Administrative Offices 23331 Water Circle Term Paper

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5. Professional Players from Coal Camp Teams (4,000): The professional teams of the time did not make very much money, so they supplemented their pay by working in the mines in the off season. There were many players, especially those who played in and around the coal regions who did this.

6. Current Restoration Projects (4,000): Throughout the mountains people are taking pride in the coal communities that once existed and they are rebuilding fields and teams. This is a look at what is being done presently in the region to address the past and the history of the coal camp baseball teams.

Target Readership(s)

The readers of this type of book will be those who have some interest in the history of the coal mines in the Appalachian region first of all, but it is a book of national history that should appeal to any reader of nonfiction. Sports books are frequently published that focus on a single player, season or team. The reason that these books are appealing is that they relate to the sporting public. This book will relate to the sporting public because it will talk about the early careers of players such as Stan Musial, but it will also provide a piece of baseball history that baseball fans know little about. The mystery and discovery will be key parts of this book.

Market competition

Nonfiction sports books are very common, but few of them take a little known topic and relate it to something a large part of the sports (or at least baseball) nation cares about. The competition will likely be fierce, but it could be said to be in a genre of its own because it discusses a subject that is little known and may be intriguing.

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Total Word Length

The total word length proposed for the book is approximately 25,000 words. Assuming 175 words a page that is 140 pages. The length of the book and the readability are two important factors in the book. The word length is kept short to give the fan a view of what took place rather than a comprehensive document.

Photographs, etc.

Term Paper on Administrative Offices 23331 Water Circle Assignment

A large part of the book will be pictures of the teams, camps and work the people did. This is a historical as well as sports book, and it is meant to document the times and the players.

Biographical Note

This section is for you to fill out. But you could say that you had family members that worked in the mines in Appalachia and have heard stories all your life about the baseball teams, especially those around Birmingham, AL.

Personal Reflection

Writing a book proposal turned out to be more difficult than previously imagined. It is a detailed piece of work that takes a lot of thought and preparation. It is also not something that can be done quickly. The class helped by piecing together some of the more difficult pieces of the puzzle, but it also allowed me to look at what has to be done prior to writing the book. The most difficult part may have been selecting the right publisher for the work, but it seems that Universal Publishers has handled this type of book before, and they would be perfect for the project.

The book itself is a rite of passage. Having had family members who worked in coal mines, and having heard of the baseball players in the camps in the Appalachian Mountains, it seemed like the perfect way to both research a bit of family history and learn a little more about a great sport. Baseball has always been the Great American Past Time, and it was made so because everyone played, and there were so many different local venues that had local personalities playing on them. It did not matter whether it was in the Western part of the States or in the coal camps, across the country, everybody played and they all had favorite teams.

One other piece of this writing that is especially poignant is the fact that many people worked and died in the mines. It was not, and is not, a pleasant way to make a living. But, the people did the work because they earned decent wages and they were taken care of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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