations. To collect data, the consultant would use a survey of the employees in the company. This technology is probably the most powerful way that OD professionals involve very large numbers of people in diagnosing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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