Admission to Nursing Training Essay

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I am invited to participate in nursing conferences in the community and I take part in staff development programs offered in our community.

Under the nursing home guidelines I am obliged to have conversations with our patients but I do far more than engage in small talk. Since I see them 5 days a week is should come as no surprise that I have become friends with several of the elderly people. Some of the patients look for my care to pull in and they greet me as I enter their floor. And when their families come to visit, they all know me and thank me for the quality of care that I help to provide for their family members. This gives me great satisfaction and is part of why I believe I am well-suited to become an RN and continue climbing the ladder of information and competency in the nursing field.

Care for those suffering from dementia

We have patients that are have lost many of their mental functions but they have not transitioned into full blown Alzheimer's. They suffer from some level of dementia. Some have mild forms of dementia and they are not totally confused and lost but they do have a tough time remembering names, certain words, and they can't be counted on to remember specific instructions or suggestions for the betterment of their health. Some of my patients with dementia have started to lose interest in the activities that they once were eager to take part in.

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For example, Phillip, an 82-year-old patient used to be raring to go to play canasta with another patient -- they also played poker and Yachtzee -- but lately he seems sad and has lost interest in interaction with others. I am not an expert but I think the consensus around the nursing home is that he has a mild form of dementia. I cheer him up with a "knock-knock" joke or two (I get them online and print them out because patients like silly, simple jokes like that), and many days I can get him to get up and come into the recreation room with other patients.

How do I see myself contributing to the nursing profession?

Essay on Admission to Nursing Training Thank Assignment

We often have local school groups come in and perform for us (some school choirs come; other schools send students who act out a skit or a scene from a play). When those groups come, I make sure Phillip has a front row seat and it brings me great joy to see and hear the laughter on that man's face! Phillip is of course not the only patient I have paid special attention to because I love all my patients, even the ones who are indifferent or even unkind to me. But I have watched Phillip slide slowly into dementia and I feel like he is an old friend who needs nurturing.

Loving and interacting faithfully with patients -- that is one major contribution I will make in the nursing profession. I was brought up in a family that was known for hard work, sincerity towards others, respect for all people no matter what their healthcare situation was. This philosophy of social interaction was ingrained in me and it has paid off perfectly ever since I became qualified as an LPN.

Moreover, I take instruction well, I have a very strong urge to help and protect those people who are less fortunate or who have fallen on hard times (whether in healthcare matters or in social standing), and I believe in the basic goodness of all people. I read academic journals that publish the latest strategies for patient care and I so I am showing my willingness to learn by constantly updating my knowledge on a scholarly basis. I am absolutely certain that I will bring a great deal of skill and enthusiasm to the profession. I am flexible, faithful to my duties, faithful to my patients and to the nursing field.

Again I thank you in advance for the opportunity to apply for this educational opportunity. I know that my future is in the nursing field and that achieving the level of RN is a goal that is logical and practical for me, hence, I just need an open door… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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